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“Tortuga? Aye, Tortuga” by SlyOwl

Have you felt that no matter where you go, there be always Imperial Guards chasing after ye? There has always been a demand for a perfect town where Pirates from every corner of Caribbean can rest. SlyOwl has found a solution to this problem by treating our eyes yet again with another stunning MOC, entitled “Tortuga? Aye, Tortuga”.

Right side of the Tortuga chaos

Honey, I think we should find a new travel agent…

Some of ye might recognise Tortuga from the famous Pirates of the Caribbean series. Now, we don’t truly know if this build was inspired by the film series but it is assumed that mostly likely it was. This scene has a heavy resemblance to scenes from the first two films. At the end of the day, should we worry about that? Nay, we shall drink on. I promise you, no matter how many times ye may take a detailed look of this MOC, ye always will find something new in it. Take that clever black roof as an example of true mastery.

Left side of the chaos that ensues in Tortuga

Oh, look at that man floating in the barrel! Look at the lad who’s falling throught the window, look at the man with multiple hats! So many details!

Entrance of Tortuga with mayhem

The black goat is overseeing all of this madness. Is that Blackbeard in the background? Wonder what would happen if he and Captain Redbeard clashed…

What is Tortuga?

Tortuga is an island near Haiti in Caribbean, Tortuga translates from Spanish as turtle, but local Pirates care not for the background of this name as the island’s town serves good drinks in every local pirate pub. Island was originally owned by Spanish but then was captured by the British, afterwards it became widely known as a place of pirate operations, similar to Nassau.


In present day it is as casual as any other island in Caribbean, but that shouldn’t stop ye from visiting the place where once all yer mates stole all yer money to buy drinks drank kegs of rum, should it?

A happy man in Tortuga

That man seems really happy with his drink and the new established friend. Is that a pig or some other animal?

The big question here really is – did you compliment this MOC back in 2009 when SlyOwl presented it? You didn’t, am I correct? If so, then why didn’t you do so? Were you too busy to see it or was it a dark age? It be too late to drown in sorrow and regret now. Best we can do is appreciate it as it is now.

About the Builder…

Most people on LEGO Pirates Forum have heard of SlyOwl (also known as Barney Main) before, he has created so many wonderful MOCs, creating a unique style of his own. While he may not be active at the moment, he surely has left quite a legacy for all of us to admire. “Tortuga? Aye, Tortuga” is part of it.

Being featured in (as far as we know) countless official LEGO books, SlyOwl has made a name for himself and shall always be remembered on LEGO Pirates Forum by his contributions. Apart from his presence on the said forum, he also has a Flickr account where ye can view all the creations that were praised earlier.

If you wish to study this MOC further, there is a video on YouTube that was made in 2009 so consider checking it out. This MOC, along with hundreds of other cool creations can be viewed on Pirate MOCs subforum. If ye wish to discuss LEGO Pirates in general, do consider visiting a pirate pub LEGO Pirates Forum. Most importantly, don’t forget to press that red button below to discuss this lovely MOC with other pirate enthusiasts online!


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