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Featured Image for "Barracuda Bay felt empty without the Ship" by Astral Bricks

“Barracuda Bay felt empty without the Ship” by Astral Bricks

The Pirates of Barracuda Bay was a ground breaking set for the LEGO Pirate universe. Not only was it a shipwreck island which transformed into a remake of the 6285 Black Seas Barracuda, but it updated the Pirate theme with a gorgeous new design aesthetic. Some builder’s applied this new aesthetic to remake classic sets, while others applied it to their original creations.

As plague swept the earth during 2020, Astral Bricks used his time in confinement very productively. He felt once the ship was constructed, the remaining parts of Barracuda Bay were too insubstantial, so he added to them… quite a bit! In fact, he made some upgrades so significant, his MOC no longer resembles the original set – in a good way!

So let us take a look at what can be achieved with a few extra parts and a bit of imagination.

Close-up of Rum Delivery System

A cutting-edge rum delivery system – because walking next door is not convenient

The fort added to Barracuda Bay

The pirates have taken over a Caribbean sea fort
Who’s construction next to Barracuda Bay somehow went unnoticed

Skull Mountain with crystal cave and cannon

Next door is a spooky island hideout, complete with a crystal cave.

The docks outside Jose's Bar

Security guards the dock with cutlass and oar

Astral Bricks writes:

Gave my LEGO pirates a custom upgrade.
Uses the base and key elements of Pirates of Barracuda Bay.
The original set locks away the ship’s interior, so I moved some of those details to my build as well.

Interior of Jose's Inn

After refurbishment, the new Jose’s Inn is a classic combination of bar, and grill.

Ramparts of the fort

Multiple lookouts and telescopes help the pirates keep an eye on things…
Yer know, in case the Soldiers decide to reclaim their fort

Astral Bricks writes:

The original Barracuda Bay set feels empty when the ship is assembled, so I upgraded my crew’s living quarters. Includes a spooky island, innovative rum delivery system, bar and grill.
Thanks to @mevitsbricks for supplying the extra parts!

Tattooga cooking a fish

Some of the pirates prefer the simpler life – although, Tattooga has always been a bit fishy

Click here to enlarge image

Completely unrecognisable to the original build… and that’s a good thing!
Not that the original was bad

About the Builder…

The Classic Pirates have no knowledge of Astral Bricks (Jordan DeVries) ever visiting the LEGO Pirates Forum. His MOC was stumbled upon using Google Image search, impressed by what he’d built, we created a topic in the forum on his behalf.

He does appear to be quite prolific builder who posts his creations to Imgur and Instagram so be sure to check those out, particularly if you’re interested in Star Wars and scifi builds.

But if you’d prefer to to say in the realm of LEGO Pirates, come and discuss his Barracuda Bay upgrade in the LEGO Pirates Forum.


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