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“Imperial Outpost” by Filibbooo

Over the years we have witnessed our share of Imperial forts, ports and outposts, in a myriad of shapes and sizes.  All of them share a commonality; they’re astoundingly beautiful, and this latest entry is no exception!

Meet Captain Filibboo, a hero who embarked upon resurrecting the LEGO Pirates theme single-handedly through his debut LEGO Ideas submission. Like many LEGO Pirates builders before him, he discovered that our beloved theme also requires the backing of 10,000 supporters, and in an alarmingly tight deadline… lest his submission be buried in the failed Ideas graveyard for all eternity. Yikes!

Don’t let it happen! Support this Outpost on LEGO Ideas right now!

Front view of the Imperial Outpost

Welcome to the Imperial Outpost

When I was a child, LEGO Pirates were the toy number one for me. Now, 30 years later, the fascination with the Pirates still persists, which led me to create this set.

The first version was created in spring 2020 when COVID19 forced us to stay at home. It took me 3 months the create a digital version inside the BrickLink Studio 2.0. Another 3 months later I started building it.

It was really fun to build it in real. 3D rendering is cool, but real life pictures are even better.

This creation is my first LEGO Ideas project and it would be great if it came to life. Let’s bring back the Pirates!

If you see a creation like this and think If only I could build something like that… listen up matey, you can! It takes a mere 30 years of planning, one tumultuous global lockdown, 6 months of hard labour and voilà, you’ll have your awesome MOC. Just be sure it’s Pirate-themed, as you don’t want to waste that much time on, say… LEGO Friends? Go! Start planning your masterpiece today!

The Gorgeous Build

Bird veiw at the outpost

The stingy armament of a single cannon is a telltale sign of an outpost ripe for the taking. Right?

Cliff side of the outpost

But let’s not jump to conclusions without further consideration. The outpost is built upon a solid rock foundation, and inaccessible from all sides, save for the pier guarded by the cannon. And thus, it appears those Imperials are not stingy, but prudent and cunning.

Pier side of the outpost

Did you know that the most precious cargo on the Spanish Main were not doubloons but bananas? Better keep our eyes peeled and cannons ready, for where there are bananas, there are Pirates!

Close up on the pier

Hey look, it is Governor Hacienda, and he’s doing splits almost three centuries before Jean-Claude Van Damme invented them.

The questionable jail on the outpost

The outpost is divided into several sections to enable better playability. The base level consists of a cannon station, a guardroom and a very questionable an easily escapable jail which lacks a prisoner. (Umm… maybe someone should sound the alarm!)

A guardroom on the base level

The guardroom features a modest table, a bench and unnecessary large stairs which lead on to the Admiral’s room on the first floor. Apparently officers in the Imperial Soldiers Army detest climbing the ladders, so they had stairs installed at the expense of soldiers’ comfort.

Officer room on the first floor

Refined style of the officers’ club comes with a price. From their young age, future officers are rigorously trained to abstain from chairs and beds, as both known are to cause unsightly wrinkles in uniforms.

The Future: Pirate Modular Sets

Captain Filibbooo continues:

This Outpost was the start of a “try” to create a modular pirate “scenery”.

First module, Pt.1 of treasure island, is finished and already attached to my Imperial Outpost.

More is in planning. At the moment I’m working on Pt.2 of treasure island.

Nearby treasure island

The Treasure Island has everything Outpost lacks: the Pirates, a hidden cave filled with diamonds, a bunch of sea turtles hatching on the beach, and two colourful parrots. How that pirate is still alive in shark infested waters is beyond us. Who knows?

Not Familiar with LEGO Ideas?

LEGO Ideas is a website that allows users to submit creations with the aim of becoming official LEGO sets – the kind you can buy! Original designers receive 1% commission on royalties and ten free LEGO sets from those currently on the market. But to be a contender for official set status, each idea must garner 10,000 supporters.

That’s where YOU come in! LEGO Pirate fans must unite to support another blue coat Soldier submission and propel it over the 10K finish line… whilst avoiding the relenting doom of the LEGO Ideas Team’s personal Bermuda Triangle, more commonly known as the “review process”. Go to the project submission webpage and click the support button to cast your vote!

The outpost and the island

Pirate modular set, Filibboo’s dream shared by many in the community.

About the Builder…

Sometime during the pandemic of 2020, as the global population reeled from the threat of extinction, it dawned upon Captain Filibboo that life was too fleeting for meaningless pursuits. So he vowed to fulfill his days with meaning, and chose to build LEGO Pirates sets.

Fast forward to 2022… two major phenomena have transpired; the human race survived annihilation and Captain Filibboo surfaced from the murky depths to make an impressive entrance in the LEGO Pirates MOCs forum.

So if you enjoy this creation and wonder what else this talented builder has in store, follow up his work on Instagram, Flickr and LEGO Ideas.

Before we part ways, the Classic Pirates invite you to support this design (oh wait, we’ve said that already) and share your thoughts inside the LEGO Pirates forum – would this fort make a good LEGO Pirate set? What do you like about it?  What could be done differently? Would you add more cannons?

Click the big red shiny button bellow and tell all, after you lend your support!


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