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“6260 Shipwreck Island Remake” by MyFirstMOC

Reinterpreting LEGO Pirate sets is a common inspiration for MOCers. It allows them to dive deep into their nostalgia while reinvigorating old designs with newer parts and colours.

MyFirstMOC has long since departed from the eponym of his name by digitally building a variety of LEGO Pirate MOCs. Starting with Imperial builds like the Fort Hunyadi but recently graduating to remastering the classics.

6260 Shipwreck Island is the third official set to receive a digital makeover and as you can see it’s brimming with detail and colour!

Front of 6260 Shipwreck Island Remake

It retains all the charm of the original but introduces many new features

MyFirstMOC writes:

I put out a small vote yesterday that featured a redesigned version of the 6260 set with two types of backgrounds and a few element differences. The majority voted for each picture. But I like the version in picture two better. You can see these two versions a little bigger now because you couldn’t see every detail in the story

Back of 6260 Shipwreck Island Remake

They must have been here for a while for all that luscious vegetation to grow

Front-left of 6260 Shipwreck Island Remake

Notable additions include an anchor, some (empty) bottles of rum, crates (also empty) and fish they’ve somehow caught

Back of 6260 Shipwreck Island Remake

Around the side we learn there were a couple more shipmates who didn’t quite make it…

Right of 6260 Shipwreck Island Remake

Around the other size we get a better look of the upgraded cannon enclosure


Top Down View of 6260 Shipwreck Island Remake

From above this is Sea Eagle’s view

Left corner of 6260 Shipwreck Island Remake

Shipwreck Island… laden with use parts… ripe for the taking by the Imperial Armada!

Close-up of the interior of 6260 Shipwreck Island Remake

Upon closer inspection…

Another Close-up of the interior of 6260 Shipwreck Island Remake

So if the map is stashed with the treasure – how is anyone supposed to find the treasure?

Another top Down View of 6260 Shipwreck Island Remake

We hope one day, Captain Redbeard sails by to rescue these port scallywags

Not familiar with 6260 Shipwreck Island?

Box Art for 6260 Shipwrecked Island

The front Box Art for 6260 Shipwrecked Island

6260 Shipwrecked Island was one of the original LEGO Pirate sets in the initial wave released during 1989.

Along with 6270 Forbidden Island and 6235 Buried Treasure, it was the middle-sized island based set. Well, until 1991 when the even larger 6273 Rock Island Refuge was introduced.

It remained in production for a few years and was replaced by 6259 Palm Hideout in 1992.

Fort Hunyadi on LEGO IDEAs

MyFirstMOC also submits his work to LEGO Ideas, the aforementioned Fort Hunyadi is one such example. So give it your support and get another LEGO Pirate themed creation to 10,000 supporters!

"Fortress of Hunyadi" by Zsolti (@MyFirstMoc)

Vote for this on LEGO Ideas – you know you want to!

About the Builder…

MyFirstMOC (also known as Zsolti by some) is a digital builder who regularly posts his creations to Instagram.  He also submits builds to LEGO Ideas so be sure to follow him there too and vote for his Imperial Fortress!

And once you’ve done that, sail by the LEGO Pirates Forum to discuss his Shipwreck Island Remake!


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