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“Foreign Legion Outpost” by Ayrlego

We all know where to find good Pirate themed MOC’s  – in LEGO Pirates Forum on Eurobricks! However, the Brethren of the Brick Seas forum is an overlooked source if your not an active player in the community building game that is open to all who wish to join.

Ayrlego continues to be a favorite for this blogger ever since the first post I blogged of his. He has always done a fantastic job of capturing textures in his builds.  Although we normally see Him build with Redcoats, he chooses to build with bluecoats in this one which was quite refreshing.  In his recent post he captions his creation:

Ayrlego writes:

Deep in the deserts of New Oleon, a detachment of the Oleonese Légion Etrangère can be found manning a small outpost in a village. The detachment keeps an eye on the important trading route running through the village and the presence of these tough soldiers discourages bandits from making trouble.

The in-game purpose of the building once “licensed” will bring Oleon (one of four factions) monthly income in the form Db’s the games currency.  It also helps to advance the story they are creating of exploring new lands to claim in the name of their faction.

Oleon uses the Blue Imperial Soldiers mini figs as their player uniform so its always nice to see other twists or variants on the basic uniform such as the use of the revolutionary Soldiers as seen here, Governor Broadside would be proud!

It is always a pleasure to see the weathering he introduces into his buildings.  His choices in subtle changes in color or by simply mixing and matching different textures of parts to create a truly organic feeling to his builds.

The Backstory

Ayrlego states that this actually sat on his desk for a while as it began as a test build for another build, a Mexican themed western build he was working on at the time.  I admire his dedication to the process by building two versions to compare as he was debating whether it should be in white or tan.

The white won out and became the Mexican themed build, However the tan was spared the parts bins and became the outpost.

Alt outpost build

About the Builder…

Ayrlego has been a pillar of the Eurobricks community for as long as I’ve been a member there and has always continued to impress and inspire others.

Want to see more of Ayrlego’s creations be sure to check out his Flickr or his Instagram accounts!


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