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“Pirate Inn” by Pantelis

Question: What do you get when you cross a Classic Castle set like 3739 Blacksmith Shop and the recent 3 in 1 Creator Set Pirate Ship?

You get this this fine Pirate Inn by Pantelis! Definitely not somewhere an honest law-abiding citizen would lodge for the night, but if you’re a LEGO Pirate, oh boy – what a great place to plot your next treasure voyage!

A collage of renders of "Pirate Inn" by Pantelis

A complete view of the inn

Pantelis writes:

Hello to all mates, some old LEGO sets like 3739 gave me some inspiration to imagine how to build a Pirate Inn… it’s something that I wanted for my pirates friends!

Pirate Inn from the side with pie

The kitchen is well equipped and serves everything from steak to humble pie

LEGO Pirate Inn Interior

Everyone gets their own room… after sharing bunks on a ship this luxury accommodation!

And now you may wonder… how did that chap in the bicorne get a hold of Captain Ironhook’s vest?

"Pirate Inn" by Pantelis from Main Entrance

No Pirate Inn would be complete without a monkey and parrot.
Chickens are there because they’re tasty.

But what if it were a Castle MOC?

Pantelis also explores the Castle inspiration which influenced his build by simply swapping out the pirate-related elements. As you can see, this creation suits either theme well, and on that note, the same could possibly be said for some of the official Pirate and Castle sets.

Medieval Variant of Priate Inn

An homepage to the original set or has the pub really been standing since medieval times?

Now it’s a Guarded Inn! Unfortunately, Pantelis hasn’t provided us with a render of the Imperial Guards or Soldiers paying the pub an inspection a visit.

"Pirate Inn" by Pantelis from the back

If we remove the pirate-themed accoutrements, how does it look?
Absolutely fantastic, just with less pirate vibes…

Not familiar with 3739 Blacksmith Shop?

Maybe you’re youngin’ and lack knowledge of the dark times before LEGO Ideas… Well, they weren’t dark, but you know…   Back in the early 2000’s when the Blacksmith Shop was released, there weren’t any official platforms allowing AFOLs to submit their creations in the hope, that someday, these submissions would be produced as official LEGO sets.

Exterior of LEGO set 3739 Blacksmith Shop

A photo of the exterior of 3739 Blacksmith Shop

Nay, none of that convenience! LEGO Ideas was first launched under the name “CUUSOO” in 2008 but AFOL communities had began appearing as early as the late 90s.  Back in those frontier times, hopeful fans would send their set proposals to the LEGO Group and hope one of the LEGO representatives would take heed… and maybe if you pestered them enough, they’d pass details on to their commanding officers who says “Jolly good! We can make a buck off this!” (wishful thinking).

Interior of LEGO set 3739 Blacksmith Shop

Now you can see where Pantelis got his inspiration from…

Blacksmith Shop was first released on 30th March, 2000 by Daniel Siskind, and during 2001, he negotiated a licensing agreement with the LEGO Group to produce it as an official set. It was the very first set in LEGO’s “My Own Creations” range which saw release in 2002. As typical with fan inspired sets, the product designers modified the interior furnishings, but kept the exterior true to Dan’s original concept.

If you’d like to learn more about the Blacksmith Shop, peruse this discussion in the LEGO History Themes Forum.

Also, the Classic Pirates would like to acknowledge we stole the above images from The Plastic Brick, who has performed admirably at providing the interwebs with fantastic LEGO set photography.

About the Builder…

Pantelis just loves to scare pirates… and AFOLs too! Seriously, he mainly focuses upon builds for the Pirates and Castle themes using REAL bricks. However, that may have changed lately because he’s dabbling more and more in the digital realm, check out his Eldorado Fortress modification for a fine example of this.

To indulge in even more Pantelis perfection, follow him on Flickr and Instagram, or you sail by the LEGO Pirates Forum to discuss this MOC with the Classic Pirates and Pantelis, himself.


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