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“The Warty Crab” by Marooned Marin

LEGO Pirate fans have lamented the lack of smaller vessels officially released in the LEGO Pirates Theme.  With the exception of the “Merchant’s cutter” in 6272 Imperial Trading Post, there weren’t any smaller ships released, despite the Castle and Adventurers themes enjoying ship sets constructed upon brick-built hulls.

So when a talented builder like Marooned Marin appears on the scene with a pint-sized vessel, it really packs a punch! Not only has built a fine craft, he’s also produced a slick comic backstory to accompany it!

Small pirate ship sailing towards us

The Warty Crab under the command of by Captain Red (who is not all inspired by the box art of Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag)

Marooned Marin writes:

Dear all,

It all began one night, I believe this summer, as I roamed the vast oceans of Internet something small (simple) but utterly genius caught my eye on Classic-Pirates blog. I’m talking about “Caribbean Ribbit” by Legostein, a wonderful creation which immediately posed an old challenge for me: Can I Do More With Less?

I decided to put on hold work on two mayor vessels and go out and try to find the answer. I gave it my best, and so here I am.

I would like to point out my deep admiration for the massive amount of work you all do at this forum and on the Classic-Pirates blog. It is mind-boggling how much useful information and ‘know-how’ is accumulated. Bravo!

Stern of small LEGO Pirate Ship

Stern of the Warty Crab – such an infectious name!


  • Parts: 191 parts (without minifigure)
  • Dimensions: Width: 10.3cm (4″) | Length: 22.1cm (8.7″) | Height: 18.4cm (7.2″)
  • Weight: 107 grams
  • Estimated Cost of Parts: 24-30€ ($26-$34 USD) on BrickLink in 2021
  • Instructions available at Rebrickable.com

Rare Parts

The use of rare and unique parts is minimal with only one section of the build relied upon them. Three pieces of 2736 Technic and one Axle 1L with Tow Ball in black for bowsprit. The same part was obtained in gray and painted it black, bringing terrible nightmares to LEGO purists because of this abomination, but there was little choice!

Starboard side of small LEGO Pirate Ship

Here you can see the fine craftsmanship of the bowsprit

Deck of small LEGO pirate ship

A small but tidy deck providing easy access to the necessary equipment


The Warty Crab is a two sail, single masted vessel that bares a closer resemblance to a medieval cog than the average pirate sloop. Built for efficient light transport rather than warfare, it gives the impression of an easy target. But, what it lacks in firepower, it succeeds in unparalleled speed. Or put another way… “Catch me if you can dare, Imperial Guards!

Despite its petite structure, the vessel contains two compartments; the first is a visible cabin on the stern, in which the crew hunkers down in during squalls.  The second is concealed in the bow to provide convenient storage space to conceal gold from the treasure-hungry Imperial Amarda patrols.

Hold of small LEGO Pirate Ship

The hold… that’s where you’ll find the hidden gold!

Marooned Marin

went to great lengths to ensure the build is sturdier than it looks. And boy is it sturdy! Well, as far as he’s concerned. While its not indestructible and cannot withstand a sudden fall from a tabletop (do let him know if yours survives), it won’t fall apart through general handling.

Comic Backstory

As I was marooned for a long time from LEGO and brick-world I was not aware of this community and can only regret I didn’t joined earlier, but that’s the price for being marooned.

Since I’m a new member I come to you bearing a small gift in a form of a short backstory. Enjoy.

Page 1 of LEGO Pirates ComicPage 2 of LEGO Pirates ComicPage 3 of LEGO Pirates ComicPage 4 of LEGO Pirates Comic
Page 5 of LEGO Pirates Comic

When will Part II Become Available?

We don’t know! Marin has not dropped any hints as to when he’ll be sharing new content so you’ll have to follow us on social media for future updates.

About the Builder…

As the name suggests, Marooned Marin was stranded on a dessert island, isolated from the AFOL community and thus oblivious to the existence of the LEGO Pirates Forum. Never fear! For he managed to escape that desolate island to share this wonderful creation with us.

If you’d like to build your own Warty Crab, you can acquire the instructions from Marin’s ReBrickable profile, and the images for both the MOC and comic are available on Flickr and BrickSafe.

Finally, if you’d like keep up with his future work, he’s just setup an Instagram account.

Now come, there is much discussion to be had in the LEGO Pirates Forum where you can meet Marooned Marin yourself! We’re waiting for you…


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