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“Eldorado Fortress” redesigned by JorstadDesigns

Set Remake Official Announcement

No longer a rumour!  Plot a course to over to our 10320 Eldorado Fortress post for the official details and how you can get one.

Set Remake Rumour

If you’re looking for juicy details about the upcoming remake set, 10320 Pirates Vault, head over to our Eldorado Fortress Remake Rumour post.

Rumour no more!

Photo of Eldorado Fortress Remake and the Pirates of the Barracuda Bay

Here’s how it shapes up next to Pirates of the Barracuda Bay…

Do you miss the glory days of LEGO Pirates? Well, if you do, you’re probably really old because it’s been more than three decades since the release of the original pirate sets (yes, the Classic Pirates aren’t afraid to bring home the hard truths!) Anyway, JorstadDesigns has redesigned the classic 6272 Eldorado Fortress to jolt your fading your memories!

“Redesigned” perhaps isn’t correct – he’s completely reimagined it. Awww, heck, it looks nothing like Eldorado Fortress. He’s built a completely new fort and named it “Eldorado Fortress“, because you know, he’s terribly unoriginal at naming MOCs brand familiarity.  This one sees the Imperial Guards replace the Soldiers, and that old bugger, Broadside is nowhere in sight. But don’t worry, it’s made from 100% sustainable authentic LEGO bricks so you can be assured it won’t blow over during the next hurricane.

Photo of Eldorado Fortress

Complete with hammerhead shark

The Story

“Governor Broadside spent years at his post in Eldorado Fortress, waiting for the expected assault of his nemesis, Captain Redbeard. In his days as Commodore, Broadside was one of the famous few to have turned back Redbeard’s feared naval bombardments, but the notorious Redbeard has been missing for years without a trace. Promoted to Governor but growing old at his post, Broadside has ensured that his fortress is well prepared for any assault – the larder is stocked, the men are rested, and the cannons are loaded. But lately, passing ships have whispered strange new rumors of Redbeard. Tales of a remote island, a stranded ship, a Captain and crew thirsty for revenge setting sail once again… The Governor may be unaware of the secret treasure hidden beneath Eldorado, but he is certain Redbeard will come for Mary Brickless, prisoner of Eldorado for the past five years. Is Eldorado Fortress prepared for whatever threats may come next? Can Broadside return to his role as Commodore and rid the seas of Redbeard, once and for all? Only you can decide!”

Photo of Eldorado Fortress sections

It has a modular design to open up the play possibilities!

JorstadDesigns writes:

Introducing Eldorado Fortress, built from 100% authentic LEGO® bricks and the perfect companion to LEGO’s® new Pirates of Barracuda Bay set! Although LEGO® has released some smaller imperial fortresses in the past, none were truly on the scale of LEGO’s® larger castle playsets. The new Pirates of Barracuda Bay set re-inspired us to create a fortress modelled on Caribbean architecture. As you can see, the fortress is named to play on LEGO’s® original Eldorado Fortress (set #6276). The Governor is named after the “Governor Broadside” that shows up in some older LEGO® literature/manuals. The main model uses 2,581 bricks, and the minifigures and accessories add ~150 parts to that.

The model features a watchtower, armory, prison, a secret cave with the hidden treasure of Eldorado, a larder, crew’s quarters, Governor’s room, and a harbor area with defensive cannon emplacements. Our personal favorite feature is the curved wall with three cannons overlooking the water! Everything is modular, allowing easy access to all play features. The prison features an ‘exploding’ wall, the cave is connected via a secret passage with retractable wall to the larder, and a trapdoor connects the larder to the crew’s quarters. More importantly, the set includes five spring-loaded cannons that can be positioned anywhere along the fort walls, allowing for quick defense against raiding pirates!


Instructions are available as a digital download from my website at

Close up photo of Eldorado Fortress

The illegal pineapple trade will be brought to an end!

Photo of the cannons

This place is well armed… Oh look! Sea turtle!

Photo of a LEGO Cannon being loaded

“Ok lads, it’s time to sink a ship – load the cannon!”

Photo of a LEGO monkey in a palm tree

The Imperial Guards look annoyed because that monkey is about to do something inappropriate with that banana.

Photo of the LEGO prison

The lookout tower is right above the prison so it’s easy to spot pirates escaping.

Photo of fault LEGO Prision

Every time he blows the bugle the prison wall falls off

Photo of LEGO Tower

Now if only the cannon could rotate a little more that monkey could be blasted out to sea

Photo of LEGO Bananas

The monkey has a decent supply of bananas…

Photo of LEGO Admiral

You can tell by the flowers he is a very important minifigure

Photo of LEGO spider

And in the bowels of the fortress is a swimming pool…

LEGO Eldorado Fortress MOC by Kyle Jorstad, on Flickr

Photo of LEGO Skeleton

He was carrying so much gold, it slowed him down… A LOT!

Photo of LEGO pumpkins

Blast yer way into the treasure room to get those priceless pumpkins!

Photo of LEGO grog

The treasure room also doubles as the cellar


Photo of LEGO treasure chest

It was convenient of them to leave the treasure chest so close to the exit…


“I was down the hold, just passing time”

Photo of LEGO Officiers quarters

Nothing like a nap with those cannons right outside your quarters



Photo of Black Seas Barracuda

They’ve taken Jack Sparrow prisoner! (Jack Sparrow minifigure not included)

Photo of "Eldorado Fortress"

But Eldorado Fortress Remixed does include everything you see here (except for the title)

About the Builder…

You’ll ocassionally encounter JorstadDesigns (sometimes called Kyle) contributing to the LEGO Pirates Forum on Eurobricks. You can even view all his builds on his personal website or admire his past work on Flickr, there are some quite substantial Star Wars MOCs , if you have a fondness for that galaxy, far far away.


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