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“Attempted Jailbreak, Fort Stockton, Wullham” by Evancelt

Over the eons the Classic Pirates have explored many a fantastic MOC, crafted by countless builders of phenomenal talent. Upon occasion, we revisit those with a proclivity for innovation and Evancelt is one such crafty bugger.  During past endeavours, he’s succeeded in seamlessly integrating Duplo elements within SYSTEM builds – without the breaching the MOC’s structural integrity, along with miniaturized red coats which he dubbed “microfigures“.

His innovation prevails with the “Attempted Jailbreak, Fort Stockton, Wullham”, a Brethren of the Brick Seas contribution challenging the notion of typical wall construction. In this tidy vignette, the left and right curtains slope inwards at 45 degree angels to both the viewer and bastion.

EvanCelt writes:

This build started as a way to play with brick bending to make fort towers. It was also a fun chance to make a nougat beach and incorporate sand red plates into the fort wall in an attempt to recreate the classic pirate panels.

Brethren of the Brick Seas

BoBS, is a role-playing LEGO building game set during the Age of Discovery, in a world containing four factions, in which each interacts, cooperates, competes… and fights for ultimate power!

Within the BoBS universe; Fort Stockton is situated within the settlement of Wullham, upon the island of Panarium, ruled by The Crown of Corrington in the New Haven Sea.

Map of Panarium display location of Fort Stockton

Should wish to attack, now you know where to avoid the forst

An antagonistic history lies between Corrington and the Empire of Oleon, coupled with the recent threat of the Lotus Empire, fortifications like Stockton are more imperative than ever!

Intrigued? Do you have a flare for building and then concocting elaborate histories for your creations? Join BoBS today!

The Backstory

From the Brethren of the Brick Seas Forum:

Francis Goge had been nabbed by Corlander authorities the previous week. He was caught redhanded smuggling goods into Wullham without paying the requisite duties to the harbormaster.

Now, six days later, Goge lay in shackles in the cells at Fort Stockton in Wullham. Though promised a fair trial, his brothers didn’t pay that much heed. He was guilty and everyone knew it.

A jailbreak was needed – and soon! The Goge brothers conferred with one another and decided that Fort Stockton was quite impenetrable from the land approach, so they threw together a quick raft and attempted to sneak near the building where their brother was held.

It wasn’t going well.

SPLASH! A cannonball missed their raft by less than a meter. A detachment of redcoats ran down the dock and opened fire

The Work In Progress

Evan only took one shot of Fort Stockton but offered the Classic Pirates select WIP photos so we may better observe his process.

The Base of Fort Stockton

It all begins with laying down a base of watery goodness…

Corner Walls of Fort Stockton

Next the corner walls are built… but they’re a bit ordinary, do thee think?

Corner Walls of Fort Stockton with Red Bricks

No problemo! Just weave in some red brickwork, just like the Soldier sets of yore.. or even 2015

Bastion of Fort Stockton with traditional wall pieces

The bastion uses the white wall pieces from the classic Imperial sets

Hey, isn’t that 6257 Pirates’ Raft With Shark?

If you possess a superior knowledge of LEGO Pirate set names, thee may have observed a classic set right before your very eyes.

Classic LEGO Pirate set: 6257 Castaway's Raft

Ok, so Evan used different minfigures to those in the set

Yes, that’s 6257 Pirates’ Raft With Shark, or you probably know it as Castaway’s Raft, the very same craft the Goge brothers have employed to carryout their daring escape. You did bother to skim the backstory, didn’t you?

Evan Explains

The figures and cannons in this build are childhood ones I recovered from my sister’s house this past fall. While I’d love to be able to say the raft is also a set from my childhood, it isn’t. In this build I was trying to incorporate classic pirates nostalgia and wanted a classic pirate raft! So I looked up a picture of it on Google and made a semi-faithful representation of 6257 from spare parts

About the Builder…

If you’ve been frequenting, thy shall be in the knowledge we’ve blogged several of Evancelt’s MOCs in the past, and prestigiously awarded the LEGO Pirate Forum’s MOC Expert tag for notable contributions both to the LEGO Pirates MOC Forum and Brethren of the Brick Seas Forum.

Join Evan’s adventurers on both Instagram and Flickr to enjoy a plethora of historic builds, or visit for a showcase of his Brethren of the Brick Seas builds and other creative endeavors. And finally, he’s no stranger to LEGO Ideas, so support his Motorized Waterfall and the things flowing!

What Do Yer Think?

Is this wall technique well executed?  Would you attempt something similar in one of your builds? Or do you have suggestions to improve upon it?

"Fort Stockton" by Evancelt

Even Admiral Woodhouse is there – so what’s your final verdict?

Evan loves discussing his creations inside the LEGO Pirates Forum… so become acquainted – you may learn and thing or three about building…


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