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40710 LEGOLAND Pirate Splash Battle
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LEGOLAND 40710 Pirate Splash Battle [OFFICIAL]

Rarely does The LEGO Group sneak a set containing pirate minifigures pass LEGO Pirate fans, and 40710 Pirate Splash Battle is certainly no exception!

Murmurings of this set have been bobbing around the LEGO Pirates Forum and social media for months now; but since this is not a classic-style set, we didn’t wish to a blog it until after the official announcement.

Well by thunders it has been officially announced on the Melbourne LEGOLAND Discovery Centre website!

Front of the 40710 LEGOLAND Pirat Splash Battle box

Front of the box – look! The pirate roller coaster is in the background!

Back of the 40710 LEGOLAND Pirat Splash Battle box

Back of the box – insert pun about lack of alternative builds here

The set contains 171 pieces and 3 minfigiures, and retails for around US$26.99 / 24.99€ and be available from 2 Feburary, 2024.

40710 Pirate Splash Battle is a LEGOLAND exclusive set meaning it will only be sold at LEGOLAND Theme Parks, or LEGOLAND Discovery Centres… or via eBay* if you don’t mind paying a little extra for the actual set, and save all that gold on travel expenses to physically getting yer bum to one of those locations.

* this be an official eBay affiliate link

Official Announcement

Here be the description from the official Pirate Splash Battle (40710) webpage:

Prepare for swashbuckling adventures with the LEGO® Pirate Splash Battle (40710) pirate toy for kids aged 7 and up. Young seafarers will love building the ship and discovering its treasure trove of details. Inspired by the iconic LEGOLAND® Pirate Ride, the set includes pretend water cannons with shooting function, letting kids recreate the fun of the real-life ride. It’s brought to life by 3 minifigures, plus shark and parrot figures and a LEGOLAND flag element.

Pirate toys for seafaring fun – The LEGO® Pirate Splash Battle includes a buildable ship for kids aged 7 and up

Inspired by the LEGOLAND® ride – This LEGO® set recreates the fun of the beloved LEGOLAND Pirate Ride, including a pretend water-shooting function

Meet the crew – The set is brought to life by 3 seafaring minifigures, plus a parrot toy and a shark toy

Discover the treasure – Details include an island model, palm tree and a miniature Jolly Roger flag

Expand the fun – Add this set to other buildable models inspired by LEGOLAND®, letting kids create a miniature version of the beloved theme park

Dimensions – The set contains 171 pieces and the boat measures over 3.5 in. (9 cm) high, 6 in. (15 cm) long and 3 in. (8 cm) wide

Blast! Not a Classic-Style Set!

Most probably be there a chorus of LEGO Pirate fans groaning because Pirate Splash Battle be more at home in the amusement section of LEGO City; along with the slippery slide, coin operated ride, train carriage and roller coaster – our blackened buccaneer hearts go out to ye!

Entrance of 40710 LEGOLAND Pirate Splash Battle

Welcome to our water ark – notice how there’s no “P” in it…

Boat included in 40710 LEGOLAND Pirate Splash Battle

This vessel has deadly cannons!

Nonetheless, there also be LEGO Pirate fans who welcome it into their collection; whether they be completionists and must have every pirate-themed LEGO set imaginable, or genuinely adore the set on its own merit.

What Does 40710 Pirate Splash Battle Have to Offer?

Three minfigures be very generous for a modern set containing less than 200 pieces!  Albeit, they aren’t pirate minifigures…  in fact a piratey torso is about all yer get in terms of pirate minifig parts.

There be treasure in thar treasure chest!

Treasure chest and booty included in 40710 LEGOLAND Pirate Splash Battle

Doubloons? Guineas? Pieces `O Eight? Nay, gold bullion is all the rage these days!

A gem, goblet, bullion… But yer may be disappointed to learn there be no gold vacuum metal coins from the glory days.

The set also includes fauna; a parrot, shark and crab to breath life to the environment.

Shark included in 40710 LEGOLAND Pirate Splash Battle

Modern LEGO sharks have eyebrows

The modern LEGO Jolly Roger flag makes an appearance and there’s a cutlass, blunt no doubt so the kiddies don’t cut themselves.  There’s a barrel atop the mast for some reason, and a solitary skull, but just like 40597 Scary Island Island, the minfigure faced decapitation for the body be nowhere in sight!

Fort included in 40710 LEGOLAND Pirate Splash Battle

This little fortification be the most classic structure of the set

And finally, there is a palm tree, but not the classic variety, for it uses a single piece trunk and those more modern bamboo style leaves.

This Set is Based on a LEGOLAND Attraction?

Aye, this set is literally inspired by attractions found at certain LEGOLANDs throughout the world.

There be Pirate Splash Battle attractions at LEGOLAND Billund and LEGOLAND New York, while the attraction at LEGOLAND Deutschmark be known as Captain Nick’s Splash Battle.

Here’s the marketing spiel:

All hands on deck! Sail with the pirate ship and be ready at the cannons! If you don’t fire first, you’re sure to get hit! Take the whole family along to this crazy sea battle, where only really cool kids are dry when they return.

Pirate Splash Battle is a family attraction that takes parents and children on an adventurous and challenging pirate expedition, bound for a sea battle.

Sail with the pirate ship and be ready at the (water) cannons. If you don’t fire first, you’re sure to be hit! Take the whole family to this magnificent sea battle, where only the coolest voyagers are dry when they return.

You can look forward to an adventurous voyage among fierce-looking LEGO® pirates, chattering parrots and spooky shipwrecks. So, hold your breath and keep your eyes open, for the ship will be attacked when you least expect it – by other pirate ships and by cannons on the shore, where landlubbers take aim with jets of water.

There is room for 8 fierce pirates on each of the 8 ships

On the voyage, the ships meet 16 interactive targets

On shore, 11 interactive water cannons are ready to attack pirate ships as they pass


LEGOLAND Pirate-Splash Battle in New York

Here be one in New York

All hands to the pumps!

Open again from March 16, 2024

Prove your courage and your skills on an exciting boat ride past sunken ships and wild buccaneers!

Strike out at the other vessels with water guns and fire away at targets that will reveal awesome surprises once you’ve hit them!

But be prepared to get splashed as well: In addition to the crews of the other ships even the spectators might fire back at you!

Minimum height/age accompanied by an adult: 80 cm / 1 years
Minimum height/age unaccompanied by an adult: 130 cm / 8 years

This ride will close after dusk due to safety reasons. You can find further information at site.


LEGOLAND Pirate Slpash Battle Germany photographed by Tobias Maier

Captain Nick’s Slpash Battle at LEGOLAND Germany
photographed by Tobias Maier/DLRG Herrenberg

Skull cave at Captain Nicks Pirate Splash Battle at LEGOLAND Deutschland

So is that what 6248 Volcano Island looks like in real life?

One of the boats at Captain Nick's Pirate Splash Battle at LEGOLAND Deutschland

Does that grey and red hull look familiar from somewhere?

Front box of 7075 Captain Redbeard's Pirate Ship

Those hulls be inspired by 4+ 7075 Captain Redbeard’s Pirate Ship released in 2004


Pirate Splash Battle at LEGOLAND Billund:

View on YouTube

What Do Yer Think?

Will 40710 Pirate Splash Battle be joining your LEGO Pirate collection? Or what about your MOCing parts collection? Or be it too far removed from the classic style sets bother with?

0710 LEGOLAND Pirate Splash Battle lifestyle image

Who wants to create a “classic set” alternate build of this?

Let us know yer thoughts in the LEGO Pirates Forum… whether they be good, whether they bad, the Classic Pirates will be glad!


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