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“Caswell Point” by Piraten

While LEGO creativity transcends borders, age, gender, race and… yes, you get the picture… there is something almost sacred when a Dane picks up two, or three thousand bricks, and starts building a creation in our favourite LEGO theme, Pirates!

Meet Piraten, Danish born, Billund neighbour, 10K LEGO Ideas Club Member, and the biggest fan of to sail the seas (we made that last part up) who decided the best way to recover from 10K Idea rejection was to build another pirate-themed submission. So that’s exactly what what he did with Imperial Guards Trading Outpost, or Caswell Point for short.

The inn from behind

Caswell Point, the best trading post on the Spanish Main! (Imperial Guard endorsed comment)

This is my idea of what a small trading post should look like. I got the idea as an extension of my first project and it fits into my pirate world. I built it because I love the pirate theme and that age. Actually this is the most playable build I have made for a long time, and still love the details and secrets.

The project is ready for the Skærbæk Fanweeknd in the fall (2022) and it will be on display with plenty other projects, with of course the Pirate-boi and the Soldier.

I have been building a lot but not on my pirate projects, and my crown is also on display in LEGOLAND Billund. So plenty LEGO-things overall. Sadly not much on Eurobricks. But now I’m back 🙂

If you were a lazy limpet and skipped past the builder’s quote, allow us to remind you one of Piraten’s creations is on display in LEGOLAND Billund! Yes, for real! Go and see The Crown!

And if yer not familiar with The Crown project, you should read our blog-post and then pledge support on LEGO Ideas while you still can – time is fast running out!

The crown jewels on LEGO Ideas

Piraten prized MOC on display in the Holy Land of ABS, Billund, Denmark

The Build

Welcome to Caswell Point, a MOC focused upon a small business owner desperately operating his small business against an oppressive government. Highly regulated, tightly controlled, and extremely centralised… an environment ruled with an iron fist by the Imperial Guards, sour enough to spoil the strongest of entrepreneurial spirits.

In simpler terms, this trading post be little more than a humble inn run by a grizzled old sailor and his cheerful son.

The trading post pier

Look here, an unguarded boat packed with bags and goods. Shorty is about to have a field day.

The mighty defence force

A well placed cannon defends the rear from those who dare engage in some fun and play with this MOC.

The interior of the inn

The inn is frequented by shady characters… at the moment three blue coat veterans are staying at the inn. Wonder what they are up to?

The business behind

We can observe suspicious activity transpiring here… better take a closer look.

Little bribe goes along way

Ah yes, how many times throughout our lives have we gave the envelope greased the cogs of a corrupted system in our favour?

The basement under the guard tower

That chest looks kinda empty, and the whole basement is smaller in comparison to the officer’s room above. Could it be there is a secret compartment just behind the wall?

Two customers minding their own business

See that? That’s the face of constipation matey, and no amount of rum or pie is going to help. Eat more veggies!

Special Features

The hidden room from above

To gain better access to the intriguing basement the guard tower can be easily removed.

The (finger) push brick

Piraten’s strong and manly well manicured finger in action. It seems he can push this particular brick. Hmm… who knows what happens next?

The secret slide door

Like a knife cutting through butter, the wall glides smoothly to reveal the hidden room behind.

The sneaky bastard and his sneaky son

The old sailor is a sneaky bastard! He has been hording gold and diamonds for years, and the department of Imperial Revenue Service (known as the IRS) has no clue. What a legendary pirate!

About the Builder…

Danish designer, Piraten (Brian Steffensen Vestergaard), is one of those rare builders who gives his MOCs a whole new level of amazing! If you are not familiar with his brilliance you can find him on various social media platforms upon he regularly shares brilliant ideas:

If you are seeking well preserved classic pirate sets, then visit Piraten Shop and claim buy the sets you’ve always wanted, but never had. He ships worldwide – but not in a pirate ship!

Piraten is also a member of the LEGO Ideas rejected 10K Club, where he underwent a torture session an interview and answered loads of interesting questions regarding his passion.

Before we sail into the sunset, we invite you to share your thoughts on Caswell Point would it make a worthy addition to your Imperial harbour? Did you like the special feature? Do you think they’ve stashed enough treasure in the basement? Does Admiral Woodhouse approve of the business transactions which take place here? Doe he even know?

Do tell… it’s as easy as clicking the shiny red button bellow, or following this link to the LEGO Pirates forum!


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