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“The Conquered Outpost” by Cjtonic

What would one expect to meet at an Imperial Outpost? The Imperial Armada? Or Imperial Soldiers? Well, whatever you might have thought of, you certainly didn’t think of pirates, did you? It seems that The Conquered Outpost by cjtonic has indeed been conquered by pirates.

This is my first Pirates MOC: The Conquered Outpost. While designing it I realized how much fun I had back in the day when playing with the original Pirates sets. The model consists of the island, the small cave with the treasure hidden in the back behind the skeleton and a small house with fireplace and bedroom for the soldiers (now pirates).

Indeed this MOC does consist of all the things listed by cjtonic. Don’t believe me? Then feel free to jump overboard and never return see for yerself in the pictures below.
Conquered Outpost from docks

Come, ye be welcome no matter if yer right or if yer wrong!

Conquered outpost closer look at the building

A better look at the building. Seems that there are only few remains of the classic yellow colour that outposts always use

The Backstory

This Imperial Outpost was once conquered by the pirates who have been living there ever since. Only recently they discovered there was this treasure cave underneath the small island, but it took some time before someone dared to move the skeleton sitting in front of the entrance door.

I know that ye might be excited to find the treasure room right away, but before we explore the cave underneath and find the treasure, it would be best to check out local surroundings.
Main entrance to the building

How come Redbeard’s crew ended up here? No one knows…

Rum storage as the most important area of the build

What would a pirate’s life be without rum? Only sorrow and hard work, that be for sure!

Captain chatting with one of his crewmates

4+ Juniors Captain has come a long way since his initial appearance. Seems like he has managed to snatch a few of Redbeard’s men!

Cannon threats at the conquered outpost

Watch out, Popsy, the daft captain is about to shoot at ye!

Now that ye have got a good idea of the surroundings it would be best to give up the booty and walk the plank see the hidden cave with all the precious treasure this captain has been looking for.

Exploring the cave underneath the outpost

Supposed exploration attempt that consisted of moving the skeleton who was blocking entrance to the cave

Detailed shot of the cave underneath the outpost

Oh look, a friendly face says hello!

Entrance to the treasure room

A poor soul who wasn’t so lucky. What would the room forward contain, I wonder?

Treasure room underneath the outpost

Look at all this treasure! Forget all the pirate pubs in the world, this is the place I long to be!

Digital Instructions

What will the pirates do with all this treasure? Buy Black Seas Barracuda from Redbeard? Visit every pirate pub and taste every type of rum under the sun? I am not sure but you shall be delighted to know there is a chance for ye to own this very MOC as we speak! If ye visit Rebrickable, you may find that cjtonic has indeed added instructions for anyone to buy (with real money, reales, if ye prefer) this amazing build, you could be an owner today or tomorrow or any given day! All that is left is your decision, does this MOC interest you? Do you feel the need of expanding upon the lack of pirate related builds in your collection? Then head over to the website and buy the instructions today (we are not responsible for any purchases regarding anything LEGO related, only advertisements, purchase at yer own risk)!

But we be not done with an overlook of The Conquered Outpost, there are few more aspects you have to see to truly understand the masterpiece this build is.

Overlook of the outpost from the right

A bird’s eye view from the right with a great look at this small fortification!

Overview of the outpost from left

A good look from the left side, this roof might collapse at any point, given its state!

Top-down view of the conquered outpost

At last, a top-down view, as if it were a map

About the Builder…

Some may have heard of cjtonic before, he may not be a frequent poster on Eurobricks but when he does post, he posts quite some amazing MOCs. With this as his first pirate MOC he has shown great skill, just as with all his amazing builds are available for viewing on Flickr and many of the designs have instructions available for purchase on Rebrickable. He is no stranger to other social media too, as far as we have managed to track down using police criminal database he is on YouTube and Instagram. Be sure to check him out and take your time going through all these designs.


If ye enjoyed this MOC, which, I know you did, then be sure to check out even more of them on LEGO Pirates forum and Pirate MOCs subforum. At last, don’t forget to press the red button below to discuss this MOC with other fellow buccaneers, scoundrels sailors.


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