“Drydock, Beauchamp Shipyard” by CapOnBOBS

The Beauchamp Shipyard has been operating at maximum capacity to meet the new build requirements of the Crown’s Navy. But, as the constant fighting has taken a heavy toll on his Majesty’s Fleet, it became clear that the yard needed capacity for repair just as much as the capacity to build. Therefore, for the last few months, the Admiral has bought up more of Breshaun’s waterfront and has been wearing out much younger men on survey teams lining out the dimensions of his latest vision, a drydock.

The expansion of an additional “large factory” to the grounds of the shipyard required months of dredging and some engineering work just shy of being miraculous.

BeauchampDryDockA channel was dredged, retaining walls installed, two massive pumps (one on either side) drain the water, and a crane has been installed on each side to support heavy repairs.

BeauchampDryDock_3The massive doors are each controlled by a tower, but once the two large gates are in place and the pumps in action, the force of the Brick Seas holds them shut tight in place.

BeauchampDryDock_2Guide rails line up the keel, ladders allow workers access into “the pit” to access the hulls. Poles and planks (hard to see in the dark top-right corner of the pit) are used to brace the ship and hold it in place as the water is pumped away.

BeauchampDryDock_4To open the gates, water is pumped back in until the sea level is restored. As equilibrium is achieved, the doors swing open nearly effortlessly.

BeauchampDryDock_5When open, the entire engineering marvel could be mistaken for any other dock slip in the quay. Conspicuous in his absence. The visionary who conceived the idea and toiled to bring it to fruition was absent. As Master Shipwright Jean Benoit announced the new facility was licensed and fully operational, a spot remained vacant on the balcony next to him.


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