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“Caribbean Post Office” by Ciamosław Ciamek (@Piglet)

Recently we shared ??????ł?? ??????/@Piglet’s creation, a wonderful Caribbean outpost.  Not only does this warf have some excellent technique’s used, but there’s a ton of action packed into the MOC as well.

Come check it out!

The backstory…

Port Brickale wharf with a post office. This is where all correspondence from the area is collected and later sent by ship to destination ports. But sometimes you need to send to London some more significant pirates to have a trial there. One such shipment is Captain Roger, who is waiting for his journey in jail.

But maybe he will not have to leave the Caribbean, because a pirate raid is currently ongoing under the leadership of his friend – Calico Jack, assisted by Anne Bonny and Mary Read.

Not everyone has noticed the attack yet and for now, everyday life goes on unchanged – porters deliver mail sacks, customers are bringing their letters, traffic flows.





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