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“Eldorado Fortress Redux” by LM71Blackbird

In the beginning a mighty fortress was constructed to rise above the seas and provide safe haven from treacherous LEGO Pirates. It was named “Eldorado” by it’s original occupants, the Imperial Armada, who were inspired by tales of their ancestors. For when rays cast by the setting sun shine upon the yellow brickwork, it takes on the luster of gold.

Years later Governor Broadside and his blue coat Soldiers were in need of a new stronghold for their base of operations. Eldorado Fortress was far too ideal to pass up, so Broadside concocted a devious plan! He arranged a tequila drinking contest with The Admiral, Don Diego de LEGO, who never shied away from a challenge.  Little did he know Broadside kept substituting his tequila shots with a similar coloured liquid that lacked intoxicating effects – probably best not to ask what that was…

Consequentially Don Diego became very drunk enabling the Soldiers to spring into action and fire him out of a cannon while still wearing his shiney golden curiass. The utterly dismayed Imperial Armada, guards cried “Cannonball Cordoba“, a name much to chagrin of The Admiral, has firmly stuck ever since.

Render of Eldorado Fortress Redux

This version of Eldorado Fortress has an extended wharf

LM71Blackbird writes:

Eldorado Fortress. A beloved set the world over by many a LEGO Classic Pirate fan. This recreation expands upon the old revered set and I believe improves some of the play features and design elements. A full brick built and detailed rock formation sits underneath an enlarged an updated version of the classic Bluecoat Fortress of Governor Broadside.

Enlarging the build allows for the ability to move some of the facilities underground in the fully accessible basement which includes a kitchen, storage area, sleeping quarters and prison. Hours of fun can be had recreating moments from your childhood or newcomers creating brand new moments of their own.

The governor remains ever watchful from the high watchtower with his Lieutenant overseeing the handling of the cargo. All the while the pirates are trying to escape from prison!

This model includes approximately 3000 bricks. Includes 8 minifigures and has a full playable interior with removable sections for easy play access.

Eldorado Fortress Redux by LM71Blackbird 05

The fortress now has a nice garden… with free coconuts!

Eldorado Fortress Redux by LM71Blackbird 04

Retains the charm of the original yet offers some nice innovations

Eldorado Fortress Redux by LM71Blackbird 03

What goods can be found in the hold?

Eldorado Fortress Redux by LM71Blackbird 02

It appears a naughty lad has been captured!

Not Familiar with Eldorado Fortress?

6272 Eldorado Fortress was the largest Imperial Soldier set released during the first wave of LEGO Pirate sets, back in 1989. It contained 496 pieces and 8 minifigures, 4 of which were soldier troops, all with the same appearance… it did however, include the more elusive Governor Broadside minifig, who only appeared in one other set, 6276 Caribbean Clipper… and we also get a cameo from Lieutenant de Martinet, or the blue coat commander minfig, if you prefer.

Photo of LEGO Pirates "6276 Eldorado Fortress"

And here be the beautiful original!

About the Builder…

LM71Blackbird has been seen round the traps of the LEGO Pirates Forum for a while now. He contributes regularly to the Brethren of the Bricks game and has shared a generous number of militaristic MOCs, many of which can be found in his Flickr photostream.


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