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“Spanish Frigate Phama” by Boeing 787 8 Dreamliner

With a name like Boeing 787 8 Dreamliner you’d probably assume the builder was heavily focused on building aircraft MOCs. Well, what a daft assumption that is!

Mister Dreamliner makes his debut in Pirate MOC Forum with a frigate he’s dubbed Phama due it’s a highly notorious reputation as an opium smuggling vessel!

It clocks in at a whopping 6,836 pieces and measures 100cm (3’3″) in length – and they tell the Imperial Guards its a cruise ship!

Boeing_787_8_dreamliner writes:

“Nuestra Senora de las Phama”

That loosely translates to “Our Lady of Fame” in case you were wondering… oh, you weren’t. Never mind!

Spanish Frigate Phama Side View 1

Observe how the sails and rigging are all brick built in one tidy package


Spanish 5th rank frigate


  • 26 x 18 lb long guns
  • 22 x 18 lb carronade
  • 4 x swivel bream

Jose Manuel de Labart

330 man

6836 parts


  • 63 cm height
  • 31 cm width
  • 100 cm length
  • Keel laid in Cadiz: 01.06.1794
  • Launched: 15.08.1798

Spanish Frigate Phama with Brick-built Sails

Flying the Spanish colours she sails off to great adventures!

Spanish Frigate Phama Side View 3

Nothing like having your name plastered across your bum stern


Based on plans by Alson Bueno

  • 1798 – 1800 Equipment and passage to the Caribbean

Captured on the return voyage from HMS Agamemnon, HMS Endominion; HMS Amphion and HMS Bellona 1807

  • Purchased and commissioned by the Royal Navy
  •  until 1815 in blockade service
  • 1815 Sold and scrapped

Phama entering the port of Havana 1800

  • 03.05.1801 capture of HMS Sparrow
  • 09.10.1802 Battle of HMS Indefatigable
  • 01.02.1804 Capture of HMS Amelia
  • 1805-1807 transport of a Spanish emissary to China

Spanish Frigate Phama Side View 4

Intruders beware! This lady commands the waters – how many cannon do you count?

Spanish Frigate Phama Size Comparison

Let’s just take a moment to admire how HUGE this frigate is!

Spanish Frigate Phama Front View

The bow complete with ornate figurehead

Spanish Frigate Phama Rear View

Let us finish with the stern… for that is what you’ll see when she sails off after blasting your vessel to smithereens!

About the Builder…

Boeing 787 8 Dreamliner (Frank Mäurer) is another one master builder with a digital shipyard right inside his computer.

He was an impressive fleet of tall ships which is continuously expanding and berthed through his Flickr account. If you navigate to his Instagram, you’ll discover things haven’t always been pixel-perfect, for once upon a time, he built MOCs with a modern military flavour using physical LEGO bricks!

Now, when you’re done admiring this frigate, plot a course to the LEGO Pirates Forum and discuss Fregatte Phama with Frank and the Classic Pirates!


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