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“The Spectre” by Sebeus I

All hands on deck – another well armed vessel constructed by Sebeus I is approaching! A barque so fearsome, even the mightiest Soldier and Imperial Guard frigates take caution when they sight her on the horizon.

Inspired by historical ships like the Lady Washington and HMS Bounty, The Spectre boasts custom sails and rigging, even if Sebeus does consider the colour scheme to be somewhat dull.


At full capacity she runs 24 guns, a series of 12-pounders on the main deck and a few 3-pound swivel guns on the quarter.

Sebeus writes:

Ever since I got the Queen Anne’s Revenge, which was almost 10 years ago, I’ve been wanting to build a dark brown hulled ship. I had to wait for various plates and slopes to become available in this former rare colour. Now I have plenty… Some dark brown jumpers would have made my life a whole lot easier though…

She’s a barque although I did not fit any square sails, these might come later.

This could very well be my 50th ship although I can’t be sure because I lost my archive when Mocpages.com went down.

At full capacity she runs 24 guns, a series of 12-pounders on the main deck and a few 3-pound swivel guns on the quarter.

Some of the highlights include zip line handles and Harry Potter wands used in the rigging.

I’m glad I finally got this thing posted, I was beginning to think that I was going to be stuck in lost WIPs and unfinished creations forever.


Something that may catch your attention, or better yet, not at all, is that she’s not all that fancy. No galleries or ornaments and a pretty dull colour scheme. Yep, ships like that existed too and they were much greater in number. One might get the wrong impression that the fancy, decorated warship was the common one, looking through the Classic Pirates archive. On that note, a fancy decorated warship does look nicer on display.


My main sources of inspiration where the Lady Washington and HMS Bounty.


This might have been a fast merchant barque, however, a band of pirates found a better use for it…


I’ve been wanting to use those zip line handles on the rigging for ages now, it took me a while to gather such an amount (there are 30 on this ship). I’m satisfied with the effect but It’d be cool to have those in brown or dark tan.


The Harry Potter wands for tying the rigging was another experiment but not really a succes in my opinion. It’s pretty tricky to find a good interface with the ship. I think I’ll go for simple 3L bars with clip plates next time.


Recycling swivel guns and capstan from an older ship… I mean, why change something if it works well?


Hehe, I’ve been using that 12-pounder design for like, forever… Same argument as above!



Well, that was it for now. I might fit some square sails later although I have a lot of other projects going on, it will probably take a while before I give this ship some attention again.

Jeez, so many MOC ships around nowadays, It’s a challenge to stand out.


About the Builder…

Sebeus I… what does the ‘I’ stand for… we once knew but it has long since been forgotten.  Anyway, Sebeus has been sailing around the LEGO Pirates Forum and the Brick Seas for years now, periodically launching fantastic ships MOCs right at us. He also has a photostream on Flickr should  you be so inclined to divulge further into his work – he’s more than just a pirate, you know?


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