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Photo of "La Comete Sails again!" by Sebeus I
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“La Comete Sails again!” by Sebeus I

Many of you may know this ship as it had traveled to many shows with it’s original creator Legostone since it’s first appearances in 2018.  Back in September of 2019 Legostone had posted that the rigging was in poor shape and that the ship had suffered some structural fatigue due to many miles logged in the back of a car.  He had asked for advice on what to do with the ship.

It had seemed that the ships fate was her service had come to an end and she would be dismantled.  However a new option arose!  Another Pilar of the ship building community, Sebeus I talked Legostone into selling him the ship and he took on the daunting restorations.  By the end of March of 2020 she made her reappearance.  However she now sails under the black with some great renovations.  This LINK will take you to the updated pictures, scroll to the top to see the original photos.

Sebeus I writes:

As it happens, another option unfolded itself back in November 2019.

I purchased the Comete from Legostone in order to save it from certain destruction.

As I was restoring it to its glorious state I couldn’t help making some minor modifications.

But I’ll get to that later, let’s show her off first.


I felt tempted to do some changes on the sail plan. But as these are the original sails from Captain Greenhair‘s Build a Frigate Tutorial, I just couldn’t do it, they have kind of a historical value, you know. (Knowing him he’d probably say; “to hell with that, loose the sails and make better ones!”.



Ah, and there we have my first adaptation revealing itself. It’s more of an add-on really. I thought there was room for that little bit more decorations on the stern and I also felt I needed to add something to distinguish this ship from its previous state.


Note the addition of the pearl gold leaves to fill the rather large dark blue face. The skull ornament with crossed blades identifies this ship as a pirate vessel. The white stands out from the rest of the color scheme. Even I am not sure if it is really fitting. But it will do for now.



Aside from the pirate crest I also added a scruffy-looking pirate crew of course.


I changed most details on deck as I wasn’t too fond of the tan. I replaced them with reddish brown alternatives.


I can imagine Legostone wouldn’t have done this as he would have refused any reddish brown on board.


I replaced the capstan by a better looking but less functional one (it can’t hold the bars).


And you may notice I also moved the helm forwards.


Which was needed to fit the small compartiment under the little roof.


And that’s about it, my other changes are hardly worth mentioning.

I’ve been thinking about renaming the ship as well, after considering HMS Corona for a few seconds I decided to leave it at La Comete II.

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