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“HMS Surprise” by Kyle84

Kyle84 has recently sailed into the LEGO Pirates Forum and he’s wasted no time impressing us with his digital ship builds! The HMS Surprise” is a sleek Imperial Guard vessel armed to the hatches with 20 ferocious cannons and a sizeable, but capable crew.

Move aside, Soldiers and Imperial Armada or you’ll receive a nasty surprise!


Kyle writes:


This is my second upload.

HMS Surprise in movie “Master and Command”

I published the first version on BrickLink at last February 11th .
And I got some good feedback about it.

Many modificatied since the first version.
This is almost the final.

Now i will try build actually and make the instructions.

Broadside of the HMS Surprise

Looks awesome doesn’t she? Imagine how much more awesome this ship would be with sails!

Starboard side of the HMS Surprise

This is the perspective of the HMS Surprise you’d see from Castaway’s Raft

Stern of the HMS Surprise

Does it come any surprise that the HMS Surprise has “SURPRISE” written on her stern?

Mid-shot of broadside of HMS Surprise

Imagine this sleek vessel on en route to intercept pirates!

Close-up of broadside of the HMS Suprise

That butterfly net is very useful for catching… well, probably not butterflies!

Deck of the HMS Surprise

Now let’s peel away the layers to get a better look at the decks…

Gun Deck of the HMS Surprise

Now let’s remove the upper deck and take a look a the gun deck

Figurehead of the HMS Surprise

They say the figurehead was made of stone…

Long Boat on deck

The jolly boat has two sets of oars but only one set of oarlocks – can’t hurt to have a spare pair getting in the way!

Line of Imperial Guard (Red Coat) Minfigures

The Imperial Forces are ready for action… maybe a little early given they’re still at sea but you’ve got admire their enthuasiasm!

Carpeneter Minifigures on Deck

Carpenters are essential to the crew – things are going to break when the ship is under fire!

LEGO dinghy and minifigs

Able bodied seaman ensure the jolly boat is in immaculate condition for the next shore mission

Bridge of HMS Surprise

On the bridge you’ll find the high ranking officers ensuring the smooth operations of this outfit

LEGO Blue Coat Soldier Minifig holding sextant

The sextant is so named because its arc encompasses one sixth of a circle (60°) – and not because it has anything to do with sex

Biologist with butterfly net and grinning blue coat soldier sargeant minifig

This is the chief bug catcher – watch the 2003 film, “Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World” and you’ll understand this reference

Inside the Captain's Captain - Map, Compass and Candle

Meanwhile in the Captain’s Cabin… the Captain is enjoying the concierge service – Governor Broadside would be jealous!

A raft with laterns

This is where naughty cabin boys are sent when they misbehave!

About the Builder…

Kyle Park has only recently parked moored his fleet in the Pirates MOC Sub Forum but his Flickr account is rapidly expanding with new imagery of digital ship builds – so do cruise by there!

And once you’re done, discuss this fine vessel in the LEGO Pirates Forum with Kyle84 and the Classic Pirates!


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