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“Paraiso Bay” by NOD

NOD is a master at creating digital LEGO designs! His contributions to the Brethren of the Brick Seas game in the LEGO Pirates Forum have been nothing short of impressive!   Not long after demonstrating his skill at virtual ship building with the frigate named “Estrella” he has wowed us once again with “Paraiso Bay“, a port containing a house, shop and factory… it even includes a fountain which is always a nice touch.

Paraiso Bay is also well defended with three gun-stations manned by cannon happy militia, who are all to eager to send a servo of  hot iron raining down upon potential intruders.


A new district has emerged on Poppy Port settlement. On House, shop, factory and a fountain were built.




The Sea Rats are a friendly, neutral and a helpful faction. Passing merchant ships ask the Sea Rats for a modest donation. The Sea Rats are happy to borrow items from the neighbors in other faction settlements.


Good, neutral and peaceful Sea Rats live in this bay. They are very happy to exchange goods with merchant ships. These exchange exclusive, high-quality and valuable air guitars for other modest goods.


The weather is inconsistent and there are frequent storms at sea. It is quite possible that ships get into distress or sink. The Sea Rats are always ready to help.


The factory is on the left. The cotton comes from the plantation on the island. Many designers of well-known fashion companies work in the factory Dolce & Bananas (D & B), Giancarlo Versaze (Versaze) and Gabrielle Schanel (Schanel). The factory also consists of other buildings. Unfortunately, the space was too small to show everyone. So, believe me because I never lie.


Top right is a shop for clothes. The designer dresses were made in the factory opposite. This shop also sells clothes from donation collections (the Sea Rats helped ships in need, as thanks they also got high quality clothes). In order for everyone to make money, designer clothes and donation collections have similar prices. Actually, everything is expensive in this shop. But the Sea Rats are fortunate. They have enough money because on the sea voyages they will always find someone who wants to donate Doubloons.


There’s a house at the bottom right. It’s a house with walls and a roof. It has a large and beautiful balcony. 


In the upper right corner is a fireplace. It’s a popular meeting place. Some residents grill fishes. A singer plays the guitar and sings.



There are positions with cannons on the coast. These are controlled by attentive citizens.


51057658318_5e6c70cb97_b.jpgPoppy Port should have risen to Large Town. “This is Poppy Port!”


About the Builder…

NOD (also known as Phillipe) is a star contributor of the Brethren of the Brick Seas game in the LEGO Pirates Forum.  Sail by his Flickr stream to observe more of his great digital builds, along with some traditional builds, you know, the ones using physical LEGO pieces which have been captured by camera.


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