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PTV ENTRY: Guss – Pillaging and Liberating (large division)

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Guss - Pillaging and Liberating

3 days ago, the marines captured Mickael, on of the strongest man and a close friend of “Captain Whitebeard” , he was searching in this city to gather information about a legendary ruby that is supposed to be hidden somewhere in this little village…
The captain Whitebeard and his crew are now attacking a little village, first, he want to free Mickael, secondly, he decided that if he can’t search for the treasure peacefully, he’ll burn this village entirely until he’ll fin it, plus, this little village is badly defended by a very little garrison, more an outpost than a garrison ( no more than 6 men), so he’s pretty sure to win.
Meanwhile the marines were preparing to transfer Mickael to see the Governor, on another island, because he needs to Interrogate him, just when the pirates attacked !

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