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"Treasure hunting" by Servertijd
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“Treasure hunting” by Servertijd

LEGO Pirate MOCs need not be gargantuan creations, consuming thousands of bricks and sprawling leagues of space. It’s the quality, not the quantity (or some cliche like that) which counts most!

Servertijd demonstrates this phenomena by taking a rather modest scene and apply some highly talented photo editing skills, to transform a boat and some plates into a vibrant virtual diorama.

Servertijd writes:

Hi all,

Here is a small scene I made. I wanted to build a scene around this boat.

I am using a Canon M50 with a 15-45mm f/3.5-6.3 lens

I edit my photos with photoshop.

Behind the Scenes

Servertijd captured but one photo of the finished creation, so let’s dive into his process so we can learn how he arrived at the finished scene.

The boat from above

Ahhh, the birds eye view – my favourite vantage!

The boat before the water was built

Before global warming they were actually on a golf course… in front of apartment buildings…

LEGO boat on LEGO water

Now, just add some sea…

LEGO boat on LEGO sea with LEGO palm trees

Next, add some tropical islands with palm trees in the background

LEGO boat on LEGO Caribbean Sea

Finally, add sky to conceal all the draws in the background

Servertijd continues:

You can also see the net technique for water.

I wanted a minifigscale, a midi scale on the left and a micro scale on the horizon.

I did some test shots without proper lighting just to see if the forced perspective worked like I wanted to. It is really relying on it.

And this is the whole thing from above without proper angle. losing its magic pretty fast :p

The boat from above

Observe how vulnerable they are to Indigo Islander attacks!  King Kahuka is hiding among the palms

About the Builder…

Servertijd (Jesse van den Oetelaar) is talented AFOL builder and digital image editor who sails from the Netherlands.

His Instagram profile and Flickr stream are bustling with gorgeously edited historic and SciFi builds, where he skillfully melds physical creations with digital environments. Quite spiffy really!

He’s also a member of @rebellug and Lowlug, so weigh anchor give them a hoy should thee happen to be sailing those waters.

What Do Yer Think?

Has Servertijd succeeded in rejigging an ordinary photo to become a more engaging spectacle?

Wider shot of "Treasure hunting" by Servertijd

Here it is again in gorgeous widescreen Cinemascope with immaculate depth of field

Or is there something else he could have incorporated into the scene? An editing technique he could have used instead?

Tell us of your own digital imaging adventures…  or just yer musings on his build.  Tally ho! The LEGO Pirates Forum awaits thee.


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