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PTV ENTRY: Capt. Kirk – Walk the plank, you scabby dog! (medium division)

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Capt. Kirk - Walk the plank, you scabby dog

Captain Jim Pitts and his henchmen have conquered and pillaged a medium-sized village somewhere in the Caribbean!

To show they do not appreciate empty city-treasures (and a bit for fun off course), they decided to follow Pitt’s first lieutenant Bill Ainsworth’s idea to upkeep the nice Piraty tradition of “walkin the plank” (with considerably less water then…).

Private Philippe P©tain was the first soldier to have the honour to meet Captain Jim & Co! Suitable, since he was the actual gatekeeper of the village.

Now it is the turn of Lieutenant Denis Beauregard, the only surviving officer of the massacre, to have the honour at jumping into the barrel, that is supposed to be filled with water ! His gardian angel is right under the balcony, the holy St-Celine , but will she help him survive?

One thing is sure… if the poor soldiers do not succeed in landing straight into the barrel, Jack Stribling, another henchman of Capt. Pitts, is standing ready to give them a neckshot to ease their suffering”.

And who said again pirates weren’t humane?

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