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“Fortifications” by BrickOn

Brethren of the Bricks Seas has been a popular role playing game in the LEGO Pirates Forum for centuries now. It’s like an ever-expanding universe in which participants continue to contribute fascinating creations to build their world further. In the past, we’ve blogged about other participants like that Duplo loving rascal known as EvanCelt, but BoBS attracts hundreds of contributors!

BrickOn has constructed some “Fortifications” at King’s Harbour on the island of Cocovia, which is a colony of the island of the Empire of Corrington.

Despite being stationed by traditional red coat Imperial Guards, the fortification are built from timber, rather than the typical white clay over red bricks which are commonly seen. Oh, and they have a nice clock… but it only chimes every second hour due to a mosquito getting stuck in the gears.

The Main Fort of the Fortications

This is the Main Fort – as you can see there is a very important looking minifigure there and it ain’t Admiral Woodhouse

The Story


“Well, what? It’s a tree house.”

Sir James and Lieutenant Watton were surveying the newly erected belltower.

“Well with limited materials…” Lieutenant Watton tailed off; the bell tower had been constructed quickly, it was important to get an early warning of approaching ships. The waters had become increasingly hostile and these new lands must be defended against the upstart pretentions of the other colonies, even the sea rats were pushing their luck these days.

“My younger brothers have better treehouses, back in Corrington.” Sir James continued, “We had the best of the Corrington fort builders in the new world working for four and twenty days and this is what they came up with?”

Yes, thought the Lieutenant, he had wondered about the choice of Corrington builders, but on this occasion chose to remain quiet on the subject, instead he said. “I think the men would prefer to be at sea Sir James”.

“Well so would I, you know it, but Queen Annette has hundreds of miles of coastline to defend from the Oleonders and we have been tasked with this section. What am I going to tell the other Captains when they see this ram-shackled collection of outposts?”

“You could tell them the location is good. But truly, I’d be surprised if they have built much more substantial fortification at this time, it is very early days. Merryweather Lumberjacks, in Port Raleigh has been working overtime to meet the demand for timber in the area. Ship building is at an all time high you know, and maintaining the fleet is top priority. We had to trade the last of the rum to just to secure the wood we got for the treehou- I mean belltower.”

“Last of the rum? That is serious.” Sir James frowned, making a mental note to fix the rum supply as well as everything else. “Okay I suppose we could show them the new lens for the lighthouse. It is top of the range, latest scientific advances in lighthouse technology. Amplifies the light more than 10 times you know.”

“Yes Sir, its very good Sir” the Lieutenant was ever so slightly sick about hearing this marvelous technology, it was hard enough to get the damned thing up the tower.

Just then a messenger came with hurriedly up to Sir James, coughing to announce his presence and before either the Lieutenant or Sir James could react he began to speak. “Sir James I have a urgent message, you have been asked to attend immediately at in Arlinsport”

As the Lieutenant watched Sir James stride off into the distance, thinking that could have gone worse when one of the guards came rushing up to him.

“Lieutenant, the cat’s got stuck in the bell tower again.”

Lookout tower of the Fortications

This is the lookout tower – too bad there aren’t any close-up images

BrickOn writes:

When Asked what was under the fort BrickOn replied:

There’s nothing under the fort yet, I mean there is definitely room for a prisoner or two, but that was not the purpose of placing gates and its not intended as a prison. I guess the fort is built on limestone (probably an old carbonate reef, situated on a volcanic sea mount or something, that is now above the present sea level), and there is a natural cave system in the rock, it was there when we arrived. The Corries have not explored it yet and the locked gate was just to prevent unwanted invadors using it as a weak point, hopefully there is enough firepower to stop someone entering the caves, but who knows.

Cannon tower of the Fortications

The cannon tower – but what’s that upstairs? Again no close-up images to investigate further

Map of Cocvia

Map of the island of Cocovia

At all those named locations are the inspiration more great MOCs

If you’re interested in world building and how these fortifications coexist with other BoBS MOCs another contributor named Bregir writes:

King’s Harbour is first and foremost a naval base, and most activity is geared towards the repair, provisioning, maintenance, and outfitting of naval and merchant vessels. Obviously, the many sailors passing through, as well as the craftsmen and workers living there, is likely to give rise to a number of secondary and tertiary services over time, as the naval base expands.

Located in an excellent, defensible natural harbour, it is the perfect place for ships to refit, provision, and repair, or to take refuge from storms or enemies. The surrounding forests offers a reasonable source of cordage and timber for these purposes, as well as plenty of fruits, vegetables, and animals for provisions. Fresh water can be procured from multiple springs, or from the river flowing into the bay.

You can learn more in the Settlement, King’s Harbour, Cocovia, Corrington topic in the Brethren of the Brick Seas Forum.

About the Builder…

BrickOn participated in Brethren of the Brick Seas throughout 2014 to 2016 but is now, unfortunately, missing in action. He does have a Flickr account but due to his disappearance, this  hasn’t been updated in a good while. Nonetheless, give it an inspection because he has several pirate-themed MOCs worth checking out.

If you’re keen to participate in some LEGO Pirate world building, steer towards the Brethren of the Bricks Seas sub-forum or hit the red discussion button below to share your thoughts on these thoughtifcations fortifications.


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