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“The Island of the Red-Eyed Skull” by Kolonial Beamter de Martinez

The design aesthetic of Pirate sets had evolved towards the end of the original LEGO Pirates theme, much attributed to the availability of new parts.  They were often larger, composed of design techniques previously achieved by combining various smaller parts. The most notable of these, were; castle fortifications and BURPs (Big Ugly Rock Pieces).

Another defining characteristic of these latter sets was a reduced part count. It seemed as though The LEGO Group was “cutting corners” to reduce costs, often resulting in design concepts not realised to their fullest potential.

Front of "Red Eyed Skull Island" by Kolonial Beamter de Martinez

She has fire in her eyes! No, we’re talking about the wench – we’re referring to the parrot!

Nonetheless, this didn’t hinder interesting sets from being released.  6254 Rocky Reef debuted in 1995, the first LEGO Pirate set to feature a skeleton. While 1996 saw the release of 6248 Volcano Island… yes, another set containing a skeleton, albeit a more common fixture within the theme now.

Both these sets fueled Kolonial Beamter‘s inspiration for “The Island of the Red-Eyed Skull”.  An exemplar of digital rendering, borrowing the skullish facade of Volcano Island and setting it atop Rocky Reef’s sandy islet, complete with hinged crag.

Kolonial Beamter writes:

On the wide sea between Forbidden Island and Eldorado Fortress, the pirates  have occupied a small island. 

The island of the red-eyed skull  or also called BURP-Island.

It is now used as a stopover. So that no one else dares to enter the island, they have built a terrifying skull. The eye sockets are blood red  and glow in the dark, a truly eerie sight . In a small cave under a barrel, Redbeard hides his treasure map, which leads him to a full treasure chest! Two bottles of the best rum are also buried! What would pirates be without rum?

A surprise awaits those who venture too close to the island. A cannon waits behind the skull and will take any ship to the bottom of the sea. Arrrrr!

The BURP is inspired by @lego_fan_uy

Cannon action feature of "Red Eyed Skull Island"

SURPRISE!!! If they don’t hit you with the hatch swinging down, they’ll get you with their cannon!

Back of Red Eyed Skull Island"

And around the back is a camp where chowder is the menu

Hatch feature of Red Eyed Skull Island"

The grog is stashed right next to where they stack the ice cream…

Storage facility on Red Eyed Skull Island

And on the opposite side of the island we find the barrel where they store the ale…

Storage facility on Red Eyed Skull Island"

At night, those eyes glow like such a fearsome sight!

About the Builder…

Kolonial Beamter de Martinez (or simply Christoph if you have a limit on how many syllables you can pronounce) is a man of many talents! He builds both digitally and with real LEGO bricks, plus he has some well presented Pirate set photography.

So there you will go to his Instagram account and be amazed by the various mediums he outputs! And we’ll even give an honourable mention to his ReBrickable account, even though he doesn’t have any Pirate building instructions available… yet!

And if you’re seeking more great LEGO Pirate content and discussion, sail by the LEGO Pirates Forum for a yarn…

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