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Featured Image for “Lush Island Stash” by Ben King

“Lush Island Stash” by Ben King

Ben King presented his latest creation, an amazing LEGO Pirates MOC!  It has some wonderful details like the excellent rock work, palm trees, great foliage, and nice water.

Sail on over to the LEGO Pirates Forum and comment on Lush Island Stash by Ben King!

Ben King writes:

I made this pirate diorama for a LEGO contest my local museum was hosting. I’ve really wanted to get back into pirate mocs because they’re always so much fun to build and they’re what brought me to the online LEGO community. There’s not much to say about this other than I built it in about a week, and my favorite part is definitely the rock work. As always I’m trying to improve that. As you can see as well, I included my Sig-fig in there, see if you can spot him (if you can’t you might need glasses, it’s pretty easy to find). Lastly, I will be going to Brickworld Chicago on Saturday June 14, so I look forward to hopefully seeing lots of you guys there. Unfortunately I won’t be displaying this year… but I’m really hoping for next year, and I’ll still be there checking out all the cools creations.

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