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“Caribbean Ribbit” by Legostein

Monday, June 14th, 2021 Featured Image for "Caribbean Ribbit" by Legostein

Have you ever contemplated what would happen if ships from the LEGO Pirates theme were able to produce offspring? No probably not, because it’s a rather obscure thing to contemplate.

Legostein, however, has contemplated something along lines and built a small supply ship to accompany the Caribbean Clipper (set 6274). It features comparable design elements such as blue striped sail and yellow trimmings, but in place of the parrot figurehead, sits a small yellow frog. Yellow animals are somewhat rare and fetch a high price on the black market, so this wee beastie is what’s inspired the craft’s name. Therefore, we assume Legostein asked the frog what he should name the ship and the frog replied “ribbit!”

Caribbean Ribbit by Legostein

Legostein writes:

Hello everybody!

This is my first topic started in the pirates section, and I hope everything will be fine. My main interest are playsets from the “classic” pirate era started in the year 1989 (and goes until 1997 in my pirate world). This is why I like to create additional playsets that resemble the style of this era. I am happy to introduce the “Caribbean Ribbit” to you. It’s a small supply ship that goes along the larger “Caribbean Clipper” (set 6274). It features comparable design elements to suit well as a playset for the other sets of the series. It features also a full rotating cannon. As figurehead a small yellow frog was used (yellow animals are somewhat rare to find) which also gave the vessel its name.

Thank you for your time, and have a great day! I am glad to be here!

~ Chris


A swivel cannon be very useful when there’s not much space.

Wouldn’t this make a fantastic official LEGO set? Back in the days of yore (in other words the 80’s and 90’s) the LEGO Group would sometimes release two sets based around a similar concept, but at two different price points. There would be a medium size set with a particular design which this would be repeated at a larger scale in one of the larger sets.  For example: in 1994 the Spyrius sub theme saw the release of the smaller  6889 Recon Robot along side the 6949 Robot Guardian which towered over it like a hulking metal behemoth.


That cannon was actually borrowed from the Harbour Sentry


There’s even torches and a rudder – no expense was spared!

About the Builder…

Legostein, who signs his posts with “~ Chris”, sails out of Germany and is a considered both a MOC Expert and Customization Expert in the LEGO Pirates Forum on Eurobricks.  He’s a million (a million what?) and “Bricks, Building & Beyond” he the core essence of his being.

“Bluecoats Small Fort and Hidden Pirate” by Kalais Bricks

Wednesday, June 9th, 2021

Kalais Bricks writes:

Some time ago there was a day when I wanted just to build something. Pure spontaneous freestyle building. I had not much available bricks because there were already 2 dioramas waiting for photo session and some WIP models waiting for final touches. I looked into available parts and decided to start building in Pirates theme.

It took me 1 day to build this small fort in 90’s Pirates feel. Hah, and this yellow color… It is kinda ugly… But somehow when you combine it with the white and bluecoat soldiers it always looks very good 🙂














“Pirates of Toilet Cove” by Nick Lafreniere

Monday, June 7th, 2021 Featured Image for "Pirates of Toilet Cove" by Nick Lafreniere

A fine upstanding gentleman named Thomas Crapper invented the flushing toilet. It was an outstanding  invention which allowed the everyday person to carryout their business without the need to leave the house… or dig a hole in the backyard.  But what does a crapper have to do with LEGO Pirates you may ask?

The enterprising Nick Lafreniere took it upon himself to recreate this technological marvel in LEGO form. But he didn’t stop there! He took things one step further and implemented a clever way for fearsome buccaneers to stash their treasure.  After all, the treasure hungry Imperial Guards, and the even greedier Imperial Armada probably won’t be too keen to go bobbing around a latrine in the search of gold.

Nick writes:

This is an example of imaginative play. If you think it’s disgusting, make sure you take a closer look before you completely judge it!

Render of Toilet built from LEGO

Render of Toilet built from LEGO

From LEGO Ideas:

Getting 10,000 supporters can make this project a real LEGO set. You can help by voting for the project! Simply click ‘Support’ at the top right of this page to vote for my project. 

Set Description
Build the most detailed plastic model of a toilet you have ever seen – The LEGO Toilet! Recreate this classic bathroom staple and learn about the mechanical parts that go into a toilet fixture. This beautifully shaped model makes for a wonderful conversation piece and collectible to add to your LEGO collection.

You will be amazed at the functional mechanism, which is built of Technic pieces and pulls on a mini chain that in turn pulls open the “flapper” inside the toilet tank. Remember to put the toilet seat down – or not, it’s your toilet!


  • Model measures 21 cm long, 13 cm wide, and 22 cm tall. 550 pieces.
  • The toilet seat can be raised/lowered and the toilet tank top lifts off.
  • Mechanical parts such as the flush arm, flapper, overflow tube, and float are represented in LEGO form in the toilet tank.
  • Includes main toilet model, informational plaque with miniature toilet, toilet brush, brick separator, and a minifigure with toolbox and plunger.

Render of Toilet built from LEGO

About the Builder…

Nick is a Canadian AFOL, building for his country, or so his LEGO Ideas profile states. There you will find other marvelous creations he’s submitted in the hope you’ll vote… and the projects will eventually reach 10K…. and then the LEGO Ideas team will mercilessly reject them select them for production so he receives a bunch of free LEGO sets and a commission on the sales.

“Forbidden Island” by Elusys Ra Arwal

Friday, June 4th, 2021 Featured Image for "Forbidden Island" by Elusys Ra Arwal

Forbidden Island… what a place! We returned there not so long ago to discover the Indigo Islanders had laid claim to the island… but that was merely one continuity in the LEGO Pirates multiverse.  In this continuity we ponder; what if the classic 1989 LEGO set, 6270 Forbidden Island was reimagined in the style of the more modern 21322 Pirates of Barracuda Bay?

Well, Elusys Ra Arwal has the answer. He’s created a glorious digital rendition of the set utilising the modern aesthetic,  packed with details in beautifully rendered images. There are also a few innovations to keep things fresh, like a hidden temple, treasure cave and Islander moai.

MOC - Forbidden Island 2_02a

Elusys Ra Arwal writes:

Following the new pirates of Barracuda Bay style, with my own twist on the amount of details and techniques employed, I tried to update that set, restyle and expand it. I added some natives structures like in the bay, a bridge, lookout mast and a small cave where some chests are stashed. There’s a prison with a bluecoat skeleton, some cannons and a shack, were pirates can plot their new plunder.

The Overview

MOC - Forbidden Island 2_06a

From here there’s a clear view of the dock and the crew unloading their loot. On the right side, underneath the bridge, there’s the wreck of a small dinghy.

MOC - Forbidden Island 2_07a

From this perspective, underneath the bridge, there’s a small cave where a couple of chests are hidden away.

MOC - Forbidden Island 2_10a

This is the interior of the cave area.

MOC - Forbidden Island 2_08a

Here, front and center, you can see the wreck of a dinghy with its oars in the carcass of its hull.

The Back

View of the back of the main island. On the left side, now overrun by plants one can still see the entrance and floor of the old temple, of which the scattered stones were collected and reused to build the prison and on top the wooden structure. 3 cannons protect the building.

MOC - Forbidden Island 2_03a

One can even still see the remnants of the old pier that gave access to this section of the island.

MOC - Forbidden Island 2_04a

View of the main structure with a prison underneath and a shack made out of reclaimed pieces of a shipwreck. Its main mast used as a lookout place, and 3 cannons guard the island and its inhabitants.

MOC - Forbidden Island 2_09a

MOC - Forbidden Island 2_11a

Here you can better see the remains of the temple and its statue. For this purpose I chose the other style just because it looks more ancient, almost like Easter Island statues.

MOC - Forbidden Island 2_12a

Here there’s some better view of the details of the temple’s floor.

The Top

MOC - Forbidden Island 2_13a

View of the interior of the shack with weapons, table with map and lamps.

MOC - Forbidden Island 2_14a

The other side with a view over the fireplace.

MOC - Forbidden Island 2_15a

Interior of the prison, with bluecoat skeleton, wooden bed and chains.

About the Builder…

Elusys Ra Arwal (or Guglielmo di Napoli as the high ranking officers know him) has been spotted in the LEGO Pirates Forum on numerous occasions. He has a penchant for remastering classic pirate sets in digital form, so if you like the combination of the two, explore his Flickr stream for Pirate MOCs.

“Over The Hills And Far Away” by Evancelt

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2021 Featured Image for "Over The Hills And Far Away" by Evancelt

Photo of "Over The Hills And Far Away" by Evancelt

Dawn was just breaking as Major Brickford arrived at the top of the hill and extended his spyglass. There it was in the distance – the freshly constructed wooden fort at Tarlor. Corlander intelligence suggested the fort was manned, but that there were no additional Oleon expeditionary forces in the town.

Brickford figured that by arriving from the east, the sun would likely be in the eyes of any defenders atop the fort walls peering at him.

He sent a rider back to notify Colonel Sir Dirk Allcock that they had arrived. Allcock, the expedition commander, was traveling with the main body of their 500 man force marching overland from Westface. The force, composed of various regiments from across the Brick Seas, stretched back a lengthy distance to the southeast.

After Oleon’s assault on Terraversa left Kings Port, Sillitholina, Tarlor, and Pilnton in their control, Corrington came to the aid of the Terraversans to support their liberty as free citizens of the Brick Seas. The Corlander forces had been amassed in Westface, training and preparing for eventual actionon the island of Terraversa. In particular, the cavalry had been running drills and leading reconnaissance missions to scout enemy locations and thoroughly know the terrain. The recon as well as additional effort spent improving roads had made their journey from Westface to Tarlor go off without a hitch, quite a feat considering the large number of 12-pounder field guns and mortars they brought with them.

Brickford had strategized earlier with Allcock and the other company commanders as to the best way to take the wooden fort, and they had decided they would set up incendiary mortars behind the crest of the hill to fire westward over the fort walls. Perhaps the new wood of the palisade walls would burn.

Continuing to survey the scene before him, Brickford saw some wagons full of hay halfway to the fort. As a large column of 26th Foot came over the hill, Brickford ordered a squad of 18th Hussars toward the wagons to set them ablaze. He would have them douse the fires with water to create a smokescreen.


Seeing the first two of the haycarts set ablaze, Brickford tasked Captain Redding of the Royal Artillery with setting up the mortars out of sight of the fort on the far side of the hill. He knew once Allcock made his way to the front of the column the fight would commence.

“Ray the Castaway” by DadiTwins

Tuesday, June 1st, 2021 Featured Image for "Ray the Castaway" by DadiTwins


Well, what do you know? Our marketing efforts have paid off!

Ray the Castaway by Dadi Twins has won the LEGO Group’s official “Do You Want To Go to the Seaside?” contest!

Ray received 969 votes, getting close to almost double the votes of the second highest scoring entry, Message in a Bottle by JuBex, which received 524 Votes.


The LEGO Ideas Team writes:

And the next Gift with Purchase Fan designer is.. *Drumroll*.. Revealed in this blog post! Yup, it’s time to announce the results of the recent fan vote. Thank you to everyone who took part in this contest in any way. As always Gift with Purchase contests are always super exciting!

Let’s stop messing around and go through the results and the winners!:

Grand Prize Winner – RAY THE CASTAWAY by DadiTwins – 969 Votes

Read the official announcement on the LEGO Ideas blog for more information.

The DadiTwins are back with a LEGO Pirate-themed MOC YOU could own!

Meet Ray the Castaway, another long haired lout who’s fallen overboard and washed up on a desert island. As usual, he’s had no choice but to cobble a shack together with whatever flotsam and palm leaves he could muster. He’s built a raft which cleverly uses his britches as a sail – too bad he can’t remember where he left his pants! But don’t worry, the talking sea gull will remind him.

The twins, Dave and Deigo have submitted their latest creation to the LEGO Group’s official “Do You Want To Go to the Seaside?” contest – the submission with the most vote gets made into a set.

Here is your chance to birth another pirate(ish) set into existence so…

LEGO Ideas - Ray the Castaway

The Dadi Twins writes:

Have you ever thought on spending your vacations in a deserted island? We’ve read about this new trend lately and it gave us the perfect idea for this contest!

So… what would you do if you were alone in a deserted island? What would you bring with you? A book? Maybe your favorite LEGO set?

We have imagined this scenario in LEGO with the minifig “Ray” and the result was very funny! This year Ray decided to spend his vacations in a tiny deserted island. After building his own house with the materials he could find, he realized that a couple of days were more than enough for him and decided to look for a way to return home… Now Ray is known as “Ray the Castaway”. Will you help him in his adventure?

The set has around 240 bricks and allows you to put Ray in a lot of different funny situtations. Although the build is digital, all the bricks exist in the selected colors.

We hope you like it!

LEGO Ideas - Ray the Castaway

Hey remember that screen saver from the early 90s…

How the Contest Works

According to the official contest webpage on the LEGO Ideas website…

In this contest, we’re asking for coastal builds that remind us of sandy toes and summer adventures to be transformed into a gift with purchase set! You could build sandcastles, beach huts, fish and chips; the possibilities are endless.

As the Grand Prize winner of this contest, you will get the exclusive opportunity to have your model transformed into a new LEGO Gift with Purchase set. This model should be between 150 and 250 bricks/elements. This model should be between 150 and 250 bricks/elements. Your entry should also not be related to any current or future LEGO Ideas gift with purchase, these being: Sailing Ship Adventure (Fan submission title), Rocket Ride or the Vintage Car.

The contest will consist of 3 phases:

  1. Submission Phase – Build and submit your entry before May 11th, 2021 at 6:00 a.m. EST. We recommend submitting your entry 2-3 days before the deadline in the event we have to return it to you for changes.
  2. Judging Phase – Our judges review the entries and choose 15 entries, which will then go forward to a Fan Vote, on May 18th, 2021.
  3. Voting Phase –  LEGO Ideas members will then have the opportunity to vote once, for their favorite entry from May 18th, 2021 until May 25th, 2021.
  4. Winners Announcement – We’ll share the Grand Prize winner and five Runner Up winners here on LEGO Ideas no later than May 31st, 2021!

LEGO Ideas - Ray The Castaway

About the Builder…

DadiTwins (David & Diego Escalon) have contributed many great submissions to LEGO Ideas and their Naruto: Ichiraku Ramen Shop project even reached 10k supporters! And if you want to dig further, you can check out more of his creations on InstagramTwitter and Flickr!

LEGO - Ray the Castaway

“Havana 1717” by VaneStream

Friday, May 28th, 2021

Havana 1717- Taking your pet cannon on a walk through town -  Stop Motion Being Pirates

Havana 1717 - Being Pirates

Inspired from the Havana of the PC Game Assasins Creed Black Flag, set in the Golden Age of Piracy. For the blue building in the centre 10252 VW Beetle was disassembled and many of its parts are used to achieve the rounding of the building.

These buildings will be used as part of a much larger port town layout for future episodes of stop-motion animation series Being Pirates.

Here is a current episode of Being Pirates:

“Return to Forbidden Island” by Cube Brick

Wednesday, May 26th, 2021

Have you ever been to Forbidden Island? If your love for LEGO Pirate began a few decades ago, then chances are, yes, you have been there numerous times.  After all, 6270 Forbidden Island is a classic set, but what’s happened on the island during the past 30 years?

The Indigo Islanders have taken over! Why do you think Captain Redbeard relocated to Barracuda Bay? It’s because the Islanders mean business! Any pirate caught lurking on Forbidden Island will receive a free chest massage… with the sacrificial blade!

Cube Brick MOC demonstrates the Islanders all new temple of doom visitors centre which he has shared in the LEGO Pirate MOC subforum!

Cube Brick writes…

After 2 years being in the game, I decided to remaster one of my first vignettes I did, after my dark ages.

Return to Forbidden Island

Return to Forbidden Island

Return to Forbidden Island

Return to Forbidden Island

About the Builder…

Cube Brick is a versatile MOC builder who explores a variety of themes. You can observe his first (and more pirate friendly) interpretation of Forbidden Island and admire the broader range of his skills by following his Flickr stream.

“Sugarcane Plantation” by TomSkippy

Monday, May 24th, 2021 Featured Image for "Sugarcane Plantation" by TomSkippy

Ah, sugar, sugar… You are my candy girl… Ok, that’s not the usually the way you’d expect to start a blog post focusing on a LEGO Pirates MOC… but here we are.

Have you ever done business with Oilskin Johnny? Probably not, and with a name like that you already know you’re missing out on a great opportunity. But he’s so absent minded he’s lost of track of his assets, one of them being this sugarcane plantation.  And as we know, sugar is a highly addictive substance which can lead to serious health implications for your crew if they consume too much. It’s also an important ingredient Aguardiente – that’s the popular beverage known as rum before it’s been aged.

Tom Skippy writes:

Due to some house situations, I’ve been stuck primarily using I’ve been frustrated not being able to use actual bricks, but the number of palm leaves in the build would have made this an impossibility. Plantations can be tough… The allure of ‘copy paste’ is strong and the repetitiveness of the build makes it a challenge to vary the terrain to keep it interesting. I’m tired of rotating the stupid little plants. I’m glad it’s done.

Let me know what you think!


It’s hard work harvesting cannabis sugarcane

Oilskin Johnny’s business interests are so widespread he doesn’t even know they exist… If only he followed the Classic Pirates blog, he’d have a much better chance of keeping up with what’s going on in the world. Just wait till he finds out what the windmill is actually used for…


It’s quite a productive place


The meth lab sugar refinery

About the Builder…

Tom has been sailing the Brick Seas for a quite while now, contributing to the ever expanding storyline with creations in both the digital and physical realms.  You can follow the adventure through his photos on Flickr or join the fun in the Brethren of the Bricks Seas forum.

“Repentance” by Dreamweb

Friday, May 21st, 2021 Featured Image for "Repentance" by Dreamweb

It’s time for Dreamweb to be repent!  Not that he’s done anything wrong, there’s just been a long absence since a new ship came screeching down the rails of his slipway (out of context that may allude to something else!).

His latest, in a long line of brick built vessels, is the Repentance, a ship build utilising both custom sails and custom hull modification. And no, not a single piece of Duplo was used in the construction.

Photo of ship

Dreamweb writes:

Hello there. Like always, it has been some time since I posted a new ship MOC, but, well, it’s finally here.

With this ship I started experimenting with Instagram membership, so any feedback there will be highly appreciated.

She uses custom sails made from some very nice thick and slightly embossed paper.

The ship was built to be eventually used in my COMIC SERIES. When it’s back… One day. And when this happens, this weird-looking crew (I mean those guys in white seen in the first three pictures) will be explained. But that’s another story. For now, that’s it, please leave your comments here and follow me on Instagram if you wish. I’m planning to repost some of my older stuff there soon, not just pirates, other things too.

Photo of ship

The hull was customised using this procedure


Not much room for a captain’s cabin, but at least he has a bed and some rum. :pir-classic:


Photo of ship

Are these Pirates?

Can you spot a scallywag when you see one? Well, it’s not always obvious, is it? Let’s just say these are “merchants” who’ve been hired by the people in white for a very specific mission. “Mission” being the operative here… so maybe they’re actually mercenaries.  Who knows? Dreamweb does, so you’ll just have to wait for the next installment of his comic series to find out.

Photo of ship

Photo of ship

About the Builder…

Dreamweb as old as time itself.  Well, maybe not that old, but he’s been contributing to the LEGO Pirates Forum since the mid 2000’s so he’s no spring chicken! During that time he has shared a plethora of stunning ship MOCs which you can find in his Brickshelf gallery.  He’s also the author (and builder) of the long running comic series, “Kings And Queens Of The Sea” and if that’s not enough, he’s recently sailed into Instagram, so check out his profile there.

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