“Intriguing Visitors” by Ayrlego

As part of the recent challenge in BoBS, Ayrlego has posted a brilliant Caribbean feeling street scene.  The colors and figures are excellent as usual with his builds!

Come visit this street scene today!

Sterling Blackwood lent forward on the balcony overlooking the crowded docks and concentrated on an exchange going on below. Two somewhat shady figures were busy demonstrating the functions of what appeared to be a second-rate Eslandolan trade musket to a group of potential buyers. It was the buyers that aroused the interest of Blackwood. Alerted by a friend; Blackwood was investigating the three strange looking traders who were absorbed in the salesmen’s pitch. It was reported that they had appeared in the settlement a couple of days before. Seemingly flush with silver and speaking broken Corrish, the two men and one women wore a strange assortment of clothing which seemed to be of mixed Halosian and native origin. Although clearly not natives of Avestia, no one could seem to say where exactly they originated from. When pressed they became somewhat evasive and refereed to themselves as ‘the Tyree’De’ and describe their origin as being ‘to the south’. They appear to very interested; not in the trade trinkets that have seemed to fascinate the native peoples of the New World up to this point, but rather in Halosian manufactured goods and tools such as the musket on display.

This was not the first report Blackwood had heard of such encounters. Indeed it seemed that these people were turning up in Halosian settlements across the New Haven Seas. It was; however, the first time he had managed to witness them first hand. An idea was starting to form in his head… perhaps to the south of the immense island of Oleonda lay a civilisation somewhat more technologically advanced than those encountered so far. If this was the case, then surely the Royal Society of Navigation and Discovery and indeed the Crown of Corrington itself would be interested. Blackwood moved towards the streets. It was time to meet these ‘Tyree’De’ firsthand…


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