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“Fort de Monchy” by The Inventor

LEGO Soldier and Imperial fortresses are extremely popular. In recent times, three such MOCs we shared via the Classic Pirates Instagram received more than 3,000 likes, and another four blue coat Soldier LEGO Ideas submissions reached 10K supporters.

So it’s about time someone built another one and The Inventor has done just that!

Behold this mighty fortress – it has a tower enabling the soldiers to see enemies miles away!  There’s also a dock to allow easy access for suppliers and recreational fishing.

Front of LEGO Soldier Fortress

Welcome to Fort de Monchy

The Inventor writes:

A bluecoat fort named “de Monchy”. Thanks for looking and let me know what you think.

Short and sweet, huh?

Banana Heist at of "Fort de monchy" by The Inventor

The great banana heist! Because them bananas are priceless!

Top-down view of "Fort de monchy" by The Inventor

As you can see this fortress is not without its fair share of monkeys and parrots

Tower of "Fort de monchy" by The Inventor

Ahhhh… the tower. Good to see the lookout is alert and wide awake at his job!

Close-up shots of "Fort de monchy" by The Inventor

What are those pesky pirates up to? Fortress invasion? Surely not!

Front docks of "Fort de monchy" by The Inventor

In the tradition of Eldorado Fortress we have another mighty fine blue coat Soldier fort with a dock at the front

About the Builder…

The Inventor has been kicking around Eurobricks for some time now, but he hasn’t shared all that many LEGO Pirate themed MOCs, so Fort de Monchy certainly comes as a pleasant surprise!

If you’re eager to see more of his work, check out his Flickr account, a lot of Space/Mechs, a little Castle and little more Pirates are available to immerse yourself in.

Once that’s done, set a source for the LEGO Pirates Forum so you can discuss this awesome fortress with The Inventor!


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