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Featured Image for "The Skull Brother" by MOC Your Bricks

“The Skull Brother” by MOC Your Bricks

Over the years legendary ship builders by the likes of Dreamweb, Sebeus I and Elephant Knight have moored at the LEGO Pirates Forum to share their latest creations. But not all builders are forum bound, MOC Your Bricks, another master of the sail, has berthed the bulk of his vessel oeuvre through his YouTube channel and Facebook Page.

So we are fortunate to have stumbled upon photos of “The Skull Brother” on Pintrest, one of his earliest creations….

MOC Your Bricks writes:

It is my first serious LEGO MOC pirate ship, ‘The Skull Brother’ pirate ship was made from 3 set of LEGO 70413 The Brick Bounty except all custom sails and string. The design base on the original LEGO set and extend to be larger and add more details on it. The ship has 4 LEGO cannons but the design can carry up to 14. 8 on lower deck and 6 on upper deck. There are now 4 crews, Captain, First mate, Cooker and pirate boy.

Broadside of the "Skull Brother"

Not at bad effort for an early attempt at ship building!

Figurehead of the "Skull Brother"

Putting the “skull” in “Skull Brother”, this figurehead is actually a former crew member who got stuck there…

Stern figurehead of the "Skull Brother"

In an uncommon practice, there’s also a figurehead on the stern. Guess another crew member didn’t quite make it!

Starboard side of stern of the "Skull Brother"

Ahoy! He be drinking on deck… he looks important!

Stern of the "Skull Brother"

That skeleton may become unnerving for those who dare tailgate this ship!

Deck of the "Skull Brother"

For your convenience, you’ll find the armoury and escape craft in the centre of the deck

Capstan of the "Skull Brother"

And there’s the capstan to make the anchor weighing that much easier

Gun deck of stern of the "Skull Brother"

Here be the gun deck with those 4 cannons… due to budget restraints they couldn’t afford cannons for the other side.

Looking at the deck of the "Skull Brother" from the helm

Here’s a view of the main deck from the helm

Captain's cabin entrance on the "Skull Brother"

Below the helm is the cabin’s cabin, let’s take a look inside…

Captain's cabin interior in the "Skull Brother"

And by “look inside” we mean remove the roof completely…

Captain Roger drinking rum on the helm

Up on the helm Captain Redbeard is demonstrating the irresponsible consumption of rum

Captain Roger drunk on the helm

Nay, Roger doesn’t have a care in the world, not even for approaching Imperial Guards.

Helmsman of stern of the "Skull Brother"

The helmsman ensures the ship stays on course – even if the captain is not!

Deck of the "Skull Brother" from the helm

Say, should there be more crew on this ship?

Looking down on the crowsnest of "Skull Brother" from the helm

Wait! There’s a scout in the crows nest!

Crows nest of the "Skull Brother" from the helm

And here’s a jolly lad in the crows nest on the lookout for hostile vessels

Hero shot of the "Skull Brother"

And there you have it folks – MOC Your Bricks first major ship build!

About the Builder…

MOC Your Bricks (Saran Mahatthanawongwarn) is an all time great LEGO Pirate ship builder! He posts frequent updates to his Facebook Page. Occasionally, you you may spy a glimpse of a new creation through his Instagram, and once upon a time, he shared builds on Flickr… but no more…

But it’s his YouTube channel where all the magic happens! There you will find dozens of speed build videos, in which you will see his creations assembled right before your very eyes! Also make a stop at his website, www.mocyourbricks.com where building instructions for many of his fine vessels can be acquired.

And after you’ve overloaded yourself with great content from MOC Your Bricks, discuss The Skull Brother in the LEGO Pirates Forum!


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