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Talon Karrde - Medium entry

Culver was a small port town in the Caribbean, and like most port towns feared one thing above all.

The threat of piracy loomed over the Caribbean sea, like a hawk circling a field mouse, numerous counter-offensives had been made by the imperial fleet but almost all of them had ended in failure, and vengeance by the pirate hordes.

Culver had been relatively safe from pirate attack, a naturally formed defensive ring of near impregnable granite crowned by a sturdy wall made repelling would be invaders easy.

The town had been founded over one hundred years ago by Daniel Culver, who was forced to stop on an island when his small merchant vessel,

The “Ocean Mare” lost her mast in a ferocious storm. When he made land he was welcomed by the native tribe, who greeted him with honour as the first white man to land there and helped him repair his ship, overwhelmed by their immense kindness he made it his aim to convert them to Christianity and make their lives and their island a more civilised place by founding the town of Culver.

Unfortunately, the natives would not convert to Christianity, they told Mr Culver that their Gods had been kind to them, and they had no reason to abandon them. When they told him this he saw it as blasphemy, and all the kindnesses in the world could not stay his rage, he and forty score imperial guards slaughtered the peaceful natives mercilessly one bloody night and from that day on Daniel Culver was hailed as a christian hero, a vanquisher of heathens.

The small island turned out to be a prosperous place for the new citizens of Culver, the fishing in the bay was good and the island was found to have an abundance of valuable granite, ripe for quarrying, as well as a small gold seam. In the years to come Culver prospered, and with a small imperial garrison was effectively safe from pirate raids.

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