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The Pirate Wreckers of False Lighthouse Cove by DefrostedPoppy

Friday, March 5th, 2021

Ahoy there me hearties!
Do not trust every light you see across dark stormy seas.
For if you chance upon the False Light, you'll be lured to dangerous shores.
And your ship, and your crew, will vanish into LEGO Pirate lore!

The Pirate Wreckers of False Lighthouse Cove flourished during the Golden Age of Piracy.  By skilfully shining their false light, they lured passing ships to wreck upon their treacherous coastline.  Under the cover of darkness, the pirates would then salvage the precious cargo.  Hundreds of vessels navigating the Caribbean trade route, simply disappeared into the night.

Surviving accounts from the cove are rare, as the stranded passengers and crew would usually assimilate into this secretive pirate community.  As a consequence, the exact location of False Lighthouse Cove remains a mystery to this very day!

I have recreated the legend in LEGO, based upon the journal records of the only known ship to have escaped the notorious clutch power of False Lighthouse Cove.


Crucial to the whole operation was the lighthouse tower.  Featuring a LEGO Light Brick, and a supply of strategically placed cannons, the pirate wreckers were well equipped to run aground passing ships.  The tower stood next to the Old Pirate Hulk, and together they created the illusion of a safe port.  The tower was entangled with jungle vegetation, which helped conceal the guns from approaching ships.


The official headquarters, and home to the pirate captain, "Golden Peg".  He ruled False Lighthouse Cove from his old pirate hulk.  He was a familiar sight walking the decks with his pure gold peg leg.  Recreated in modular format for practical pirate playability, the Old Pirate Hulk includes such wonders as:

  • The Secret Treasure Chamber
  • The Pirate Prison
  • Golden Peg's Bedroom
  • The Captain's Bridge and Map Room
  • The Pirate Galley and Chicken Hut

For history buffs, the pirate hulk is believed to have been an old Dutch trading vessel, that shipwrecked in the cove sometime around 1640.

RECEPTION ROCK   "Good Old 88"

According to legend, all eighty-eight of the hazardous sea rocks in the cove were individually named by the pirates, sometimes after a famous vessel they had grounded.  If your ship was fortunate enough to have missed the first eighty-seven, you would be stopped abruptly by "Reception Rock", affectionally known as "Good Old 88".

Reception Rock had a small lookout erected on top, and was accessible from the beach by a narrow boardwalk.  Look carefully, and you might spot Golden Peg scanning the horizon for passing ships.


Skull Cove: Redbeard’s Return by DarthKy

Monday, March 1st, 2021


Skull Cove: Redbeard’s Return.

Captain Roger Redbeard once terrified the seas with his crew aboard the The Black Seas Barracuda but he has not been seen on the high seas for over a decade.  Nobody knows exactly what happened to him, many assumed he finally met a bitter end, perhaps finally caught by the Imperials...some claim he retired and lives quietly on his untold riches.

His closest friends and allies however know the truth.

Redbeard, surrounded by his loyal crew, still rules the great pirate fleet, a shadow empire, from the security of his stronghold, Skull Cove.

This set seeks to create a top of the line pirate stronghold operated by a cadre of pirates inspired by classic LEGO pirates.

The re-imagined pirates includes the classic figures: Captain Roger Redbeard, Rummy, Anne, and “Steve.”

The Crew

Captain Rodger Redbeard.

In the passing years the Captain's beard has grown and streaks of white have crept into it.  He may not be as spry as he once was, but he is as cunning and quick witted as ever, coordinating strikes against the merchant lanes while continuing to foil the Imperials.

First Mate Rummy.

Rummy has long been Redbeard's right hand man.  Now he operates the ingenious communication network that keeps Redbeard's pirate armada working in concert.

Rummy is also a legendary spotter and look out.  He can count the number of cannons on a ship before most of the crew can even see its sails.


Anne has served as Redbeards Quartermaster, leading countless boarding actions upon ships beset by the Black Seas Barracuda.  She is an expert marksman and sword fighter, equally at home on the deck or in the ropes.


Steve is a bit of a mysterious wild card, coming and going as he pleases. The crew is not even certain if "Steve" is his real name.

His unequaled skill as an artillerist however has earned him a permanent opening as the master gunner in Redbeard's ranks.  On many occasions the astounding accuracy of his cannons has spelled the difference between victory and defeat.



Note: This project has expired so voting is no longer available.

Rapa Nui: Easter Island Voyage – The Islanders meet the Dutch

Friday, February 26th, 2021


I really wanted to create a historical event or scene that is not that known to most people in LEGO, so I decided I'd try this... The Easter Island Voyage! It is a recreation of the first Europeans, the Dutch, being the first to discover Easter Island in 1722. Later, others soon explored Easter Island, Such as the Spanish, Captain Cook of England, and the French. And of course, what most astounded these explorers were the giant Easter Island Head monoliths, also known as Moai. The Islands original inhabitants, the Pacific islanders of polynesia, built these mysterious Moai heads.
While the Dutch called it Easter Island, the islands native inhabitants named it Rapa Nui.
The set idea includes shore line, the coastal waters, and a display border.
An Easter island/moai head (it wouldn't be Rapa Nui without one!)...
A black dutch row boat...
An islanders red canoe...
A cave that contains a barrel, a straw mat, and a wooden pole to support the roof. The home of an islander.
An islander...
A Dutch Captain...
Dutch navigator Jacob Roggeveen...
Hope you like the idea and support so this historical event can be made in LEGO! It can be used for play and display. It contains exactly 776 pieces.
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VOTE PIRATES for the 90th Anniversary Set – ROUND #2

Saturday, February 6th, 2021 90th Anniversary Set Vote - Round 2

Fan Vote - The Final Vote: Help Celebrate the 90th Anniversary of The LEGO Group

In Round 1 the top three voted themes were:

  • Bionicle
  • Classic Space
  • Pirates

Full details available on the official LEGO blog.

Now we must vote for the winner!

VOTE then post here and tell us WHY you voted for LEGO Pirates...


Vote for the LEGO 90th Anniversary set

Saturday, January 23rd, 2021 Vote for the LEGO 90th Anniversary set

Official LEGO Group Survey

Fan Vote: Help Celebrate the 90th Anniversary...

Help us choose a classic theme to be reimagined as a single new product for the 2022 LEGO Adult Portfolio, to celebrate the 90th Anniversary of The LEGO Group! We have created a list of our 30 favorite classic LEGO themes for you to choose from.

Splitting this fan vote into two parts, you will have three votes in the first vote. You can vote a maximum of once for a theme in the first vote. This vote will be 100% transparent!

The second vote will be the top three themes from the first vote. One of the three themes will be the theme the 90th Anniversary Set will be based on. This vote will not be transparent, so it's still a little bit of a secret.

This is the First Vote of the two.

[Not sure what an Activity/Fan Vote is? Then check out this blog post]


This Fan Vote will be active until January 25th, 2021 at 10:00 a.m. CEST (4 a.m. EST). 

Acceptable Entry Content

  • Select 1, 2 or 3 different themes you wish to vote for.
  • Please in the box where you have the option to tell us specific sub themes, any and all votes with text in that violates our community guidelines will be invalid.


(Click "View Entries" and login to your account to see voting options)

You will need a account to vote.
Official LEGO blog post  |  Vote Here

“Imperial Island Fort” by BrickHammer

Tuesday, June 16th, 2020

BrickHammer has created this brilliant fort ... How perfect would it be to set right beside your Barracuda Bay set? Come check it out!


21322 The Pirates of Barracuda Bay

Tuesday, March 24th, 2020 1322 The Pirates of Barracuda Bay - Set Thumbnail

It's official, LEGO Ideas submission "The Pirates Bay" now known as 21322 The Pirates of Barracuda Bay has an official release date of 1 April 2020.

So sails over to the LEGO Pirates Forum for more photos and details...

Skull Island

Saturday, December 14th, 2019

Somewhere in the Caribean, where no one dare wanders, surrounded by treachous reefs, there was a giant skull laying just above the water surface.

Bob De Quatre shared his recent creation with us in the Pirate ForumCome check it out yee scurvey dog.

Davy Jones by Namirob

Thursday, December 5th, 2019

Namirob has spent the last two and a half years developing and redeveloping his model of Davy Jones from the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.

Check this one out today before you become one with the ship!

The PIRATE BAY to become an official LEGO set

Friday, September 27th, 2019 The Pirate Bay by Bricky Brick

After reaching the perquisite 10,000 votes and undergoing four months of review, it has been announced LEGO Ideas project "The Pirate Bay" by Bricky_Brick will go into production as an official LEGO set!

Bricky_Brick is also known as Paokus in the LEGO Pirates forum or Pablo Jiménez in the real world.

LEGO Ideas Design Manager, Samuel Johnson said during the announcement:

"It's been super exciting for us to see a real LEGO classic on the LEGO Ideas website and we know that there's this huge demand for such products, and you know, classic LEGO you can never go wrong with such a thing."

Click here to set sail for the LEGO Pirates Forum for more information and to discuss the first ever LEGO Pirates submission to go into production.

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