Pirate MOCs

“Forbidden Island” by Elusys Ra Arwal

Elusys Ra Arwal writes:

Following the new pirates of Barracuda Bay style, with my own twist on the amount of details and techniques employed, I tried to update that set, restyle and expand it. I added some natives structures like in the bay, a bridge, lookout mast and a small cave where some chests are stashed. There’s a prison with a bluecoat skeleton, some cannons and a shack, were pirates can plot their new plunder.

MOC - Forbidden Island 2_02a

MOC - Forbidden Island 2_06a

From here there’s a clear view of the dock and the crew unloading their loot. On the right side, underneath the bridge, there’s the wreck of a small dinghy.

MOC - Forbidden Island 2_07a

From this perspective, underneath the bridge, there’s a small cave where a couple of chests are hidden away.

MOC - Forbidden Island 2_10a

This is the interior of the cave area.

MOC - Forbidden Island 2_08a

Here, front and center, you can see the wreck of a dinghy with its oars in the carcass of its hull.

MOC - Forbidden Island 2_03a

View of the back of the main island. On the left side, now overrun by plants one can still see the entrance and floor of the old temple, of which the scattered stones were collected and reused to build the prison and on top the wooden structure. 3 cannons protect the building.

One can even still see the remnants of the old pier that gave access to this section of the island.

MOC - Forbidden Island 2_04a

View of the main structure with a prison underneath and a shack made out of reclaimed pieces of a shipwreck. Its main mast used as a lookout place, and 3 cannons guard the island and its inhabitants.


MOC - Forbidden Island 2_09a


MOC - Forbidden Island 2_11a

Here you can better see the remains of the temple and its statue. For this purpose I chose the other style just because it looks more ancient, almost like Easter Island statues.

MOC - Forbidden Island 2_12a

Here there’s some better view of the details of the temple’s floor.

MOC - Forbidden Island 2_13a

View of the interior of the shack with weapons, table with map and lamps.

MOC - Forbidden Island 2_14a

Other side with a view over the fireplace.

MOC - Forbidden Island 2_15a

Interior of the prison, with bluecoat skeleton, wooden bed and chains.

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