PTV ENTRY: Infomaniac – Attack on French Fjord (large division)

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Infomaniac - Attack on French Fjord,

The small french fishing settlement has come under attack by the evil Captain Crocodile.

This is just one of the hundreds of settlements that he and his crew have pillaged.

The local villagers have removed all the docks in an attempt to dissuade the pirates.

Unfortunately, for the villagers, any goldthirsty pirate is willing to climb up a hill.

Captain Crocodile selected his personal flagship “The Moldy Murderer” for the pillage.

French Fjord is a prize to any pirate captain because it is one of the only places where pirates are executed.

Control of this outpost will be very profitable in the years to come…

As a bonus, Admiral Jean-Claude has a summer residence at the settlement.

If the admiral is captured Captain Crocodile will have a nice ransome on his hand (and hook).

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