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“6267 Lagoon Lock-Up Remake” by Aanchir

During the Return of the Classic Pirates Contest, two magnificent entries paid homage to the 1991 set, 6267 Lagoon Lock-up. However, only one succeeded in battling its way into the top three winners of the Main Building Category.

Aanchir delivers us an attractive digital rendition, modernising the design and palette to achieve greater consistency with recent sets like 21322 Pirates of Barracuda Bay and 10320 Eldorado Fortress remake, while retaining the core features that made the original a classic.

The red and blue striped awning above the lattice window is there in all its glory, so let’s discover the newest innovations…

Aanchir writes:

Here’s my attempt at updating 6267 Lagoon Lock-Up/Soldiers’ Tavern in the style of Barracuda Bay and Eldorado Fortress! Like those sets, I tried to keep this model close to the original set’s color scheme and “footprint”, while adding more textural detail, play features, furnishings, and accessories.

Hope you enjoy this MOC! Nautical builds are not my forte, but since the new Eldorado Fortress set and some of the other creative contest entries here on Eurobricks entries in this contest had me feeling so inspired, I figured I might as well try my hand at updating a classic Pirates set. And honestly, I’m proud that I was able to come up with this in just a couple months, especially since it’s been a few years since the last time I finished a MOC to my satisfaction. In any case, I’m eager to hear what this forum’s more experienced sailors think of it!

A Closer Look

Aanchir incorporated many new playability features while fleshing out details not feasible in classic LEGO sets due to their more restrictive part counts.

The interior of the original Lagoon Lock-Up was a tad sparse, with a mere red bench serving little use beyond a place to sit a couple of goblets.

Kitchen of the Lagoon Lock-Up Remake

Cheers big ears!  The kitchen is equipped with all the latest applicances

Not so in this remake! Aanchir has transformed it into a functional kitchen, complete with oven, stove, and grog on tap, so we can be assured the Soldiers will never find the bottom of those goblets – when they’re off duty of course!

Below the deck of Lagoon Lock-Up

Tidy treasure – this remake is more than just a jailbreak

The trusty deck reliably ensured everyone and everything remained above sea level but twas a missed opportunity to implement more constructive engineering. Aanchir’s deck now offers alfresco dining, sans comfortable chairs. Although, its most significant upgrade is a sneaky hidey-hole that allows pirates to stash their navigational instruments… and a spare key to the lockup. Or is it?

The sailboat also receives a contemporary overhaul, the most visible deviation be the brick-built sail. A departure from the original’s fabric which perhaps doesn’t suit the tastes of some, yet most contest-goers supported the approach and concurred it was well built.

Sailboat from Lagoon Lock-Up Remake

Bo’Sun will be present, but Captain Redbeard has been replaced by Middy Mae

Sailboat from Lagoon Lock-Up Remake

Correction: this be “Captain” Will’s catboat – so he’s the one to replace Captain Redbeard

Aanchir left no dead man’s chest unburied and revitalised the minifigures to suit the modern aesthetic.

Minifigures of the Lagoon Lock-up remake

The gang is all here” – well, not really

Eagle-eyed observers may have noticed that Captain Redbeard is absent once again, perhaps to maintain the recent continuity which has established he’s permanently berthed at Barracuda Bay. Bo’Sun Will however is at large, has risen through the ranks to become a captain in his own right. Salute Captain Will!

A simiiar regiment of Soldiers remains stationed at the tavern, a commander and two musketeers, albeit with a touch more variant in their facial designs.

The remake includes a sixth minifigure, a civilian, suggesting the Soldiers have finally hired a professional tavern keeper, although she doesn’t shy away from a drink… or three!

The Backstory

“Decades ago, this seaside tavern was a popular gathering place for soldiers, merchant sailors, and even pirates — although those who spoke TOO freely about their extralegal exploits would often face a grueling detention in the nearby village lock-up.

Now, 22 years later, the tavern has been renovated with breezy outdoor seating for its patrons, a stew stove to prepare hot meals, and high-quality pewter, brass, and ceramic tableware. On a good day, the tavern keeper leaves with a full coin purse when it comes time to lock up!

Meanwhile, the imperial soldiers have converted that meager jail cell into a customs impound for all the valuable contraband they’ve seized from local smugglers: molasses, tea leaves, and even gold bullion. Trade goods as fine as these are of course a tempting target for any number of scoundrels and sea raiders…

Supplies at Lagoon Lock-Up

There’s a sticky situation in the old jail cell

But later tonight, Captain Will and his young protégé Middy Mae also have their sights on another prize: a map to the fabled pirate refuge, Barracuda Bay. In the meantime, they’re counting on the tavern keeper to keep the imperial officer distracted with food, drink, and gossip… and hoping that pesky seagull’s squawking won’t draw the attention of the soldiers keeping watch from the rooftop!

While law-abiding sailors are welcome to moor their boats at the dock out front, Will’s learned not to take his chances around these snooping soldiers. His trusty catboat is waiting for his return along a nearby coast if he needs to make a quick getaway!”

The Original 6267 Lagoon Lock-Up

Lagoon Lock-Up or Soldiers Tavern as it be known in some regions, consisted of 167 parts, an extremely generous 5 minifigures, and one squawking buzzard parrot.  The set consists of a cozy jail cell adjacent an eatery for the Soldiers, while the Captain Redbeard attempts a daring rescue of Bo’Sun will who is imprisoned in the lock-up.

The set retailed for $30 back in 1991 which is the equivalent of $68 in 2024 after adjusting for inflation.  However, the set is valued around $150 in used condition if the the box is included, or in excess of $1,200 in MISB (Mint In Sealed Box) condition.

6267 Lagoon Lock Up

6267 Lagoon Lock-Up – simple yet highly effective

Lagoon Lock-up is the larger brother of 6259 Broadside’s Brig, another fort-like set also released in 1991. Sitting atop of docks, with water lapping at its sides, it expands upon the gaol concept with a more substantial main structure. Ornately decorated with white lattice, and a distinctive red and blue striped awning, these trappings allude this locale be not solely a military installation. Throw in a couple of goblets and yer may well assume it’s a place for Soldiers to unwind, as much as it is to detain unruly scourges of the sea.

The upper level is endowed with the regular imperial battlements and a powerful cannon loaded to defend the booze tavern from rum raiders, while a large blue coat Soldier flag proudly files above the gaol cell.

Like most official Soldier and Imperial Guard designs, the palette leans heavily towards white and yellow, with a sprinkling of grey highlights.  The docks are rendered in black, a formality of brown being unavailable in the form of bricks and tiles during the era in which the set was released.

Although, brown elements are very much present in the form of curved wooden doors, firearms, a barrel, a boat hull, Captain Redbeard’s epaulets and the pieces forming the trunk of the much desired classic palm tree.

A simple narrative is alluded; Captain Redbeard cruises nearby in his daringly conspicuous sailboat, attempting to stealthily free Bo’Sun Will from the lockup. Perhaps the small Jolly Roger flag atop the mast may evade spyglass detection, but the red striped sail, a counterpart to the blue version first appearing in 6273 Rock Island Refuge, may alert the Soldiers to incoming treachery.

What was the Return of the Classic Pirates Contest?

The Return of the Classic Pirates Contest was a contest hosted between two websites, Classic-Pirates.com and Eurobricks. Held between June and September 2023, the objective was to design or build a new LEGO set, either in the classic style of the 80s and 90s or a post-2020 modern style like Pirates of Barracuda Bay.

The contest was later divided into two separate categories; a Main Building Category and a Mini Set Category, with the latter having a 50-piece limit.

Possible prizes for the Mini Set Building Category

The winner of the Mini Set Category could select a set to value of 35€

Multiple prizes were offered,  they were 10320 Eldorado Fortress as the first place prize in the Main Building Category and a set with the value of 35€ chosen by the winner of the Mini Set Building Category.

About the Builder…

Aanchir (Skye Barnick) is a long-time Eurobricks member dating back to the year of our brick lord, 2009!

Hailing from the United States, Aanchir enjoys constructing curvaceous LEGO figures. While Bionicle plays a large role in these building endeavours, collusion with those mischievous LEGO Elves and fraternizing Friends often occurs. And when it comes to Pirates versus Ninjas, it appears that ninjas have won… well, until now… as you’ll find evident among the galleries of glorious builds on Flickr and Instagram.

What Do Yer Think?

Do you think Aanchir succeeded in capturing the essence of the original set and executing a worthy remake? Are there  aspects of the design which could be improved or updated?

6267 Lagoon Lock-Up Remake by Aanchir

Is this a worthy remake to a classic set?

And what be your thoughts on the brick-built sail? Yay or nay, or should the whole thing drift away?

Sail to the LEGO Pirates Forum and discuss it today!


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