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“Royal Philip” by Kolonialbeamter

Kolonialbeamter is a LEGO Pirate MOCing powerhouse – a steady stream of digital builds pours out him like no tomorrow!

And when he wants to get serious about building, he doesn’t hold back!  Behold… The “Royal Philip”, a 114-gun Ship-of-the-Line, at 14,200 pieces, it includes sails, rigging, minifigures and flags. Not too shabby for an entirely digital creation!

He constructed the “Royal Philip” for the Brethren of the Brick Seas game with the aim of bolstering Oleon’s influence in the waters of New Terra.


Kolonialbeamter writes:

First of all, some numbers:

  • 14200 parts
  • length at waterline is 120 studs, LOA 171 studs, beam 29
  • each broadside fires 57 guns.

Now, more importantly, no worries, y’all! Launching yet another ship-of-the-line is no act of aggression towards any of you. It’s rather the result of some major confusion from my side. The upcoming Adventure-MCRA gave me the idea to send the Secretary of the Navy as ambassador to Mardier. But I got this idea only after le Monarque was posted and planned in for convoy duty, so I was in desperate need of an additional ship, and no lesser would be suited for such a mission.

The Royal Philip is an enhanced version of a ship I posted several years ago, and her base is still older than that of Monarque, which is why Monarque’s hull is smoother. Still it’s here that I first made the switch to using hinge bricks instead of curved slopes for the part of the hull between waterline and lower gun-deck. Didn’t go all the way, though, back in the day.

But then, the better ship is always the next one.

Vive le Roi!

Bow of the Royal Philip

On the bow of this magnificent ship you can see the figurehead – too bad Kolonialbeamter didn’t see fit to provide any close-up renders!

Starboard of the Royal Philip from above

Look at all those decks… if only we could peel away the layers for a look inside.
Again, no such images! (Kolonialbeamter probably didn’t design the interior)

Broadside of the Royal Philip

A vessel that commands prestige! (And also close-up and interior renders)

The Story

As one of the heaviest and most formidable ships-of-the-line in His Majesty’s Royal Navy, the Royal Philip is naturally suited to fill out the role of an admiral’s flagship. And flagship she is! At the moment, she serves under admiral d’Ancios as lead-ship of the Perennes Squadron, the one unit of La Royale stationed closest to Oleon’s border with Corrington. During her active service of now almost four years, in countless maneuvers and fleet exercises, the Royal Philip has proven herself a powerful and – even more importantly – very reliable warship, with excellent sailing capabilities. A true asset. Rumors circulating in the Royal Court have it that soon she might be transferred to the colonies in an effort to strengthen Oleon’s influence in the waters of New Terra. Such a step, however, would have to be very carefully pondered, as it would mean to noticeably weaken the nation’s defenses against her northern neighbor. But regardless of where she will see service in the future, with her dedicated, veteran crew and her seasoned captain, the Royal Philip will surely fulfill the role entrusted to her – to guard the realm, protect the nations interests, and to proudly fly Oleon’s colors on the waves!



But how does it stack up against the largest Imperial Guard ship?

Royal Philip compared to 10210 Imperial Flagship

The Royal Philip compared to official set 10210 Imperial Flagship – look how puny it is!

Admiral Woodhouse’s mustache would straighten if he saw the Royal Philip approaching over the horizon!

About the Builder…

Kolonial Beamter  (Jens Fischer – not to be confused with this Kolonial Beamter) has long been affiliated with the LEGO Pirates Forum and Brethren of the Brick Seas, in which he was been contributing builds for years.

But it’s his Flickr account where he shares a plethora of pristine digital builds. They’re so pristine, you can almost see your reflection in them – sp take a good look!

And when you’re finished being impressed by Kolonial’s digital proficiency, plot a course to the LEGO Pirates Forum so can send him your love and affection.  And perhaps suggest he churn out a few close-up and interior renders of the Royal Philip.


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