Dutch Fluyt by Captain Cavinano

May 3, 2009 posted by Captain Zuloo

Dutch Fluyt by Captain Cavinano in the Pirate forum.

Tumblehome effect in CAD? You've got to be joking! But no, Captain Cavinano has done just that with his model of a Dutch Fluyt. This 3-masted ship built entriely digital brick with no pre-fab hulls is quite stunning in its shape, design and colour scheme. And, it has great custom cannons!

Rush over to the Pirate forum and discuss Captain Cavinano's Dutch Fluyt!

2 Responses to “Dutch Fluyt by Captain Cavinano”

  1. August Says:

    Its a cool ship , made on digital designer ?
    I have made a ship to on digital disigner !

  2. Captain Zuloo Says:

    Could you show it to us on the forum?

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