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Featured Image for New set: LEGO 40589 Pirate Ship Playground
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New set: LEGO 40589 Pirate Ship Playground

Where to Buy 40589 Pirate Ship Playground?

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Box of 40589 Pirate Ship Playground

The front of the box

Back of the Box for 40589 Pirate Ship Playground

Around the back… it would have been really clever if this set had an alternate build as an actual ship

Inspire imaginative play for kids aged 7 and up as they have fun building this sweet LEGO® Pirate Ship Playground (40589). The pirate ship comes with a slide, a water cannon, 2 kid minifigures, a palm tree, a rotating octopus and other fun pirate-themed details. This set makes a great gift to celebrate Children’s Day or any other occasion.

  • Creative play for kids – Give your little shipmates a fun building set with this LEGO® Pirate Ship Playground (40589) set for kids aged 7 and up. Makes a gift idea for Children’s Day
  • Pirate-themed features – The build includes a slide, a water cannon, 2 kid minifigures, a palm tree, a rotating octopus and other fun features
  • Dimensions – The model measures over 4 in. (12 cm) high, 9 in. (25 cm) wide and 5 in. (14 cm) deep

New Gift With Purchase sets have been revealed for April 2023, here is a roundup of everything we’ve encountered so far – but check back regularly for updates.

Welcome home! Here’s the second addition to the LEGO® Houses of the World collection – a beautiful North African house (40590). Build the architectural details and admire the traditional, colorful, North African interior decor. The modular design makes it easy to combine this house with others from the collection (40583, 40594 and 40599) – each available separately.

LEGO 40589 Pirate Ship Playground includes 168 pieces, and features a pirate ship themed slide, mock beach with palm tree and an octopus. Two children minifigures dressed as pirates are also included. It has been suggested that the set will not be available until June on International Children’s Day although others speculate it’s set for an April release.

40589 Pirate Ship Playground Lifestyle Image

Pirate Ship Playground looks great next to yer treasure chest!

Set number:  40589
Title:  Pirate Ship Playground
Number of parts:  168
Minifigures:  2
Dimensions: The model is 12 cm high, 25 cm wide and 14 cm deep
Release Date:  Estimated April 2023
Availability:  LEGO


Official Set Description

  • Creative children’s toys: The LEGO Pirate Ship Playground (40589) is a fascinating building set for little sailors aged 7 and over. Nice gift idea for World Children’s Day
  • Many pirate details: On the playground you will find, among other things, a slide, a water cannon, 2 children’s minifigures, a palm tree and a rotating octopus
  • Dimensions: The model is 12 cm high, 25 cm wide and 14 cm deep

What Do Yer Think?

Here we go again… another pirate-themed set which isn’t classic style…

40589 Pirate Ship Playground

But at least the classic palm leaves are back!

Is this Gift With Purchase set worth acquiring? Or will you give it a miss?  Let us know your thoughts in the LEGO Pirates Forum.


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