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“Tobago Custom Hull Ship” by NOD

NOD, the digital design master has built many fantastic pirate ships, and yet another has just slide from his dry dock! Like all his vessels, he casts prefab hulls and clothe aside, in favour of their brick built counterparts.  He doesn’t skimp on detail either and even bothers to fully rig the sails, which is not something all digital builders can boast.

NOD writes:

Brethren of the Brick Seas: Class 7

Brethren of the Brick Seas

Rating system of the Royal Navy: 6th rate

Rating system of the Royal Navy

The hull leans slightly outwards on the side, then inwards. I don’t like Tetris on the ship’s deck and railing. That’s why I built it mostly flat and with few height differences. I want to see curves and as few corners as possible.

The captain’s cabin is a little wider. Here the hull is built towards the outside at the bottom and towards the inside at the top.

Light cannons have been added on the upper deck. Because the ship is wider, the cannons can also be operated. There is enough space in width. These must of course be smaller than the cannons on the cannon deck.

Tobago Custom Hull Ship by NOD 09

Isn’t this a gorgeous vessel?

Swivel guns are always useful. I moved the main mast further back. A longer row boat was built.

Tobago Custom Hull Ship by NOD 05

All hands on deck… ready the guns!

I improved the shape of the ship. I like the view from above. I can even see that the hull is getting narrower towards the top.

Tobago Custom Hull Ship by NOD 06

You know those car number plates with people’s names on them?

My ships are similar but not the same “learning by doing”. Correcting and changing is too time-consuming, changes to the ship’s hull have consequences for the entire ship, building a new one is easier. Every ship is a new build with improvements.

Tobago Custom Hull Ship by NOD 10

Look at that Broadside – enough strike fear into the bravest of Imperial Guards!

I’m not entirely happy with the bow of this ship. Maybe I can build the bow differently and better. I don’t know, at the moment I have no idea. I like the rest, maybe just small improvements.

Tobago Custom Hull Ship by NOD 04

The deck. Take note at the number of cannon.


I like that I can build the ship wider and more realistic with the Custom Hull.

The widest point on the main deck 24 studs (included railing).

The main deck is from the aft to the forward railing 87 studs (included railing), at the feet of figurehead 96 studs.

The waterline is 87 stud. | Total length 117 studs | LEGO Scale Converter

Tobago Custom Hull Ship by NOD 01

Captain Ironhook hasn’t seen the ship yet, but he will most likely want to commandeer it

It’s good that I building digitally. So, I don’t have to spend any money for bricks to build a ship that I don’t like when it’s finished. Sails are just decoration, with real bricks I use cotton sails. Masts and rigging are adapted to the existing sails. A digital build should also look good and realistic. That also includes minifigures.

Tobago Custom Hull Ship by NOD

Even in a digital design, NOD does not overlook the rigging

Tobago Custom Hull Ship by NOD 03

Port side view of the ship

About the Builder…

NOD is a regular contributor on Eurobricks. He specializes in building pirate ships and all his creations are digital built so he never has to endure the pain of stepping on LEGO barefooted. If you are interested in viewing more of his creations, follow him on Flickr. You’ll even find a nice doll action figure collection there.

We have plenty more LEGO Pirate creations by Eurobricks members so go to them. Cherish them. Lose yourself in the Pirate MOCs forum, a sub-forum of the mighty LEGO Pirates forum.

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