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Creator 40597 Scary Pirate Island NOW on

Thar she blows!  The new LEGO Creator set, 40597 Scary Pirate Island has been sighted on, along with high resolution images and set specifications.

If yer failed to keep yer ear to the wind, the upcoming LEGO Pirate set be a Gift With Purchase containing 214 pieces. It will be available from* between October 13-22 but thar LEGO Group still hasn’t told us the bloomin’ regional purchase thresholds, although they’re estimated to be around US$100.


According to the official 40597 Scary Pirate Island webpage on

LEGO® fans can celebrate Halloween by staging their own adventures on Scary Pirate Island (40597). The island features a shark’s head with a cave inside its open jaws, plus a creepy castle ruin with a staircase. Explorers can find a treasure chestfull of gold and jewelry, a skull and a bat. Paddling towards the island on a raft is a treasure-seeking pirate with an oar and a sword. A Halloween gift for kids aged 8+, this set looks great on display and can be used to play out fun-filled stories.


  • Celebrate Halloween – This LEGO® Creator Scary Pirate Island buildable toy for kids features a shark’s head, a castle ruin, a bat and a pirate minifigure on a raft
  • A gift for ages 8+ – Give this 214-piece island to little builders who have a passion for pirates and dreaming up scary stories
  • Play anywhere – The island measures over 5 in. (13 cm) high, 4.5 in. (12 cm) wide and 3.5 in. (9 cm) deep, the perfect size for kids to play with at home or take on the go

Arrrrr look, it says “the perfect size for kids”, so this set not be intended for AFOLs with high building standards! Or is it?

Official Box Images

The official 40597 Scary Pirate Island* webpage offers some nice crisp, high resolution images of the set’s box.

Front of the 40597 Scary Pirate Island box

If you weren’t quite sure, the model “does not float”

Back of the 40597 Scary Pirate Island box

The island was once a Fright Knight outpost

LEGO Creator Set: 4059 Scary Pirate Island

And here’s the obligatory “lifestyle” image –  for there be no better life than building yer LEGO Pirate sets on a hardwood floor!

Double LEGO Insider Points Event

If yer a VIP (Very Important Pirate) yer should know the LEGO’s Offers and Promotions webpage* has confirmed the next Double Insider Points event (formerly Double VIP Points) will grant LEGO Insiders 2x points on all purchases from 10-15 October, 2023 on

LEGO Insiders 2x Double Points

This graphic be what the LEGO Group uses to entice you to register a membership

“Aye, but what be a LEGO Insider?”, asks you?

It’s a rewards membership program in which yer purchases earn ye points, says us.

“What good be these points?”, you continue to ponder, as though the concept of a rewards program has passed you by.

According to the Insiders points webpage on

Once you’ve earned your points, you can spend them on discounts on future purchases, exclusive sets and items, and digital products such as merchandise, coloring activities and alternative building instructions. You’ll also be able to use your points to get tickets to events and experiences and enter member-only sweepstakes.

UPDATE 30, March 2024

The LEGO Insiders webpage has moved here.

Translation: FREE and discounted LEGO products!!!

Yer don’t want to pay full price do yer?  LEGO is expensive enough as it is!

So if yer NOT already an Insider, yer best get inside by registering NOW!

Then yer can benefit from this glorious offer by purchasing another 10320 Eldorado Fortress or maybe even a 21343 Viking Village. Or even a Venator Class Republic Attack Cruiser if yer need a break from the historic themes.

Regardless of that yer buy, you’ll still need to buy something above the threshold to be eligible for this Gift With Purchase.

* official affiliate link provided by Rakuten Marketing

What Do Yer Think?

Does 40597 Scary Pirate Island get yer all warm and tingly with nostalgia?

Join the ongoing battles discussions in the LEGO Pirates Forum and Facebook Group to share yer thoughts on this new LEGO Pirate themed set.

40597 Scary Pirate Island in time for Halloween

This be our first official Halloween LEGO Pirate set

Be this a fun little set to add to yer LEGO Pirate collection? Or could the LEGO Group have done more to persuade you to part with yer hard earned doubloons?


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