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“Pirates of Toilet Cove” by Nick Lafreniere

A fine upstanding gentleman named Thomas Crapper invented the flushing toilet. It was an outstanding  invention which allowed the everyday person to carryout their business without the need to leave the house… or dig a hole in the backyard.  But what does a crapper have to do with LEGO Pirates you may ask?

The enterprising Nick Lafreniere took it upon himself to recreate this technological marvel in LEGO form. But he didn’t stop there! He took things one step further and implemented a clever way for fearsome buccaneers to stash their treasure.  After all, the treasure hungry Imperial Guards, and the even greedier Imperial Armada probably won’t be too keen to go bobbing around a latrine in the search of gold.

Nick writes:

This is an example of imaginative play. If you think it’s disgusting, make sure you take a closer look before you completely judge it!

Render of Toilet built from LEGO

Render of Toilet built from LEGO

From LEGO Ideas:

Getting 10,000 supporters can make this project a real LEGO set. You can help by voting for the project! Simply click ‘Support’ at the top right of this page to vote for my project. 

Set Description
Build the most detailed plastic model of a toilet you have ever seen – The LEGO Toilet! Recreate this classic bathroom staple and learn about the mechanical parts that go into a toilet fixture. This beautifully shaped model makes for a wonderful conversation piece and collectible to add to your LEGO collection.

You will be amazed at the functional mechanism, which is built of Technic pieces and pulls on a mini chain that in turn pulls open the “flapper” inside the toilet tank. Remember to put the toilet seat down – or not, it’s your toilet!


  • Model measures 21 cm long, 13 cm wide, and 22 cm tall. 550 pieces.
  • The toilet seat can be raised/lowered and the toilet tank top lifts off.
  • Mechanical parts such as the flush arm, flapper, overflow tube, and float are represented in LEGO form in the toilet tank.
  • Includes main toilet model, informational plaque with miniature toilet, toilet brush, brick separator, and a minifigure with toolbox and plunger.

Render of Toilet built from LEGO

About the Builder…

Nick is a Canadian AFOL, building for his country, or so his LEGO Ideas profile states. There you will find other marvelous creations he’s submitted in the hope you’ll vote… and the projects will eventually reach 10K…. and then the LEGO Ideas team will mercilessly reject them select them for production so he receives a bunch of free LEGO sets and a commission on the sales.


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