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“La Flora” by Legostone

Monday, May 17th, 2021 Featured Image for "La Flora" by Legostone

Tall ships are alive and well in the world of LEGO Pirates! More than three decades after the height of Pirate theme’s success we’re still seeing these fantastic vessels being constructed, some builders even going to the extra effort of crafting their own sails (let’s face it – there are more than enough red striped LEGO ships on the market!)

The La Flora has endured a slow gestation, languishing in development for around two years (it was try docked on the shelf), before it’s builder, Legostone caught his second wind and completed the missing sails and rigging.  It was certainly well worth the wait, with it’s intricately woven Jacobs ladders and brick built hull.

Even though she’s crewed by blue coat Soldiers, the La Flora flies the Imperial Armada flag, suggesting more is at play here… or maybe not!

Legostone writes:

Started in early 2019, this ship stood on my shelf unfinished for almost 2 years at this point. I finally decided to complete the rigging and add the missing sails the last couple weeks. I think this might be my most elaborate rigging job yet, hope it shows!

La Flora is inspired by mid 18th century french frigates. First started but abandoned by Captain Green Hair, I purchased the parts from him and tried to stay close to the initial idea.

Sails are old curtains, coloured with coffee. Not a single reddish brown piece was used in this ship. Ratlines are glued.

No time for long description, here are the pics!

La Flora





Extra thanks to Sebeus Ikabel and CaptainGreen Hair for their quick feedback whenever needed!

About the Builder…

Legostone is a regular contributor on Eurobricks and a talented builder of ships. You can view more of his builds on Flickr.

“Master & Commander: The Far Side of the World” by Captain Edward

Wednesday, May 12th, 2021 Featured Image for "Master & Commander: The Far Side of the World" by Captain Edward

Creating a Brick Film requires immense patience and dexterity, employing meticulous stop-motion animation that requires each element within the shot to be minutely adjusted by hand.  Once, adjusted the camera rolls for a single frame, before stopping so all the elements can be minutely adjusted once again.  This process repeats until there are enough frames to animate an entire sequence – and usually,  animation requires at least 15 frames to look reasonably smooth.   So a single minute of footage can accumulate up to 900 frames!

Now imagine the amount of work that goes into a complex naval battle, with multiple ships, crewed by multiple minifigs, with explosions and other visual effects… Well, that’s exactly what Captain Edward has achieved at the tender age of 16 with this recreation of a battle from the 2003 film, “Master & Commander: The Far Side of the World”,  starring Russel Crow and directed by Peter Weir.

Captain Edward has depicted the scene (see video below) in which the crew of the HMS Surprise sneakily allows their enemy’s ship, the Acheron  to approach… before opening fire.

Captain Edward writes:

I was cleaning up my YouTube channel and thought I’d share it with you all. So here it is, for those that haven’t seen it yet!
I was quite inexperienced when I made this, and I am not at all happy with how it’s turned out, but for nostalgic reasons I decided to publish it anyway. Enjoy it for what it is; it was my first experience working with a green screen, and I thoroughly enjoyed the process.

Movie Synopsis

During the Napoleonic Wars, a British captain. Jack Aubrey pushes his ship and crew to their limits in pursuit of a formidable French war vessel around South America. The film’s plot and characters draws inspiration from three novels in Aubrey–Maturin series  by in author Patrick O’Brian’s which features 20 completed novels centering around Jack Aubrey’s naval career.

Here is the scene which inspired the brick film:

And if you’re interested in historic recreations of tall ships blasting each other to smithereens, here is the final battle, which, at the time of writing, has not been depicted in LEGO form.

About the Builder…

Captain Edward (also known Jiskodisco on Twitter) is a lover of LEGO and pirates (who in their right mind isn’t?) and you can watch more of his highly skilled brick animations on his YouTube channel or visit his Flickr stream to see some skills.


“Paraiso Bay” by NOD

Monday, May 10th, 2021 Featured Image for "Paraiso Bay" by NOD

NOD is a master at creating digital LEGO designs! His contributions to the Brethren of the Brick Seas game in the LEGO Pirates Forum have been nothing short of impressive!   Not long after demonstrating his skill at virtual ship building with the frigate named “Estrella” he has wowed us once again with “Paraiso Bay“, a port containing a house, shop and factory… it even includes a fountain which is always a nice touch.

Paraiso Bay is also well defended with three gun-stations manned by cannon happy militia, who are all to eager to send a servo of  hot iron raining down upon potential intruders.


A new district has emerged on Poppy Port settlement. On House, shop, factory and a fountain were built.




The Sea Rats are a friendly, neutral and a helpful faction. Passing merchant ships ask the Sea Rats for a modest donation. The Sea Rats are happy to borrow items from the neighbors in other faction settlements.


Good, neutral and peaceful Sea Rats live in this bay. They are very happy to exchange goods with merchant ships. These exchange exclusive, high-quality and valuable air guitars for other modest goods.


The weather is inconsistent and there are frequent storms at sea. It is quite possible that ships get into distress or sink. The Sea Rats are always ready to help.


The factory is on the left. The cotton comes from the plantation on the island. Many designers of well-known fashion companies work in the factory Dolce & Bananas (D & B), Giancarlo Versaze (Versaze) and Gabrielle Schanel (Schanel). The factory also consists of other buildings. Unfortunately, the space was too small to show everyone. So, believe me because I never lie.


Top right is a shop for clothes. The designer dresses were made in the factory opposite. This shop also sells clothes from donation collections (the Sea Rats helped ships in need, as thanks they also got high quality clothes). In order for everyone to make money, designer clothes and donation collections have similar prices. Actually, everything is expensive in this shop. But the Sea Rats are fortunate. They have enough money because on the sea voyages they will always find someone who wants to donate Doubloons.


There’s a house at the bottom right. It’s a house with walls and a roof. It has a large and beautiful balcony. 


In the upper right corner is a fireplace. It’s a popular meeting place. Some residents grill fishes. A singer plays the guitar and sings.



There are positions with cannons on the coast. These are controlled by attentive citizens.


51057658318_5e6c70cb97_b.jpgPoppy Port should have risen to Large Town. “This is Poppy Port!”


About the Builder…

NOD (also known as Phillipe) is a star contributor of the Brethren of the Brick Seas game in the LEGO Pirates Forum.  Sail by his Flickr stream to observe more of his great digital builds, along with some traditional builds, you know, the ones using physical LEGO pieces which have been captured by camera.

“Charlemagne 74 Gunship of the Line” by BrickDuvel

Friday, May 7th, 2021 Featured Image for "Charlemagne 74 Gunship of the Line" by BrickDuvel

Behold the Charlemagne! A Téméraire class 74-gun ship of the line of the French Navy in service between 1807 and 1814 before being transferred to the Dutch Navy.  Ordered by Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte himself, this vessel was packed to the brim with firepower and now reimagined in LEGO Soldiers form by BrickDuvel.

BrickDuvel writes:

Here’s my minfig scale MOC of the Charlemagne. (Charles The Great)

I’m posting my MOC on this great Pirate MOC forum so this can also inspire other builders in the future.

It’s a 3rd rate Téméraire class 74 gun ship of the line of the French Navy. It’s big brother was launched in 1807 in Antwerp under the Napoleonic rule in Belgium.  It had a length of 54m (177ft) and a beam of 14,3m (47 ft).

This MOC at about minifig scale counts 150 studs long from stern to the bow at it’s longest point and 42 studs at its widest point at the lower gun deck near the main mast.

Don’t know the brick count (never made it in digital form) but it took about 2-3 years to finish of which several months were spent on the rigging.

I want to pay a small homage to the builders of these LEGO ships who inspired me to build this LEGO ship which gave me hours of fun:

  • Achille
  • Gallus
  • HMS Bulwark
  • HMS Lively
  • HMS Prince of Wales/Minerve
  • MS Victory
  • Le Fleuron/Prins Willim
  • Le Fourageux
  • Phantom
  • Pinnacle
  • Rapscallion
  • Revenge
  • VOC De Ruyter
  • USS Poseidon

(And I’m sure I forget to mention quite a few superb ships on this forum, sorry guys)

And a special thanks to the builders of :

  • HMS Agamemnon for it’s colour scheme and stern technique
  • HMS Enterprize for it’s hull technique and steering mechanism
  • HMS Persephone for it’s modular build technique and it’s perfect composure at a it’s own (smaller) scale.

Charlemagne IMG_6251

Charlemagne IMG_6252

Charlemagne IMG_6237

You can view more pictures in the Flickr album.

About the Builder…

BrickDuvel occasionally contributes to the forums on Eurobricks and you can view more of his superb builds on Flickr.

“The rat-catcher, Acropolis” by Ross Fisher

Wednesday, May 5th, 2021 Featured Image for "The rat-catcher, Acropolis" by Ross Fisher

“It’s not enough!” yelled the Canon. Monsieur Gallo knew better than to interrupt him. “Meloche’s influence still lingers over those Isles. Heresy is everywhere, and all we have to fight it are spies among our own people? A lowly rat-catcher?”

“He is dedicated…” the notary volunteered, reluctantly.
“And so he should be!” his master retorted. “Bertrand would’ve swung for murder if not for me. But that is not the point! How are we going to convert the heathens if we do not take action?”
Gallo shrugged inwardly. It was not his place to strategise.
“Then what does your eminence intend?” he ventured.
“More,” Canon François responded, “we must do more…”

“HMS Unsinkable II” by VaneStream

Monday, May 3rd, 2021 Featured Image for "HMS Unsinkable II" by VaneStream

Another exciting LEGO ship has docked at the Pirate MOCs forum!  But the HMS Unsinkable II is not just a MOC build, it also includes a stop animated video titled “Being Pirates: Battle at Sea” to provide some insight into the challenges faced by Soldiers when dealing with LEGO Pirates (even if they claim otherwise).  So if you’ve never heard of “flying the Jolly Roger ironically” you better watch the video right now!

VaneStream writes:

I present the Unsinkable II, a 40-gun imperial ship of the line.

After the terrific Barracuda Bay got me back into buying LEGO for myself again and led me down a LEGO-nostalgia rabbit hole I decided to get all the LEGO from my childhood out of my parent’s basement, sorted it and started building again. I wanted an imperial ship as an antagonist to the Black Seas Barracuda, so I built this ship of the line, using mainly parts from the 90s and early 2000s. It’s not built on prefab hull pieces, instead the hull is completely brick-built.

The Unsinkable II is not modeled on any specific ship, but I did use the HMS Victory, the HMS Vanguard and the HMS Melville as references.

The Unsinkable II and Barracuda Bay then inspired me to resurrect another old hobby: making stop-motion animation. Watch the Unsinkable II and Shippy McShipface (Black Seas Barracuda) battle it out in this new episode of Being Pirates:






For more pictures, visit the Flickr album.

About the Builder…

VaneStream is a regular contributor on both Eurobricks and YouTube. You can see more of his fantastic brick films on his YouTube Channel or more piratical photos in his Flickr stream or Instagram.

“Imperial Island Fort” by BrickHammer reaches 10K supporters on LEGO Ideas!

Monday, May 3rd, 2021 Featured Image for "Imperial Island Fort" by BrickHammer reaches 10K supporters on LEGO Ideas!

BrickHammer’s project “Imperial Island Fort” is the latest project to reach 10K supporters on LEGO Ideas. This 1,500-piece build is a remake of 6276 Eldorado Fortress and includes 4 minifigures which makes it suitable for playing. This project will be the first to join the Second 2021 review stage.


“Return To Volcano Island” by Micro_model_maker

Friday, April 30th, 2021

It’s been 24 years since anyone has visited this island… The last person to visit came by raft and decided to make this island his home, the island was once a small simple dwelling but over the years the occupant has built and built turning this into his own hideaway where he could stay and protect his riches.

Now 24 years later shipwrecked pirates with nothing more than a raft have stumbled onto this land, What secrets are waiting for them? What treasures will they find? And what of the old occupant? Perhaps you can find out by supporting this project…

This project was inspired by the 6248 Volcano Island set from 1996.

Click here to support this submission


Click here to support this submission


Visit the LEGO Ideas page for more pictures.

“Under Jolly Roger! Estrella – Frigate” by NOD

Wednesday, April 28th, 2021 Featured Image for "Under Jolly Roger! Estrella - Frigate" by NOD

Eurobricks member NOD has created this beautiful pirate ship, come check it out in the Pirate MOCs forum!

50760278561_335934ebb2_b.jpgEstrella 14by Philippe, auf Flickr


50759549548_bb4fc44301_b.jpgEstrella 13by Philippe, auf Flickr


50760388387_b7b407628f_b.jpgEstrella 12by Philippe, auf Flickr


50759549578_481af4c8c8_b.jpgEstrella 11by Philippe, auf Flickr


50760388422_5c6b659d4e_b.jpgEstrella 10by Philippe, auf Flickr


50760388447_0f7ac4cd6b_b.jpgEstrella 9 by Philippe, auf Flickr


50760278646_4140d452a0_b.jpgEstrella 8 by Philippe, auf Flickr


50759549618_d5bcf5c127_b.jpgEstrella 7 by Philippe, auf Flickr


50760278661_8a924801d3_b.jpgEstrella 6 by Philippe, auf Flickr


50759549628_9423df4123_b.jpgEstrella 5 by Philippe, auf Flickr


50760278691_286c0b3560_b.jpgEstrella 4 by Philippe, auf Flickr


50760388532_fee237b19a_b.jpgEstrella 3 by Philippe, auf Flickr


50760278711_f4c6ff2392_b.jpgEstrella 2 by Philippe, auf Flickr


50760388342_060c557baa_b.jpgEstrella 15by Philippe, auf Flickr


50759549688_4ff0cb35f1_b.jpgEstrella 16by Philippe, auf Flickr

“Servant’s Gate” by Spud The Viking

Wednesday, April 21st, 2021 Featured Image for "Servant's Gate" by Spud The Viking

Spud The Viking deviates from LEGO Pirate’s usual Caribbean setting with this Brethren of the Brick Seas creation. As you can observe the Imperial Mail gets delivered no matter where in the world it is sent!

Spud writes:

A small and simple build for one of the Glory of Corrington Tasks. I was inspired by a repost of a build on Instagram who the account did not credit. Investigating Flickr, I found the original builder here.


The Lotii community in Port Raleigh has grown significantly over the past few years. While the rest of the settlement enjoys a friendly connection with the Lotii, there is still a wall separating the groups. One of which is reserved for servants, and given the size, only those entering on foot.

The gate was most appealing, given the cherry blossom tree and bamboo clearly visible from outside, beckoning the intrepid Corrington native to enter and explore the oriental plants and architecture.

One busy Lotti servant was busy carrying food supplies, only realising he had went to the wrong gate.

However, one unamused Corrie officer walked past, delivering a letter between the two forts in Port Raleigh. Apparently, he didn’t want the smell of fish to linger on his freshly laundered uniform.



About the Builder…

Spud The Viking is a regular contributor the popular Brethren of the Brick Seas game and you can see more of his fantastic builds on Flickr.

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