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Featured Image for Get excited for the Pirate LEGO VIP Value Add-On pack!
New & Upcoming

Get excited for the Pirate LEGO VIP Value Add-On pack!

The LEGO Group is putting “Pirate” in the “P” of VIP with a new value pack titled “40515 Pirates and Treasure”, along with three other value packs; “40512 Fun and Funky”, “40514 Winter Wonderland”, and “40513 Spooky”.

Few details have been released beyond the names and set numbers, therefore, availability or VIP point requirement remains unknown, so bookmark this page and check back regularly for updates.

The Value Pack is basically an assortment of useful Pirate themed elements which include staples like; a map, Jolly Roger flag, parrots, shark, palm leave, skeleton, cannon, treasure chest… and a chicken… yes, a golden cock to be precise!

These parts could be extremely valuable to aspiring LEGO Pirate MOC builders, or used in conjunction with future set releases, like “Sailing Ship Adventure” (or whatever the final name is ends up being).

Promotion image of LEGO IDEAS Contest Winner "Sailing Ship Adventure" by Yc_Solo

Imagine this as a LEGO Pirate set… or maybe even Admiral Woodhouse’s sloop…

For those who are unaware, “Sailing Ship Adventure” by Yc_Solo (rumoured to be released under the name of LEGO 40487 Dream Holiday  officially released as 40487 Sailboat Adventure) is a modern recreational sailing vessel submitted to the “Build that holiday into THAT holiday!” Contest hosted by the LEGO Group during 2020. As the winning entry, it will become a LEGO Gift with Purchase set, so don’t except to encounter it on store shelves. But if you happen to acquire another 21322 LEGO Ideas Pirates of Barracuda Bay, a smaller pirate ship certainly won’t go astray… so the magic of these add-ons could easily transform a yacht into a fully-fledged pirate ship. Or if you have the parts, maybe this vessel has potential as a smaller ship for your Soldiers or Imperial Guards.

40487 Sailboat Adventure - Box - Back

Now officially known as “40487 Sailboat Adventure”


LEGO Service Packs - Pirates

Crude scans of the old Pirate Service Packs

Older AFOLs may also recall the LEGO Group released “Service Packs” throughout the 90s which were similar to these Add-On Packs, albeit not quite so generous with the part count. BrickLink and Pick A Brick may have rendered part assortment packs somewhat redundant, but the prospect of being able to acquire a bundle of piratey goodness is still pretty exciting, isn’t it?

Alright me hearties, clock up of those Very Important Pirate points and then you’ll be able to kit out your regular, boring-old LEGO sets in true pirate fashion!

So while you wait for Ray the Castaway to become available, ask any questions or share yer findings in the LEGO Pirates Forum

6432434 Pirate Adventure Ride

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