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“Tiny Trailblazers: Imperial Port” by Kev.the.Builder

Thursday, August 5th, 2021

04The ever talented Kev.the.Builder has created a magnificent MOC of Microscale proportions which he’s named “Tiny Trailblazers: Imperial Port.

Here we see a fort where young soldiers are trained to deal with LEGO Pirates!  At the tender age of two, soldiers begin their military career at the Preschool Outpost in which they learn the basics of operating a LEGO fort and the history of Pirates… starting with the infamous Captain Foul and Captain Roger Redbeard (who’s still at large at Barracuda Bay) to the more recent Orton Orangebeard and Brock Brickbeard…  and from that sentence alone, you’ll note LEGO Pirates like using the word “beard” in their surnames.

From the Preschool Outpost they’ll received their first consignment at one of the smaller bases like Broadside’s Brig, or if they have earned their munitions license, Imperial Cannon, and then you can be assured their career will start with a bang!

Kev writes:

The Tiny Trailblazers are back, this time as imperial soldiers patrolling the seas!

Additional Information by Geneva D:

Inspired by InnovaLUG member Geneva (right, that’s me)’s Tiny Trailblazers series (and baby-themed LEGO Ideas project), we decided to go miniature this month for our vignette collab!

Kevin‘s babies are protecting the imperial possessions. The fort on this vignette makes great use of an odd number of studs (usually a pain when building!) for the castle wall effect

Check out Kev’s Flickr for more great creations and then discuss “Tiny Trailblazers” in the LEGO Pirate MOCs Forum!

“Class VII 38 Gun Frigate” by Wellesley

Sunday, August 1st, 2021 Featured Image for "Class VII 38 Gun Frigate" by Wellesley

In the Age of Sail, tall ships were heavily used in both cargo transportation and naval missions across the seas. Eurobricks member Wellesley has captured everything perfectly in his MOC, building upon traditional LEGO hull pieces while using his own mast technique and intricately woven custom rigging.  His frigate also boasts a wonderful color scheme, fit for the Imperial Guards (or Corrington if you prefer) to sail into battle and demonstrate how effectively those 38 guns work.

The interior details reveal how well armed this vessel really is… even if the cannons are a tad on the small side and borrow the same paint scheme from the cannon seen in 6296 Shipwrecked Island. Upon the bow you’ll spy a figurehead, fit to be a pharaoh (ugh.. tongue twister!), or perhaps it’s the LEGO pharaoh, Hotep hitching a ride.  It’s just a shame Wellesley sailed his ship by some power outlets while he was taking the photos.

Join us in the Brethren of the Brick Seas forum to receive the latest updates in the ongoing war and adventures!

A Letter from the Shipwright

Rear-Admiral Fletcher
Commander of the Royal Terra Novan Fleet

Wullham became quite busy. The city flourishes and there clearly is no shortage of work. But on the other hand we struggle under a shortage of supplies, an unfortunate moment, as a new ship, the 38 Gun frigate Argonaut, just launched, now sitting in the harbour with only the standing rigging complete. The situation would benefit from the admiralty taking up an official position about the importance of Wullham and its trading value. I hope to solve the issue as soon as possible.

Your humble servant,
Jorin Farrensman
Shipwright of Wullham

Wellesley writes:

Now I need the help of other Corrington members. To make it an offical GoC entry, I need you to post additional tasks to get the ship being able to participate in the game.

I thought about some scenes like preparing the yards/chopping some trees, making the sails, recruiting the crew, collecting the food rations and other supplies. Or whatever you can come up with.

So once 4 tasks are done, I will add the frigate to the GoC thread.

This idea was somewhat agreed upon by Bregir, if anything won’t work, I will change or delete it.

Photo of Ship







About the Builder…

Wellesley is a regular contributor on Eurobricks and a player in the Brethren of the Brick Seas game, who is constantly impressing audiences with his ship builds. To see more of his wonderful creations, check out his Flickr Stream and Eurobricks profile.

“Eldorado Fortress” redesigned by JorstadDesigns

Monday, July 26th, 2021 Featured Image for "Eldorado Fortress" redesigned by JorstadDesigns
Photo of Eldorado Fortress Remake and the Pirates of the Barracuda Bay

Here’s how it shapes up next to Pirates of the Barracuda Bay…

Do you miss the glory days of LEGO Pirates? Well, if you do, you’re probably really old because it’s been more than three decades since the release of the original pirate sets (yes, the Classic Pirates aren’t afraid to bring home the hard truths!) Anyway, JorstadDesigns has redesigned the classic 6272 Eldorado Fortress to jolt your fading your memories!

“Redesigned” perhaps isn’t correct – he’s completely reimagined it. Awww, heck, it looks nothing like Eldorado Fortress. He’s built a completely new fort and named it “Eldorado Fortress“, because you know, he’s terribly unoriginal at naming MOCs brand familiarity.  This one sees the Imperial Guards replace the Soldiers, and that old bugger, Broadside is nowhere in sight. But don’t worry, it’s made from 100% sustainable authentic LEGO bricks so you can be assured it won’t blow over during the next hurricane.

Photo of Eldorado Fortress

Complete with hammerhead shark

The Story

“Governor Broadside spent years at his post in Eldorado Fortress, waiting for the expected assault of his nemesis, Captain Redbeard. In his days as Commodore, Broadside was one of the famous few to have turned back Redbeard’s feared naval bombardments, but the notorious Redbeard has been missing for years without a trace. Promoted to Governor but growing old at his post, Broadside has ensured that his fortress is well prepared for any assault – the larder is stocked, the men are rested, and the cannons are loaded. But lately, passing ships have whispered strange new rumors of Redbeard. Tales of a remote island, a stranded ship, a Captain and crew thirsty for revenge setting sail once again… The Governor may be unaware of the secret treasure hidden beneath Eldorado, but he is certain Redbeard will come for Mary Brickless, prisoner of Eldorado for the past five years. Is Eldorado Fortress prepared for whatever threats may come next? Can Broadside return to his role as Commodore and rid the seas of Redbeard, once and for all? Only you can decide!”

Photo of Eldorado Fortress sections

It has a modular design to open up the play possibilities!

JorstadDesigns writes:

Introducing Eldorado Fortress, built from 100% authentic LEGO® bricks and the perfect companion to LEGO’s® new Pirates of Barracuda Bay set! Although LEGO® has released some smaller imperial fortresses in the past, none were truly on the scale of LEGO’s® larger castle playsets. The new Pirates of Barracuda Bay set re-inspired us to create a fortress modelled on Caribbean architecture. As you can see, the fortress is named to play on LEGO’s® original Eldorado Fortress (set #6276). The Governor is named after the “Governor Broadside” that shows up in some older LEGO® literature/manuals. The main model uses 2,581 bricks, and the minifigures and accessories add ~150 parts to that.

The model features a watchtower, armory, prison, a secret cave with the hidden treasure of Eldorado, a larder, crew’s quarters, Governor’s room, and a harbor area with defensive cannon emplacements. Our personal favorite feature is the curved wall with three cannons overlooking the water! Everything is modular, allowing easy access to all play features. The prison features an ‘exploding’ wall, the cave is connected via a secret passage with retractable wall to the larder, and a trapdoor connects the larder to the crew’s quarters. More importantly, the set includes five spring-loaded cannons that can be positioned anywhere along the fort walls, allowing for quick defense against raiding pirates!


Instructions are available as a digital download from my website at

Close up photo of Eldorado Fortress

The illegal pineapple trade will be brought to an end!

Photo of the cannons

This place is well armed… Oh look! Sea turtle!

Photo of a LEGO Cannon being loaded

“Ok lads, it’s time to sink a ship – load the cannon!”

Photo of a LEGO monkey in a palm tree

The Imperial Guards look annoyed because that monkey is about to do something inappropriate with that banana.

Photo of the LEGO prison

The lookout tower is right above the prison so it’s easy to spot pirates escaping.

Photo of fault LEGO Prision

Every time he blows the bugle the prison wall falls off

Photo of LEGO Tower

Now if only the cannon could rotate a little more that monkey could be blasted out to sea

Photo of LEGO Bananas

The monkey has a decent supply of bananas…

Photo of LEGO Admiral

You can tell by the flowers he is a very important minifigure

Photo of LEGO spider

And in the bowels of the fortress is a swimming pool…

LEGO Eldorado Fortress MOC by Kyle Jorstad, on Flickr

Photo of LEGO Skeleton

He was carrying so much gold, it slowed him down… A LOT!

Photo of LEGO pumpkins

Blast yer way into the treasure room to get those priceless pumpkins!

Photo of LEGO grog

The treasure room also doubles as the cellar


Photo of LEGO treasure chest

It was convenient of them to leave the treasure chest so close to the exit…


“I was down the hold, just passing time”

Photo of LEGO Officiers quarters

Nothing like a nap with those cannons right outside your quarters



Photo of Black Seas Barracuda

They’ve taken Jack Sparrow prisoner! (Jack Sparrow minifigure not included)

Photo of "Eldorado Fortress"

But Eldorado Fortress Remixed does include everything you see here (except for the title)

About the Builder…

You’ll ocassionally encounter JorstadDesigns (sometimes called Kyle) contributing to the LEGO Pirates Forum on Eurobricks. You can even view all his builds on his personal website or admire his past work on Flickr, there are some quite substantial Star Wars MOCs , if you have a fondness for that galaxy, far far away.

“The Royal Flagship” by Kolonialbeamter

Monday, July 19th, 2021 Featured Image for "The Royal Flagship" by Kolonialbeamter

If the Imperial Guards can have a mighty flagship then so too should the Soldiers! After all, Governor Broadside, could not bear to stand Admiral Woodhouse having superiority over the LEGO Pirate Seas. Oh, and for you keen eyed kiddies who observed the blue coat governor minifig on board 10210 Imperial Flagship, that’s Governor Tierney, not Broadside (but we all knew that, right?).

But I digress… so to bridge the discrepancy left by the somewhat (comparatively) diminutive 6272 Caribbean Clipper (not that Kwakly/Baby Teeth didn’t already attempt this), Kolonialbeamter has unleashed “The Royal Flagship” in an effort to bolster the blue coat’s naval forces. Loaded with cannons, containing 2,988 parts, 92cm (36″) in length and 64cm (25″) in height, this vessel packs the wallop the Soldier’s need to get the edge over those who stand (errr.. sail) in their way!  Here’s looking at you Captain Brickbeard!

And if you’d like to see this ship as part of your fleet, support it on LEGO Ideas. Actually, you cannot support this submission because it’s already expired.

Kolonialbeamter writes:

I started this project with a specific intention – to design a multi deck vessel that can be both – a LEGO set-like looking ship that’s fun to play with, and a decently realistic shelf model of a true ship-of-the-line. And all of this had to fit in the LEGO Ideas framework, specifically it had to contain 3000 parts or less.
No easy undertaking, and I’ve failed to come up with something that I liked a couple of times over the past years. This design now, however, I think it quite does it. Sure, it might not be playful enough to some, and not realistic enough looking to others, and then there’s the fact there are only stud-shooters instead of ye olde LEGO cannons… But I hope the compromise I found is appealing to at least some of you; and that it proves that ships-of-the-line can be done as sets by LEGO.

Photo of the Royal Flagship

This could have been yours – if only you had supported it on LEGO Ideas!

Some shots of the Royal Flagship

Some decisions I took along the way:

  • Use stud shooters instead of spring powered cannons (boo-ing noises in the background) But hear me out – let’s face it, no single set will ever contain that many classic cannons. So the Royal Flagship features easy to remove stud shooter based custom cannons that can be fired from outside the ship, but that can also as easily be replaced by your good old spring powered cannons – if you got enough of them, the space is there!
  • Almost no interior, except for the captain’s cabin. This decision was simply based on LEGO Ideas’ 3000 parts maximum. Feel free to fill the decks with whatever you would like to see though – there’s enough headroom for minifigs to be placed on all decks!
  • Relatively simple hull shape, little tumble home, no string rigging. Due to the modular approach, I just couldn’t come up with anything more ornate/fancy/complicated – if you have some suggestions, however, feel free to elaborate!

The Royal Flagship was very well received during last year’s Bricks @nd Friends exhibition in Cologne; kids especially seemed to like the firing mechanism pretty well – we literally had a blast  Let’s see if I can take the ship to a few more exhibitions this year – if Corona permits.


  • the ship’s length is 92cm, and it measures 64cm in height,
  • part count – including minifigures – is 2988,
  • all decks are minifigure accessible, meaning they are high enough for the crew not to bump their heads,
  • the ship is modular – vertically it can be divided into three sections, and horizontally each deck consists of four modules that can be removed individually,
  • all mechanical play features can be controlled from outside the ship:
    • all guns can be fired – two broadsides with 21 stud-shooter based custom cannons each, plus some more on the quarter deck, plus two six-barrel stud-shooter chase guns,
    • the anchors can be hoisted,
    • the ship’s wheel controls the rudder.

About the Builder…

Kolonialbeamter, whom you may also know as Jens Fischer, has been sailing around the LEGO Pirates Forum for quite some time, occasionally deploying mighty ships with naval prowess. He also has a Flickr stream in which you can observe more of his  wonderful colonial creations along with some forays into the realm of LEGO Castle.

“Playa de Palma Resort” by NOD

Thursday, July 15th, 2021 Featured Image for "Playa de Palma Resort"

Render of “Plava de Palma Resort” by NOD

Welcome to the resort! We offer luxury 5 star accommodation in our exclusive bungalows where the dolphins swim right up to you and spit water in your eye…  well, until the tide comes in, and then your LEGO Pirates have their own private indoor swimming pool! But if they don’t like to swim, they can stay in the castillo… which is only 6 times the price! Did I say “castillo”? I meant “castle” – the Imperial Armada built it you see, hence the Spanish influence in the design.

Let’s give another nod to NOD, who has been working hard behind his computer, assembling digital bricks to bring us “Playa de Palma Resort”.  One of many great locations you can visit in the  Brethren of the Brick Seas forum!

NOD writes:

Artisan: Royal

Many immigrants came to Poppy Port through the Terraversa War. No taxes! This made Poppy Port bigger quickly. All people are free!


Welcome at the “Playa de Palma Resort”!


The Sea Rats do not have a king and queen. Here the guest is not king or queen. In a complaint, a coin is tossed. If heads the resort wins, if there is a number the guest loses. There are not enough stars to rate the Playa de Palma Resort. That’s why we give ourselves 1 comet! It goes without saying that 1 comet outperforms all other stars hotels.


4 bungalows at the beach, 4 rooms on the 1st floor by the castle, 4 rooms on the ground floor by the castle, 4 rooms by the tavern. Each room is 16 x 16. Every room has a window. Candles and lanterns are charged separately. Beds for children in the room have to be paid additionally.



There is a restaurant. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included for guests. Drinks must be paid.


Some children have built a castle on the beach. Really a very nice castle!


The sandy beach is very popular. There are free fruits. Very often dolphins swim by.

51191753746_9706224dde_b.jpgThere is a check-in after the bridge. Pirates, Patriots Attentive residents control the incoming. Any rabble is immediately thrown into the sea.


There are positions with cannons on the sea side of the castle. Entry to the castle is also controlled.


This settlement is mainly financed by seafarers and explorers. These find doubloons, goods and rich people who absolutely want to donate something.


Guests from other factions are also welcome. It really is a very great honor. These are given preferential treatment (they are allowed to pay more for everything).


Nobles and important people from other factions are very welcome. Of course, they get a discount (they are allowed to pay much more for everything).


The inside view from the buildings is in progress.


About the Builder…

NOD has contributed a lot of great builds to Eurobricks, mainly digital, and mainly in the Brethren of the Brick Seas forum where he supports the ongoing story. Check out his Eurobricks Profile and his Flickr Stream to see more of his builds, particularly if you’re a fan of the digital builds.

“The Spectre” by Sebeus I

Thursday, July 8th, 2021 Featured Image for "The Spectre" by Sebeus I

All hands on deck – another well armed vessel constructed by Sebeus I is approaching! A barque so fearsome, even the mightiest Soldier and Imperial Guard frigates take caution when they sight her on the horizon.

Inspired by historical ships like the Lady Washington and HMS Bounty, The Spectre boasts custom sails and rigging, even if Sebeus does consider the colour scheme to be somewhat dull.


At full capacity she runs 24 guns, a series of 12-pounders on the main deck and a few 3-pound swivel guns on the quarter.

Sebeus writes:

Ever since I got the Queen Anne’s Revenge, which was almost 10 years ago, I’ve been wanting to build a dark brown hulled ship. I had to wait for various plates and slopes to become available in this former rare colour. Now I have plenty… Some dark brown jumpers would have made my life a whole lot easier though…

She’s a barque although I did not fit any square sails, these might come later.

This could very well be my 50th ship although I can’t be sure because I lost my archive when went down.

At full capacity she runs 24 guns, a series of 12-pounders on the main deck and a few 3-pound swivel guns on the quarter.

Some of the highlights include zip line handles and Harry Potter wands used in the rigging.

I’m glad I finally got this thing posted, I was beginning to think that I was going to be stuck in lost WIPs and unfinished creations forever.


Something that may catch your attention, or better yet, not at all, is that she’s not all that fancy. No galleries or ornaments and a pretty dull colour scheme. Yep, ships like that existed too and they were much greater in number. One might get the wrong impression that the fancy, decorated warship was the common one, looking through the Classic Pirates archive. On that note, a fancy decorated warship does look nicer on display.


My main sources of inspiration where the Lady Washington and HMS Bounty.


This might have been a fast merchant barque, however, a band of pirates found a better use for it…


I’ve been wanting to use those zip line handles on the rigging for ages now, it took me a while to gather such an amount (there are 30 on this ship). I’m satisfied with the effect but It’d be cool to have those in brown or dark tan.


The Harry Potter wands for tying the rigging was another experiment but not really a succes in my opinion. It’s pretty tricky to find a good interface with the ship. I think I’ll go for simple 3L bars with clip plates next time.


Recycling swivel guns and capstan from an older ship… I mean, why change something if it works well?


Hehe, I’ve been using that 12-pounder design for like, forever… Same argument as above!



Well, that was it for now. I might fit some square sails later although I have a lot of other projects going on, it will probably take a while before I give this ship some attention again.

Jeez, so many MOC ships around nowadays, It’s a challenge to stand out.


About the Builder…

Sebeus I… what does the ‘I’ stand for… we once knew but it has long since been forgotten.  Anyway, Sebeus has been sailing around the LEGO Pirates Forum and the Brick Seas for years now, periodically launching fantastic ships MOCs right at us. He also has a photostream on Flickr should  you be so inclined to divulge further into his work – he’s more than just a pirate, you know?

“A Toast To Corrington” by Evancelt

Monday, July 5th, 2021 Featured Image for "A Toast To Corrington" by Evancelt

Evancelt has been at it again! And by that we mean he’s built another excellent creation for Brethren of the Seas.  This time a bunch of Imperial Guard officers are guzzling booze and getting wasted in the name of Corrington and the Queen… and all that. Oh look! they even have humble pie too.

So swing by the LEGO Pirates Forum and they might share their pie with you.  They might not. You won’t know until you get there.

The Story

A Terraversan peace agreement had been reached with Oleon, and a large portion of the Corlander expeditionary forces stationed in Westface were beginning to withdraw to points across the Brick Seas.

Colonel Allcock had decided to stay in Westface with the remaining soldiers for the time being to assist L’Olius in establishing the new Commonwealth, and to justify the free trade agreement Corrington enjoyed with the new state.

Before the commanders of the departing forces set sail, Allcock invited them to the inn where he kept rooms to share in a celebratory toast and meat pies.


Photo of the lads at Corrington getting drunk

In attendance were Colonel Allcock, Major Brickford, Lord Spud, Don Isaac Montoya, Captain Brickleton, Captain Cooke, and Captain Redding

Colonel Allcock led a toast: “To the new Commonwealth of Terraversa! To the Queen! To Corrington!”

Evan writes:

OOC: Wanted to try a build with dark brown accents – hadn’t tried that before

Licensed as a large artisan in Westface

About the Builder…

Evancelt is a prolific builder who has earned the special MOC Expert tag for his contributions to the Eurobricks Forums. Evan is a regular contributor to both the LEGO Pirates MOC Subforum and Brethren of the Brick Seas, constantly impressing audiences with his unique and often humourous creations. Oh, and he’s prestigious enough to have his own website too, so spare a few moments to check that out as well as you can learn about all cool Duplo pirate ships which have been released over the years.

“Lagoon Lock-Up Remake” by Master0889

Thursday, July 1st, 2021 Featured Image for "Lagoon Lock-Up Remake" by Master0889

Remember that nice little tavern down by the lagoon? The one with the lockup right next door… should any scallywags become rowdy and need accommodation for the night. Decades later the Soldiers still frequent that fine establishment when they’re not on duty, but you’ll find its undergone a considerable amount of refurbishment.

6267 Lagoon Lockup from 1991 is a set which been reimagined dozens of times (like this), this remake was constructed by Master0889. It features all the trappings of the original but with a tan decor and utilises the modern Soldier and Pirate minifigs… oh and modern animals too!  Because you know how blasted seagulls gather when they sense a morsel of food might be on offer.

Out the front of the Lagoon Lockup Remake

The gulls are hoping someone can spare them some fries

Master0889 writes:

Hello Pirates Fans!

I wanted to show you my latest project – Lagoon Lock-Up Remake. What do you think about it?

Lagoon Lockup from the right side

The gardener has reduced work hours so you’ll notice the place has a lot more greenery now.

A Soldier Aprehends a Pirate

What’s he doing up there? Don’t try to get past security!

New to LEGO Pirates?

Perhaps you were just a twinkle in your parents’… or even grandparents’ eye when the original Lagoon Lockup was released in 1991.  It was the medium-sized blue coat Soldier set, between 6265 Sabre Island and 6276 Eldorado Fortress which sat around the $30-$50 price point (depending upon region and currency). It contained 187 pieces and 5 minifigures. A notable inclusion is the red striped sail which only appeared in this set. It was discontinued after 1993 and was superseded in 1995 (the Indigo Islanders stole the scene in 1994) by the red coat Imperial Guard set,  6263 Imperial Outpost.

Box Art Scan of 6267 Lagoon Lockup (Front)

Photo of the original box art of 6267 Lagoon Lockup taken by Boomchil

If you’re interested in learning more about Lagoon Lockup read the comprehensive review in the LEGO Pirates Forum.  It has a wealth of information and photos of box the set and glorious box art.

Box Art Scan of 6267 Lagoon Lockup (Back)

In the old days they used to put alternate builds on the back of every box

About the Builder…

Master0889 is an occasional contributor to the LEGO Pirates Forum on Eurobricks… maybe not occasional enough but we’ll take what we can get!🤣

You can check out more of his great builds on his LEGO Ideas profiles and if you really like them, stop by his Flickr profile. You’ll be glad you did!

“The Rolling Dutchman” by Stortebricker

Thursday, June 24th, 2021 Featured Image for "The Rolling Dutchman" by Stortebricker

You’ve probably heard of the Flying Dutchman, the legendary ghost ship which was said to never be able to make port. Well, this legend has inspired  Stortebricker to build his version, The Rolling Dutchman”. Why rolling?   Because it’s a MOC of the Flying Dutchman but with gears which makes it move along the floor!

Stortebricker writes:

Welcome on board of The Rolling Dutchman!

Since I have been a child I always wanted to control my LEGO Red Beard Runner without pushing it around and now my dream has come true. I have build a motorized Version of the famous Flying Dutchman which is my favorite pirate ship, too. I have seen the original swedish Vasa which has given the idea for the Dutchman with its marvelous bow and stern. So I managed to combine them with my own creative ideas into this “rolling” Dutchman!

Please have a look at the features in the video and the pictures!

Motorized Features:

  • Rolling movement caused by waves (1. M-Motor)
  • Two motorized triple-barrelled chasers in the bow (1. M-Motor)
  • Motorized steering with simoultaneously rotating ship´s wheel, rudder and steering mechanism (S-Motor)
  • Motorized movement for- and backward (L-Motor)
  • Motorized sail trim with turning capstan and changing sail position of all square sails (M-Motor)
  • All features can be controlled by rc-control via 4 channels and two receivers
  • All features use the Power-Function System but could easily be adapted to the new Control+ System which can lead to advanced handling of the functions
  • The battery box can slide out easily to switch on/off and change batteries

General Features:

  • Minifigures: Davy Jones, Jack Sparrow, Elizabeth, Bill Turner, Barbossa and more. (I am not familiar with the movies in english so I would like to ask you to tell me the names in the comments section!)
  • Two decks with cannons (one side the lower deck is closed to store the motors)
  • The two tripple-barreld chasers can manually slide backwards and then the gun ports can be closed
  • Removable deck at the stern to take out the steering wheel
  • Removable lower balcony´s on both sides
  • Handmade sails
  • Two functional anchors
  • Upper cabin minifigure size with Jack stealing the heart (illuminated)
  • Lower cabin with Davy Jones organ (illuminated)
  • Two torches at the stern (illuminated)
  • The capstan can be removed
  • The ship is based on the sturdy hull parts, the complete 2 lower rows of bricks can be removed with the steering and driving wheels to use it as “normal” push forward ship or display model
  • The main mast and the mizzen are both slightly tilted backwards
  • Correct rigging and sails due to the movies
  • The ropes between the masts can be removed easily to take them apart for transport


Nicedly edited Photo of the "Rolling Dutchman" bys Stortebricker

Splendid photo editing! The ship is meant to be floating above the water.

Photo of the "Rolling Dutchman" bys Stortebricker

And here is a shot without any post processing…

About the Builder…

Stortebricker is a regular contributor on both Eurobricks and LEGO Ideas. You could have even supported for The Rolling Dutchman on LEGO Ideas, but you didn’t, did you? Well too late, because it’s expired.

Oh well, you can still view more of his builds on his LEGO Ideas profile. You never know, he might have another Pirate submission you’d like to support.

“Customs Post, Hussar’s Isle” by Ayrlego

Thursday, June 17th, 2021 Featured Image for "Customs Post, Hussar's Isle" by Ayrlego

Nothing goes unnoticed (or undocumented) at this highly efficient Customs Post by Ayrlego. Inspired by the creations of both Evancelt and Bregir, he constructed an enhanced Imperial Guard tower with dark bley for the rockwork and dark tan for the landscaping.

To catch up on the latest news at Corrington, set a course for Brethren of the Brick Seas forum but make sure you have the necessary paperwork filed!

Ayrleo writes:

I was very impressed by @evancelt‘s semaphore station on Hussar’s Isle recently and have been meaning to build here myself for quite some time… (I have now almost built in every Corrie settlement… only Brickford Landing to go I think). I tried to incorporate some nods to his and @Bregir‘s previous builds at this location, using dark bley rockwork and dark tan landscaping. Someone posted a build with some white profile bricks earlier in the year which made me very excited, as I have been waiting for a long time for TLG to release them in white. Alas it was not to be! But it did get me wondering and I recently was able to acquire a hundred or so off-brand white profile bricks. So I’ve given them a go here and it re-enforces my desire for The LEGO Group to release them in white ASAP!

Anyway my third and last build for Task 11 ‘Strategic Outposts’ for GoC. Ownership will be turned over to the faction and it will be licensed as a large commerce in Hussar’s Isle. I quite enjoyed this one, hope you guys do too!

The Story

Hussar’s Isle; a tiny Corlander settlement in the Rider Island’s to the North East of Cocovia, exists purely to watch over the Northern approaches to the important Corlander settlements of King’s Harbour and Quinnsville on Cocovia. At this time the settlement is still purely a military outpost and construction has recently been finished on a fortified customs office and coastal surveillance station. Manned by a Royal Customs and Excise Officer and a half company of Royal Marines, the outpost is tasked with recording maritime traffic in the Northern approaches to Cocovia. Equipped with a powerful telescope, the ships can be spotted a long way out to sea. An attached hussar can gallop quickly to the semaphore station or fort with news of approaching vessels. The marines man the battlements and the outpost is kept stocked with a good supply of power and shot to see of any potential raiders. 

About the Builder…

Ayrlego is like a brick factory in overdrive! He regularly churns out high quality contributions to Brethren of the Brick Seas like there is no tomorrow! You can see more of his wonderful builds on his Eurobricks profile and Flickr.

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