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“RNTC Way Station” by CapOnBOBS

Indigo Islanders and Soldiers working together, side-by-side, could you imagine it? You’d be forgiven if you suddenly pictured a joint venture involving a Tiki bar because CapOnBOBS‘ latest creation RNTC Way Station may just shatter that image!

For those unfamiliar with Brethren of the Brick Seas, “RNTC” stands for the Royal New Terra Company.

The Story

There is a point, well an area really, a fuzzy boundary where the sovereign lands of the Kingdom of Light dwindle into the shadows of the Atwi’s interior. Along the main road leading inland from the crown’s primary settlement in Terraversa, the City of Nola Mar, the RNTC has established a way station at the very frontier of the King’s domain.


Remember those maps at McDonalds A map of Terraversa

To the North and East, civilization and his Majesty’s grace. To the South and West, the ancient ways and ancient gods of the Atwi rule in their native lands.


Are the Islanders about to have a war with the Soldiers? Or are they just practicing?

It is on this very edge of civilization, that the RNTC has established a large commercial structure from which they have projected their mercantile presence. The Way Station provides a bed-down location for trade caravans heading into and out from the Interior. A final stop to rest horses, make repairs, and collect provisions before heading into the Atwi interior.


It sure looks busy here!

Not that relations aren’t pleasant. Recognizing the mutual benefit of trade in both directions, good neighbors, and safety in numbers, the Atwi have built somewhat of a semi-permanent village, a way station of their own immediately outside the gates of the RNTC post. Station Master Jacoby, known across Oleon as “Flying J’ for his speed on horseback, visits the Atwi daily to inventory mutual stockpiles, share a meal, and maintain relations with whichever chieftain happens to be in residence at the time. Though, he finds some of their ways barbaric, particularly as a man who grew up with a pet rabbit in his parent’s chateau in Breshaun, he has come to appreciate their pure and simple lifestyle, even taking long lunches to learn a skill or practice some new words.


Can the poor rabbit be saved? No, it’s time to eat!

But, as always, duty calls him back across the wall too soon. Wine to inventory, horses to saddle, books to keep, on and on. Today a call has gone out from the tower that an RNTC wagon train approaches.


“More wine, we already have so much, and I wasn’t expecting anything today” he mutters to himself as he turns back to the way station… his little keep… it reminds him of an old Knight’s redoubt, before the cannon of course. The flags of his employer and the “boss’s boss of course” flying outstretched in the steady breeze. His own little fiefdom of wine barrels and hay… and horse manure. Well some minor lord anyway.

“Daydreaming aside, why the unannounced wagons… and why the escorts…” Then he spotted them, two chained up chests, subtle to see a pistol wielding guard straddling one of the chests, ‘nothing to see hear folks…” Flying J had heard whispers of plans to start plying the powerful chiefs with silver. So here it was, the first shipment of silver into the interior. No wonder the wagons were unannounced, no wonder they were so heavily armed, no wonder they were stopping for the night. Can you imagine being out on the road after dark with that cargo…. too many Red Coats still on the island for that… and Green Coated mercenaries for that matter… and the pirates… and the rouge Atwi chieftains… and no shortage of highwaymen who found themselves on the wrong side of the peace treaty. “Well, get them in and get them bedded down!”


The Soldiers are having a wagon ride…

CapOnBOBS writes:

Just another example of how Flying J’s RNTC Way Station was the platform by which the RNTC beat the competitors to the Atwi markets.


About the Builder…

CapOnBOBS was last seen at the Beauchamp Shipyard where he was witnessed making a questionable modification to the drydock… Nay, he actually built the place as one of his regular contributions to the Brethren of the Brick Seas forum.  Very talented chap indeed!

Follow him on Flickr to see more of his digital creation – you’ll be amazed by his pixel pushing!

Or if you’re interested in seeing more builds like this, check out Brethren of the Brick Seas, the exhilarating live action rolepaying game hosted by the LEGO Pirates.


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