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“Dimension Portal Lighthouse” by Delusion Brick

Delusion Brick is one those 10K Club Members who submitted a Pirate themed MOC (Seagull Bay Lighthouse Imperial Fortress to be precise) to LEGO Ideas, have it reach 10,000 supporters… and then be mercilessly flunked during the review process (infuriating many LEGO Pirate AFOLs no less!)

But this was not the first piratical creation he put forth, back in 2017 he unleashed “Dimension Portal Lighthouse“. In the tradition of Horror of Fang Rock, this build depicts a spooky monolith rising above the sea with ethereal green lights penetrating its misty shroud.

Clocking in at a measly 228 supporters, this submission barely got off the start line, but it sure does make a fitting MOC to share for Halloween.

Top of the lighthouse

Starting at the top

Middle of the lighthouse

Moving down to the middle…

Dock at the base of the lighthouse

And at the base of the lighthouse is this creepy lighthouse keeper

Delusion Brick writes:

The story talks about a Lighthouse that is not like the rest! It stands like an illuminated ‘door’ for different worlds calling out on the bold that will find him and allow them to take them on a journey in magic worlds.

With its guard holding all the keys for any destination… if you ever get lost, he is the one to find you and bring you back!

Isometric view of the lighthouse

A lovely aerial view of the lighthouse

The Dimension Portal Lighthouse

Make a good set, wouldn’t it? Well too bad! It’s not happening!

LEGO Ideas

Unfortunately the Dimension Portal Lighthouse did not transcend to the next dimension on LEGO Ideas, after 425 days it only accumulated a paltry 228 supporters. If only the Classic Pirates weren’t in hibernation back in 2017.

LEGO Ideas Statisics for the Lighthouse

This is what happens when you don’t give your support!

About the Builder…

Delusion Brick is a highly talented digital designer who regularly updates his Instagram and Flickr with new builds. He’s a two-time LEGO Ideas 10K Club Member so visit his LEGO Ideas profile to support his submissions – the Indigo Islander themed The Secret Island of Time could really use your help right now – make King Kahuka proud!

And now it is time to discuss the lighthouse with the Classic Pirates in the LEGO Pirate Forum.



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