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“Islanders Hideout” by Pantelis

Pantera… one of the timeless metal bands from the 80’s… Uh, wait a minute!  That’s not right! We seem to have got our “pants” confused! Let’s try again…

Pant-elis, one of the greatest builders to ever grace the LEGO Pirates Forum (well, in the past 2 weeks, at least) has been dabbling in Indigo Islanders. He’s decided to construct them a hideout, although, you may argue, with bright red finishes and stone head features, it doesn’t really help them hide. In fact, it makes them standout quite a bit, but never mind, he never said it was a “secret” hideout.


Are they having a friendly boat trace?
Or are the Islanders bringing the Pirates back to the hideout to get lunch their gold back?

Pantelis writes:

Hi again, one more creation from me is the Islanders Hideout. I never actually had an Islanders set but the minfigures, the colors, and the baseplates from those sets.

I tried with some parts from Bricklink and customized some minifigures to make the Islanders.

The story of this MOC was inspired from my other MOC Pirate Island of the Barracuda Bay. The Islanders went to the Pirate Bay in an attempt to make a deal with the treasure but the Pirates cheated on them… for revenge, they are going to the Islanders Hideout to find the Pirates and get them back!

See that ominous cave? That’s where the sacrifices take place treasure is stored.


Here’s the squad. Notice how jacked Kahuna has become (there’s a lot of protein in pirates)

Not Familiar with the Indigo Islanders?

In 1994 the Islander sub-theme shook up LEGO Pirates with a wave of sets which deviated from the Pirate versus Soldier paradigm, which had been the standard up until that point. Taking further creative liberties, the Islander sets abandoned the Caribbean setting for a more Polynesian influence, taking influence from cultural motifs more commonly throughout the Pacific (although, there was that one time Guybrush Threepwood found himself in a Tiki bar on Blood Island).

Keen LEGO Pirate fans will observe Pantelis has incorporated the moai (stone heads) from classic Islander sets 6272 Enchanted Island and 6264 Forbidden Cove.

Photo of 6278 Enchanted Island Box Art

6278 Enchanted Island – spot the moai…

Photo of 6264 Forbidden Cove Box Art

6264 Forbidden Cove – now spot the other moai

About the Builder…

Pantera… *ahem* Pantelis Manthos has a strong focus on Pirate and Castle builds, using bricks made of plastic, instead of digital bricks made of digits. He regularly shares his passion for LEGO Pirates in the Pirate MOCs forum, experimenting with the endless possibilities which you never thought were possible!

If you like his work then check out his Eurobricks profile, or follow him on Instagram for regular updates on his latest creations. And if you want the LEGO Group to release more classic Pirate and Castle sets, vote for his projects on LEGO Ideas. Make dreams come true today!

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