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“Caribbean Ribbit” by Legostein

Have you ever contemplated what would happen if ships from the LEGO Pirates theme were able to produce offspring? No probably not, because it’s a rather obscure thing to contemplate.

Legostein, however, has contemplated something along lines and built a small supply ship to accompany the Caribbean Clipper (set 6274). It features comparable design elements such as blue striped sail and yellow trimmings, but in place of the parrot figurehead, sits a small yellow frog. Yellow animals are somewhat rare and fetch a high price on the black market, so this wee beastie is what’s inspired the craft’s name. Therefore, we assume Legostein asked the frog what he should name the ship and the frog replied “ribbit!”

Caribbean Ribbit by Legostein

Legostein writes:

Hello everybody!

This is my first topic started in the pirates section, and I hope everything will be fine. My main interest are playsets from the “classic” pirate era started in the year 1989 (and goes until 1997 in my pirate world). This is why I like to create additional playsets that resemble the style of this era. I am happy to introduce the “Caribbean Ribbit” to you. It’s a small supply ship that goes along the larger “Caribbean Clipper” (set 6274). It features comparable design elements to suit well as a playset for the other sets of the series. It features also a full rotating cannon. As figurehead a small yellow frog was used (yellow animals are somewhat rare to find) which also gave the vessel its name.

Thank you for your time, and have a great day! I am glad to be here!

~ Chris


A swivel cannon be very useful when there’s not much space.

Wouldn’t this make a fantastic official LEGO set? Back in the days of yore (in other words the 80’s and 90’s) the LEGO Group would sometimes release two sets based around a similar concept, but at two different price points. There would be a medium size set with a particular design which this would be repeated at a larger scale in one of the larger sets.  For example: in 1994 the Spyrius sub theme saw the release of the smaller  6889 Recon Robot along side the 6949 Robot Guardian which towered over it like a hulking metal behemoth.


That cannon was actually borrowed from the Harbour Sentry


There’s even torches and a rudder – no expense was spared!

About the Builder…

Legostein, who signs his posts with “~ Chris”, sails out of Germany and is a considered both a MOC Expert and Customization Expert in the LEGO Pirates Forum on Eurobricks.  He’s a million (a million what?) and “Bricks, Building & Beyond” he the core essence of his being.


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