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“La Flora” by Legostone

Tall ships are alive and well in the world of LEGO Pirates! More than three decades after the height of Pirate theme’s success we’re still seeing these fantastic vessels being constructed, some builders even going to the extra effort of crafting their own sails (let’s face it – there are more than enough red striped LEGO ships on the market!)

The La Flora has endured a slow gestation, languishing in development for around two years (it was try docked on the shelf), before it’s builder, Legostone caught his second wind and completed the missing sails and rigging.  It was certainly well worth the wait, with it’s intricately woven Jacobs ladders and brick built hull.

Even though she’s crewed by blue coat Soldiers, the La Flora flies the Imperial Armada flag, suggesting more is at play here… or maybe not!

Legostone writes:

Started in early 2019, this ship stood on my shelf unfinished for almost 2 years at this point. I finally decided to complete the rigging and add the missing sails the last couple weeks. I think this might be my most elaborate rigging job yet, hope it shows!

La Flora is inspired by mid 18th century french frigates. First started but abandoned by Captain Green Hair, I purchased the parts from him and tried to stay close to the initial idea.

Sails are old curtains, coloured with coffee. Not a single reddish brown piece was used in this ship. Ratlines are glued.

No time for long description, here are the pics!

La Flora





Extra thanks to Sebeus Ikabel and CaptainGreen Hair for their quick feedback whenever needed!

About the Builder…

Legostone is a regular contributor on Eurobricks and a talented builder of ships. You can view more of his builds on Flickr.


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