PTV ENTRY: Svelte_corps – Brickbeard the Felonious Fishmonger! (small division)

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Svelte_corps - Brickbeard the Felonious Fishmonger!

There’s a new taste sensation in town. Everyone from the Lord Admiral to the Governor’s wife is queuing up to buy delicious seafood treats from Brickbeard the Fishmonger. Gold bars, jewels – no price is too high to pay for Brickbeard’s delicious aquatic bounty! The most prized dish? A rare and special caviar, the flavour of which is unsurpassed in its salty, juicy bliss! Rumour has it that Brickbeard’s background is less than honest – some even whisper he was once a Pirate Captain! – but who cares where he comes from as long as he keeps on dishing up that addictive caviar!

Meanwhile, locked in the tower high above Brickbeard’s glitzy storefront, a lone mermaid sits weeping. Captured by Brickbeard and kept confined in a bathtub, the poor mermaid is forced to hatch fresh spawn on a daily basis to satisfy Brickbeard’s demands. Each morning the cad collects her produce and takes it downstairs to be sold off as none other than his famous caviar!

What can the mermaid do? Will she ever escape? Or is she doomed to die, locked in the tower, sucked dry by Brickbeard’s greed, her bones to be eventually dumped under the dock like the former Pirate Captain’s previous captives?

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